February 20, 2008 11:09 AM PST

Microsoft pulls Vista SP1 update

Microsoft pulls Vista SP1 update
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Microsoft has stopped automatically distributing a prerequisite piece of software for Vista Service Pack 1, following some customer complaints that it had caused system problems.

Servicing stack update KB937287, released last week, contained updates to Windows Vista installation software, and was billed as being "necessary to successfully install and to remove Windows Vista SP1 (Service Pack 1) on all versions of Windows Vista."

Microsoft stopped distributing the update on Wednesday, according to a blog post by Microsoft product manager Nick White.

"We've heard a few reports about problems customers may be experiencing as a result of KB937287," wrote White. "Immediately after receiving reports of this error, we made the decision to temporarily suspend automatic distribution of the update to avoid further customer impact while we investigate possible causes."

Vista SP1 is already available to subscribers to the Microsoft Developer Network but won't receive a formal public release until mid-March.

One irate Windows Vista Ultimate user replied to White's blog post, saying the prerequisite had corrupted a PC and resulted in the need to reformat the hard drive, with the resulting loss of all of the files and programs. When advised by an anonymous contributor of the System Restore option on the Vista installation disc, the Vista Ultimate user replied that the copy of Vista had been purchased and downloaded from the Internet, so there was no disc.

Two users complained that Windows Update prompted them to install the prerequisite, even after they had installed it.

Another user, S Marusic, wrote: "New Dell Inspiron PC stuck on the update loop as well. Any ETA from Microsoft on when/how to fix it? My client has valuable data that I need to consider stripping off the (hard drive) unless a patch/fix comes out soon...Help!"

According to Microsoft's White: "This problem only affects a small number of customers in unique circumstances."

Tom Espiner of ZDNet UK reported from London.

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No Problems So Far
No problems here so far, on an ancient Dell Dimension 5600 which has been running just fine since the betas of both Vista and Office 2007.
Looking forward to SP1 just to see if my luck continues...
Posted by Travis_Lloyd (11 comments )
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"no access to data"
Surely there must be a way to boot from an optical drive?
Perchance even an OS with a graphical display? That would
resolve the inaccessibility issue.
Posted by krosavcheg (262 comments )
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When does it end??
It's always this or that when it comes to Vista. Seems like things never go smoothly with Microsoft and Vista. They can't even deliver SP1 without a hitch.
Posted by sanjayb (538 comments )
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Windows 8.1a
Will be out in 2009. It's cool!
Posted by paulsecic (298 comments )
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Before it began
I'm still with XP and have avoided those problems. While some people like it, I didn't.
Posted by Seaspray0 (9714 comments )
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Vista SP1
The world's richest man, snake oil salesman, shame, shame, Vista is crap and they can't even muster the brainpower to update it
Posted by jogren (1 comment )
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Misleading Title
When will CNET learn how to title an article. Reading purely the title, you'd think there was a major issue with SP1. Reading the article reveals that they are talking about a prereq which is having a few problems. I have the prereq loaded without any issues. Perhaps CNET should focus on telling the story without sensationalizing it. Nah, won't happen -- they love to say all the bad they can about Microsoft.
Posted by NottaMacGuy (10 comments )
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Had these same problems with XP and.... LEOPARD!
Read the title of this post and realize why I have very little respect for people who Microsoft bash like sanjayb is doing.
Posted by Leria (585 comments )
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Are you just spreading FUD or do you have a Vista SP1 personal experience to back it up?
Posted by Technologist72 (9 comments )
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Vista SP1
I am happy to say I didn't have a single problem installing SP1 on both of my machines. I was epxecting the process to take a lot longer than it did.

I can't say I have noticed any difference, but then I didn't have any problems with Vista before SP1.

I am very pleased with Vista.
Posted by cb3431 (68 comments )
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A FEW Reports of problems?
As if Microsoft pulls an update because 10 people complain. If they pulled it, more than a 'few' customers complained.
Posted by mikestatic1 (150 comments )
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have had no problems
Posted by goatman (1 comment )
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Another one bit the dust!
No... The latest SP released by Microsoft does not work? How surprising! Did you already forget the fiasco that was SP2 for XP when it was first released?

What is behind Microsoft's logic? More important: is there a logic? Why does the #1 software company keep putting systems on the market to pull them
immediately after?

Would you accept such a lack of professionalism from a car manufacturer, a house builder or a service company? Of course, not.

