September 14, 2006 10:34 AM PDT

Microsoft wants more Vista testers

Microsoft said on Thursday that it is looking for more people to give Windows Vista a try.

The software maker said that the Release Candidate 1 version offered up earlier this month is now being opened up to consumers who were not already testing the new operating system.

Microsoft is looking for more testers, as it works to iron out the bugs in Vista. After several delays, the company hopes to release Vista to large business customers in November and start selling it broadly in January.

"RC1 represents a significant industry milestone on the road to delivering Windows Vista, and customer participation and feedback are integral parts of the development process," Microsoft said in a statement. "The feedback received thus far from testers has been extremely valuable, and Microsoft expects that by expanding the (customer preview program) with RC1, the Windows Vista team will gather even more worthwhile input."

In all, Microsoft expects to make the latest test version available to about 5 million people.

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Microsoft testing
I currently have the Beta of icrosoft Office 2007. It is incredibly buggy and I get an error message every time I try to open an email message. One cannot remove the Beta and replace it with the previous version, due to file changes made by the Beta that do not revert properly. After this experience, I am loathe to participate in Microsoft testing programs. Be warned.
Posted by baldguy61 (63 comments )
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Yep, so tell me what's new
Beta 2007 I installed, and was able to uninstall it using Add/Remove programs from the control panel.

Then I re-installed Office 2003 Pro from scratch.

Never doing that Beta crap again, waste of time, but there are people who like to test, so go for it.
Posted by rmiecznik (224 comments )
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Stop lying
Seriously. You can indeed remove Office 07 and reinstall 03. Its called Add/Remove programs, in the control panels.
And those of us who have actually used the product can tell you that it is fairly stable. Not bug free, but quite useable.
Posted by catch23 (436 comments )
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beta testing
well, when i put "beta" on any machine, i treat it as such. I have no problem formatting and throwing xp and office2k3 back on. I install the beta's mainly to just take a looksee at them.
Posted by davecramer74 (4 comments )
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Bald Guy
I uninstalled my Office 07 and re-installed 03 just fine..What are you running Win95?
Posted by SystemsJunky (409 comments )
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you need 2 drives to test junk
i cant believe you people would test that os on your everyday drives do yourself a faver and get an extra drive you can swap out. Microsoft doesnt give you beta for free cause its good; even after its released they will have to make tons of updates.
Posted by goneworkingtoday (1 comment )
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Stay with XP
I installed RC-1 and right off the bat ,no drivers for my wireless network card.Contacted Linksys and no drivers in the works or planned for Vista,but it worked in the beta release. Go figure. Went back to XP.
Posted by djensen552 (3 comments )
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Is MicroSoft looking for Alpha testers ... or Beta testers ? Oh, wait,
Vista testers. That's way down the alphabit.

Sorry folk's, but if I'm going to spend my time with a very buggy
application, let alone operating system, as one of the previous
poster mentioned, I need a way out of it beside recreating and
reloading backup files.

Can I get a Free Tee - Shirt for being a tester?
Posted by Kalama (57 comments )
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It's not that bad
Not perfect, but definitely needs more refining (hence opening up the testing), you can always do a clean install on a separate partition, so please give it a go before spewing the typical MS hate.
Posted by fuser197 (3 comments )
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No but using yet another Windows product
Will send you to alternative OS's that much faster so I would do it.

Anything but Microsoft
Posted by slim-1 (229 comments )
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How much is MS willing to pay?
As an I.T. professional, I expect to get paid to fix problems with
MS software.

Why should I screw with Vista now for free, when people will be
paying me good money to help them with Vista after it is

I love MS. Every time they change something, it's like Christmas
for those of us that support their products.
Posted by rcrusoe (1305 comments )
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You don't have to do anything...
All you have to do (and you don't /have/ to do it) is use the software.. if you want to. Personally I see it as an opportunity for my inner geek to have the latest and greatest (well that's up for debate, mind you) for free, even if it is a little buggy and crippleware.

With all due respect, asking for a paycheck comes across to me as a tad whiney... if you get paid to do this then go do that instead.
Posted by DraconumPB (229 comments )
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After 20yrs I had an attack of conscience
I no longer support Windows. Made over $500,000 though.

Blood money.
Posted by slim-1 (229 comments )
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Would they ever get real?
Please see this set I've created over at Flickr <a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>

It would (I never ordered) cost me real cash to get a M$ beta product plus shipping.

On the other hand I've got 10 copies of Ubuntu Linux for free and they even paid the shipping for me all the way from Netherlands to Mexico.

