April 21, 2006 12:31 PM PDT

Microsoft to fix Windows patch

Microsoft on Tuesday plans to release a new version of a "critical" security patch for Windows to repair problems some people had with the first version of the fix.

The updated patch will be made available on Microsoft's online updating service, Microsoft Update, and pushed out to users via the Automatic Updates feature in Windows, a Microsoft spokesman said in an e-mailed statement on Friday.

Microsoft will push out the fix only to people who have already applied the update and are experiencing problems related to Hewlett-Packard Share-to-Web software or older Nvidia graphics drivers, the spokesman said. "Customers who have already applied the MS06-015 update and are not experiencing the problem need take no action," he said.

The MS06-015 patch, designed to plug a flaw in Windows Explorer, can cause myriad problems for users of HP printers, scanners and digital cameras or Nvidia drivers prior to version 61.94. People with Sunbelt Software's Kerio Personal Firewall also will notice that Windows no longer works as it should after applying the fix, Microsoft has said.

The troubles include being unable to access or save files in special folders like "My Documents" and "My Pictures" and unresponsive Office applications. Other issues include applications that crash after trying to open a file, no response after typing an address into Internet Explorer's address bar, and no effect after right-clicking on a file and selecting "Send To," according to an article on Microsoft's support Web site.

While designed to fix a security issue in Windows Explorer, the patch can actually also impair that specific Windows feature. Clicking on the "plus" sign beside a folder in the file browser may have no effect, Microsoft said in its support article. That action should expand the directory tree.

The Windows Explorer fix is not the only patch that can cause trouble for users. Some people have reported problems with three out of five security updates that Microsoft released this month. A comprehensive fix for Internet Explorer can break some Web applications and an update for Outlook Express can block access to the address book, among other issues.

Microsoft had recommended that people experiencing trouble with the Windows Explorer fix manually change their Windows Registry, a core part of the operating system that stores PC settings. Meddling with the registry can, however, cause even more trouble, and inexperienced users probably should not touch it.

Kerio users should configure the firewall to allow the new Microsoft file to execute without warning, the company has said.

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Microsoft, the company that can't...
Microsoft, the company that can't "shoot" straight anymore. We're all laughing at you.
Posted by anarchyreigns (299 comments )
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Patch. Patch the patch. Patch the patches patch.
Ha! The subject above typed itself from my FireFox cache. Just like the "MS release critical patch for IE (repeat weekly)" subject.
Posted by aabcdefghij987654321 (1721 comments )
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jump off the treadmill
You'll never get MS-IE reliable. Just walk away from that whole mess. I know, you're scared. You think it's too hard. Everybody's been telling you there's no choice. They're lying or they don't know.

Can you download an ISO image? Burn a CD? (If not, they sell for a couple of bucks on Ebay.) Boot the CD you just burned? Visit knoppix.org, burn it, boot it, be free. You don't have to *install* Linux to use it any more. Use Windoze when your pointy-haired boss tells you to. Use something else if you don't have an IT department and you just want a reliable computer.
Posted by clsgis (41 comments )
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bash ms all you want but...
"Use Windoze when your pointy-haired boss tells you to."

...or when you want to use your windows only software. not bad mouthing *nix, but it's simply not for everyone yet. you tell someone - go boot to a knoppix cd and everything is great, but then what do you tell them when they can't run the software (windows only software) they purchased?

everyone always b1tches about windows crashing and spyware. know what? i run windows. i don't get crashes. i don't get spyware. it's not the OS so much as it is the user. someone who clicks 'OK' or 'YES' to EVERY SINGLE PROMPT that comes up on their screen is going to enter their password for the root account when prompted just as easily. kinda defeats the purpose of changing to another os if you are just going to say yes to every little thing that pops up.
Posted by (8 comments )
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So much for testing patches
So much for testing patches
Posted by 203129769353146603573853850462 (97 comments )
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June IE patch could cause problems in IE
I installed these patches and had a problem with one of the IE patches. When I would select a link I received a debug error and IE shuts down.
Posted by ckmi1 (1 comment )
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After installing all the security updates since may 23rd 2006,I have had nothing but problems with my computer,the validation update I believe is what has caused all the problems!I purchased winxp pro and it`s not an illegal copy.All updates since then have failed to install and I have programs being able to install or remove any programs from my computer. Cannot respond or send any e-mail,(but I can receive e-mail). After the last few days my phone has been ringing off the hook with alot of people having the same or similar issues..Microsoft needs to address this issue and Bill Gates can take that 31 Billion just donated to his foundation and Buy us Americans new computers!.Before he sends the money to help the starving pigmes in africa the money!.
Posted by cabledude59 (1 comment )
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