Isn't it time for people to switch to a safer, & more reliable Operating System? How about we send a message to Microsoft? How about we stop being prisoner of a company who clearly does not care about the end user? How about next time we purchase a computer?

Apple releases great OS's and addresses some rare issues on the spot. Linux - due to its nature - do the same. How about you give these guys a try? You will not regret it.
Posted by jowewo (16 comments )
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Apple doesn't release service packs...
They call them new versions and charge for them.
Posted by MMC Racing (168 comments )
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It's not the service pack that's causing problems, it's the "prerequisite". I myself installed both without problems. The service pack actually did increase performance when transferring files between drives and across the network.

Although I do agree that Mac is a great operating system, not many really good games are out for it and being a gamer, I'd naturally lean toward windows because most games I play run on Windows. If I were to begin editing videos and multimedia then I might consider using a Mac.
Posted by firefoxluva95 (186 comments )
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Here Here!
Switch to Linux or a MAC cause they are so much better! No Viruses! They run forever! They NEVER release bad buggy software EVER! Microsoft sucks! Steve Jobs is Great!

Sounds ridiculous doesn't it?
Posted by Technologist72 (9 comments )
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Printing in Vista
From day one I have had issues with printing in Vista. In a word, it stinks. Obviously driver support was a bomb. Interop between existing XP workstations and Vista is very bad. Either the Spooler crashes or sharing is flaky. I'm very UNIMPRESSED with this aspect of Vista so far. I'm hoping SP1 fixes this. I get a feeling it won't. We'll see how the history books write this story. My guess is it will parallel Millennium Edition.
Posted by 42istheanswer (219 comments )
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Printer Drivers
I have no problems printing in Vista, even to an ancient 4Si, but mostly because my printers have drivers, how's that for novelty?
Posted by sanenazok (3449 comments )
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Had no issues so far..
I have been runing SP1 pre release beta for months and haven't had a single issue. With a few million installations out there someone is going to have problems, someone's HD is going to give up its ghost or develop some bad sectors in the middle of an update, its easy to put the blame on the update.
Posted by FutureGuy (742 comments )
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It is more then a few people
MS doesn't admit any problems until it is extremely widespread.

Besides, you don't count. You have someone come to your cubicle in the Office of Mindless MS Shills to install that bloatware.
Posted by The_Decider (3097 comments )
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"customers in unique circumstances"
And just what might those circumstances be?
Posted by {DvT}Hex (7 comments )
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It killed ours
It killed my system. I couldn't run a system restore on it either. It was a demo system for customers to show off a nice, big, fast workstation. We have a Microsoft Action Pack license so it was as close to free as it gets for the license of Vista. I just had to restore the whole thing and disable updates. It's been running non-stop for almost a year but with no signs of stopping. The computer in question runs Vista x64 Ultimate and is a Core 2 Quad on an ASUS P5B with a 3ware PCI Express RAID controller running a 4 drive RAID Mirror. It's a dual head demo system for Arc GIS with an XFX 7900GS card. I think it was the 3ware raid that screwed it up. The system kept trying to run updates during boot and never came back. I tried repairing it using the disk and after installing drivers for the 3ware it didn't even recognize there was an install of windows on the drive. It ran perfectly until the day after we logged in MOM that this update was installed. It's the only system we've had a problem with and it's the first time we've had a "production" type computer witn any issue.
Posted by izards-b (1 comment )
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By definition.....
By definition, all Vista users are "unique" in that they are not a part of the norm.

From <a class="jive-link-external" href="http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/unique" target="_newWindow">http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/unique</a> ... "5. not typical; unusual".

Vista users are in the minority of Windows users. They are not typical and are therefore, "unique" - just as Linux users and Mac users are "unique".
Posted by Jim Hubbard (326 comments )
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re:"customers in unique circumstances"
I'd say using Vista is a fairly unique circumstance.
Posted by seanonymous (3 comments )
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No Issues
I've done three laptops, an HP, a ComPaq and an IBM with no issues.
Posted by Marauder62 (49 comments )
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Baa, baa, No issues, baa!
There is no doubt that many users have had "no issues" with Visa and its SP1. That's not the point.