Your choice.
Posted by alex_mayorga (40 comments )
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Anyone can make an Ubuntu CD... and how in the world did you get free CDs with free shipping? How does such a business thrive?
Posted by DraconumPB (229 comments )
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why 10 copies?
It is not like there are silly license restrictions on how many computers you can install 1 copy on.
Posted by qwerty75 (1164 comments )
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Ubuntu Linux is my OS of choice also
I'm working to install it on every PC I support.
Posted by slim-1 (229 comments )
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Thank you Alex !
Thanks for posting the screen shot of the MS rip-off for the shipped DVD.
It is what I thought!
Posted by eeee (672 comments )
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RC-1 test on my laptop
Lasted about 10 minutes. tried to install yahoo messenger and it just keeps crashing during the install, hehe. My stattracker for football wouldnt work worth a crap either. I had to pull down mozilla. I had better luck with beta2.
Posted by davecramer74 (4 comments )
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So I can...
give them to my friends/relatives/neighbors and pass them around so we all can get rid of the so called Bug 1 <a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
Posted by alex_mayorga (40 comments )
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It's called supply and demand
If 95% of all car buyers wanted air conditioners on their cars, then car manufacturers are going to supply all their cars with air conditioners. It's called supply and demand. When your operating system of choice commands an appreciable percentage of demand, then you will see the supply. It's as simple as that.

As proof of this, computers designed and sold as servers can be purchased with or without your choice of operating system. Why? Because there is an appreciable market share for many operating systems when they are used as servers.

You have an uphill battle because you are trying to convince people to "drive their cars without airconditioning".
Posted by Seaspray0 (9714 comments )
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Is Vista just another XP...????
quote: "Microsoft is looking for more testers, as it works to iron out
the bugs in Vista."
Yea right.. like they've finally worked out the BUGS in XP so lets
move on to Vista.
Har Har Har..
Posted by imacpwr (456 comments )
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Vista Tester = Suicide Bomber
These engagements are almost exactly alike, involving volunteering for duty that will precipitate a catastrophic waste of time.

Posted by Sumatra-Bosch (526 comments )
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Vista Tester = Smart Bomber
I used Vista Beta 2 for a while. Like many others, I provided feedback. Guess what? In RC1 (which I am using to send this email) lo and behold they've taken action on that feedback and made great improvements/changes. For those of us who use Windows on routine basis, it is great to have a way to get changes made in a product that will live with you for the next several years. Vista Tester = Smart Bomber. We look for things we want changed and then do our best to escalate that to MSFT and hope they implement that change to make our experience even that much better.
Posted by MSFT Fan Boy (24 comments )
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How much is the DVD shipped to USA?
I hate to create an account on MS just to learn that MS is ripping me off for the DVD beta version.
Does anyone know? Please reply to my comment&gt;&gt;
Posted by eeee (672 comments )
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100% want AC but still an option on many
What is that comparison about anyway?
AC is still an option on many cars but 100% want it (unless they live in northern Alaska?)
Posted by eeee (672 comments )
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Did Beta2. Bloatware OS, too much bling...
Just enough changes to make a lot of software incompatible and require WAY too much hardware.
If I want Windows to look and act like a Mac, then I'll get a Mac.
When XP is out of support then Microsoft will be out of my systems.
It is looking more and more like I will be buying Macs and that is saying a lot because I build all my own PCs and support Windows in my job but Vista is .... I wish I had a better word for it but when you have a synergy between two things and can call it Value-Add, Vista is Value-Subtract.
Posted by fred dunn (793 comments )
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VISTA Beta 2 to RC 1
If you are a certified MS Beta Tester, there are 6 different downloads you need to add to RC 1, there is quite a bit of software compatibility and hardware compatibility, including A.C.T 5.0

As it stands now, Vista Beta is all inclusive of all versions which will be released, this is also true of MS Office Beta 2007 (v.12), since the updates, things are running very much smoother. We need more Testers to try and prevent Service Packs early on.

Personally I would rather have Win 3.0 than go to a MAC which is nothing more that AOL on Steroids... In fact if Mac was the ONLY PC available, I would rather be without a computer all together.
Posted by wlennon (9 comments )
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MS, save your $$$ ...
let your customers do the testing, after they buy the package :)
Posted by Lolo Gecko (131 comments )
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M$ looking to expose more computers
There. That's the real title to this story. C'mon,
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
you know M$ is going to release this programming mess regardless of how bug-infested it is. The sad part is that corporate America will lap it up like the failed idiots that they are.
Posted by (156 comments )
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Vista - be ready to pay !
I've installed the beta and it worked fine.
No bugs or hickups, BUT....It works VERY slowly !

My real time flight simulation that completes 50 ms cycle on XP during 10 ms top, requires 70 ms
on the Vista machine. I warned my customers not even consider Vista until MS changes it's basic performance characteristics.