The very fact that MS have pulled this update shows that it DOES have serious issues that should have been forseen.
Posted by Dr. Denial (2 comments )
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Foreseeing this? Almost impossible
With the number of different configurations of computers and peripherals out there. I am betting that Microsoft finds out that people just have to unplug one of their cheapest devices that is causing a problem, and their computers will boot up no problems whatsoever.
Posted by Leria (585 comments )
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Repeated install requests
That there were repeated requests by Windows Update to install the update is something I experienced. I simply downloaded the stand-alone update and installed that. Windows Update stopped asking about it and I've experienced no issues with it. The problem, it would seem, was with Windows Update detecting the installation through its service, not with the update itself.
Posted by Equisilus (6 comments )
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Anybody else lose mouse functionality in Word?
My Logitech mouse has stopped working properly but only in WORD, has anybody else had this happen and what's the cure?
Posted by Vista does suck (1 comment )
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Wipe your disk, install OpenSuSe with about 6 clicks max and then open up Open Office and get to work.
Posted by The_Decider (3097 comments )
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No Problems So Far
I installed Vista SP1 tonight on a Gateway laptop running Vista Home Premium. I have no issues so far. It took about an hour and 5 minutes.
Posted by abbottpark (42 comments )
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I like it
I downloaded Vista SP1 off of Windows Update and so far it has improved everything I had complaints about with Vista. The memory on my laptop before SP1 was limited to 3.52GB, I now have the full 4GB, using VMWare and VPCs seems to be faster.

Apple doesn't have as many problems because they break compatability every couple of years. Microsoft tries to at least do a somewhat reasonable job of making sure older apps can run.

I still have apps written for Windows 95 that run on Vista, can a Apple Mac app from 95 run on Leopard???
Posted by rotcho (2 comments )
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Breaking compatibility is a good thing
One of the few people at MS who knows software security(Michael Howard) has been preaching "avoid backwards compatibility" for years.

Microsoft has been ignoring it and at it detriment.

Why Mr. Howard remains at a company that never pays attention to security is a mystery. Too much Kool-Aid I suspect.
Posted by The_Decider (3097 comments )
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Unfortunately, you don't have 4GB usable RAM :)
"The memory on my laptop before SP1 was limited to 3.52GB, I now have the full 4GB"

No. The only thing SP1 changed, was to report the amount of RAM installed in your computer, NOT the amount that Vista can actually use, which is always less than 4GB on a 32-bit installation. See: <a class="jive-link-external" href="http://support.microsoft.com/kb/946003/" target="_newWindow">http://support.microsoft.com/kb/946003/</a> for more information. In short, nothing changed, except the system information display.

Note that this isn't a Windows limitation, any 32-bit OS will have the same issue.
Posted by wmdcmitbimv (1 comment )
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Use Vista, expect problems like this.
I have no sympathy for anyone here using Vista. After countless reports of serious show stopping problems from beta until today, one negative editorial and review after another, why would you even consider using Vista? I just don't understand.
Posted by Microsoft_Facts (109 comments )
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Why use Vista?
I use Vista because I like it, because it's a good OS even. As a matter of fact, I am a technician and possess 3 Vista machines running 5 different copies of Windows Vista and one computer running windows XP. Guess what? I don't have any problems with Vista, I haven't had any problems since I got any of them that had anything to do with the operating system since I got/built/upgraded any of them. I have 2 Emachines, an HP, a machine I built myself (and loaded Vista X64 on, and guess what!? it's actually the fastest, least troublesome, easiest operating system I've ever used). The key is to do it right the first time =P

I've used machines that are comparable both on Vista X86 with Premium edition and Ultimate edition as well as with XP pro all with almost identical hardware. My computer out-performs them all (yes, including the Xp version due to XP's very poor support of quad-processing management). As for poor reviews on Vista, everyone who doesn't like dinner is going to gripe about it. You'll be lucky in a group of 100 people eating the same food if more than 1 or 2 of those people will enjoy the food and actually be forthright in telling others it was good and reccommend it.
Posted by mread41 (12 comments )
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Is Service Pack 1 Out Already?
I just got a "you should download service pack 1" message from
live onecare. It doesn't look like the beta. I'm guess it's out now?
Posted by applehazelnut (32 comments )
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For select people like MSDN or Technet subscribers.
Posted by Technologist72 (9 comments )
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That does it for me
I already removed Vista from my other computer at home and after that it is going down on my laptop too.

I'm tired of all the annoyances from this joke MS calls an operating system.

With me, after this, I can not install more than 1 update at a time or the windows update crashes. And even with one at a time, I have to re-start in safe mode before booting normal again.

Enough for me.
Posted by mvaiks (4 comments )
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Have fun with linux or a mac! :) Don't forget to write!
Posted by Technologist72 (9 comments )
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Do it!
Your freedom is waiting. All you need is to be willing to learn and have the DIY frame of mind:

<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.ubuntu.com/" target="_newWindow">http://www.ubuntu.com/</a>
Posted by hhemken (7 comments )
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From the beginning (March 2007) I have had little to no problems with Vista. Lots of M$ haters and FUD everywhere. It is quite entertaining to watch actually.

SP1 went on silky smooth without a hitch.
Posted by Technologist72 (9 comments )
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And we KNOW "OpenSuse" has no bugs either, right!?

Look at their install forum for a long list of installation woes: <a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.suseforums.net/index.php?s=9afb01e00ad15e008c658d9ea1d44f26&#38;showforum=20" target="_newWindow">http://www.suseforums.net/index.php?s=9afb01e00ad15e008c658d9ea1d44f26&#38;showforum=20</a>

Posted by Technologist72 (9 comments )
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Windows still better than GNU/Linux
Windows is easier! Windows gives a better customer experience! Windows is easier to set up! Printing is easier on Windows! Windows is more secure! Windows runs faster! Windows has a cooler interface! Windows is all I know! Windows came with the computer! I have no idea how to get rid of Windows! I don't even know what GNU/Linux is! Mac? What about a Mac? Can I make my Windows box a Mac? Help! Help! Help!
Posted by hhemken (7 comments )
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Ubuntu 4 U
I started building Ubuntu 7.1 boxes for folks about a month ago, and WOW, it's better than ANY OS I've ever seen. Not to mention entirely FREE. My clients are LOVING it.

Am catastrophically tired of dolling out $500 every 2 years to outfit my home with new MS OS licenses, especially when they are like Vista, which is basically unuseable for business.

Try Ubuntu, buddy. You will not be disappointed.
Posted by wjcunning (11 comments )
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MS Has NOT Pulled KB937287 From Auto Update
I just went into Windows Update and manually had it check for updates and low and behold KB937287 (released date 2/12/08) appeared all by its lonesome.

I promptly turned off Automatic Updates now matter how much the Vista OS hates me doing that.
Posted by bkblair (15 comments )
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don't worry
Bkblair posted:

"I promptly turned off Automatic Updates now matter how much
the Vista OS hates me doing that."

Don't worry, M$ will turn it back on for you. They won't even
bother telling you they're doing it because, well, it's their computer
Posted by Dalkorian (3000 comments )
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Ha Ha
Windows suckage continues to know no bounds and be able to reach new lows. LOL.

Get a Mac instead.
Posted by The_happy_switcher (2175 comments )
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Like Leopard?
Or did you forget that it took two major patches (10.5.2) before they fixed something as basic as wireless connections dropping, requiring full reboots regularly?

How about that Time Machine still has critical problems?

Blindness is your friend.
Posted by Valdier1 (3 comments )
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must be nice
It must be nice to be so far detached from reality. One question,
what kind of drugs are you on; do you see swirling colors all
around you or are there bugs on you?

I've had Leopard from the first week it was released on my work
machine. Perfect it is not, but it has been satisfying. Wireless
connections have never dropped for me, period. Full reboots are
a winblows thing, only needing to happen with major security
updates in Leopard (or QuickTime updates, those tick me off).
Time Machine has been flawless from day one, lacking some
control features I'd like but suffering nothing that could be
called "critical problems".

That is experience talking, not some mindless ranting of
someone who's never seen a Mac before. You ought to at least
check one out so you can claim to have an informed opinion.
Trust me, Bill won't even know so there is no possibility of him
whipping you for showing independent thought.
Posted by Dalkorian (3000 comments )
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here's a reason IT pros are reluctant to roll the dice on Vista...
There's a reason IT pros are reluctant to roll the dice on Vista. This King Research report is based on a survey of over 900 IT professionals. Findings include that the majority of IT organizations are not planning to upgrade to Vista, and that a significant number of IT organizations have actually considered moving to non-Windows operating systems to avoid the upgrade.

<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.kace.com/pdf/index_vista_survey.php" target="_newWindow">http://www.kace.com/pdf/index_vista_survey.php</a>
Posted by dhawley23 (2 comments )
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