If you plan to do the change, be ready to replace all of your computing hardware to the latest Core Duo (or AMD equivalent). Pentium 4 computers will not handle the new OS !
Posted by bar86 (26 comments )
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I am running an AMD 2500 XP and Vista is running fine and very fast(it runs smoother on vista then it does on xp)... beta 2 to rc1 has an enormous change in performance and I suggest you try that first before flaming...the purpose of beta is to find the bugs... when the product is finished and is experiencing the same problems then flame on all you want...if you see a problem tell msft...they know they have to do right with this release and its showing in the new products they have released wmp 11 and ie7 are vast improvements...I say try the beta test it out send in the bug reports if it doesnt get fixed by the final release then you have a right to complain...its beta now...this is only a test
Posted by krushyou (92 comments )
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Have any of you even tried Vista RC1?
Most of you complain about how bad Microsoft software is, especially beta software, yet I'm betting you've never seen Vista in person. If you're going to hate Vista, at least try it first. I have, and Vista RC1 is extremely stable - I've had no crashes at all. Yes, Apple makes prettier computers that are safer (because no one will bother to hack a OS that has 4% marketshare), but MS deserves a chance with Vista.
Posted by Hardrada (359 comments )
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The only thing MS 'deserves'
is a collective flogging for ripping off the public for so many years.
Posted by Michael Grogan (308 comments )
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If you think OSX is safer due to marketshare, you don't have the first clue about how software works, or in the case of MS, doesn't work.
Posted by qwerty75 (1164 comments )
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not really
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>

If you think OSX can't be hacked because Apple knows how to make secure software, you don't have a clue about life. People do things for a purpose. In the computing world, people write virii to infect as many computers as possible. Who would bother to engineer a biological weapon of mass destruction that only infects people who are over 110 years old?

And while Windows has never been an amazing OS, it does work. If it doesn't, you've been downloading too much crap off the internet. Yes, Windows virii vastly outnumber OSX. But they only affect users who are dumb enough to go to web sites that host that kind of stuff, and don't protect themselves with a firewall.
Posted by Hardrada (359 comments )
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Nobody is twisting your arm and forcing you into anything.quit your whining.
Posted by Mach_3 (1 comment )
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Microsoft Beta Testing
I really enjoy reading all the comments. It always boils down to those who "Hate" Microsoft and those who don't. Personally I was dragged kicking and screaming from my DOS box and I'm not necessarily fond of the Windows experience, but contrary to "popular" belief it ain't all that bad.

I've worked on Unix, Linux (double ugh), CP/M, QNX, MSDos, DRDos, Win 95 - 98 - 2000 - XP - XP64. If I install anything else it will be a UNIX variant. But to do that the software I use in my work will have to be ported to UNIX, which isn't likely to happen soon, and nVidia graphics drivers still don't work on Solaris or FreeBsd - at least that I can find. As for the software, I can do the same thing on a UNIX or Linux box for approximately 20 times the price of the Windows based software.

Then there are those who tout Open Office as a MS Office replacement. I've tried it and "It ain't that great" and will take a long time to catch up with MS Office. All I use is Excel and Word, and Excel still lacks one thing from the Dos version of Lotus 123 that I miss.

I tire of the constant belittling of an OS that is responsible for many of the innovations in hardware and software we see today (improvements in graphics hardware and processors especially, no matter how poor some of the security is. These would have come eventually, but at a much slower pace.

As far as I'm concerned many of the security problems are uneducated users who do stupid things (like open email attachements because they promise a picture of some female star naked). Or those who use parts of the Microsoft package that all really riddled with holes like IE and Outlook.

I would also like to take the position that some of the flaws we see being exploited are in legacy portions of the software that no one dreamed would be used or exploited in the way they are.

And quite frankly "MAC is dead" now that you can run Windows on it "What's it good for". Everyone touts the great video capabilties etc. I don't play with my computer, I use it for work.

I'm not a flag waving Microsoft tattoo bearing fanatic, just stating my viewpoint. However it does seem to me that if all the nay sayers want everyone to use something else they should expend their energy helping develop products and drivers for Linux and Unix to fill the gaps in applications that exist instead of raving about Microsoft all the time.
Posted by mudlogger (6 comments )
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If MS *really* wanted more Vista guinea pigs
they should have created a hardware evaluation tool which works at the very least with Windows 2000 as well as XP.

The failure to include 2000 shows again the short-sighted viewpoint so characteristic of MS. They should make it easy for people willing to test Vista on older versions of the OS if only to be prepared for issues which will arise under those circumstances.

Chalk up another one for MS consciously deciding to engineer conditions which will cause unnecessary grief to people who will purchase and use their products.

Posted by rshew (44 comments )
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