March 26, 2007 8:54 AM PDT

Microsoft extends Vista bulk license discount to Europe

Microsoft is extending discounts for multiple Vista licenses to small businesses and home users in Europe.

Nick White, product manager on the Vista launch team, revealed the extension to Europe of the Windows Vista Additional License program in his blog.

The bulk license discount, which Microsoft made available to U.S. customers in February and extended to European customers on Monday, allows small businesses and home users to install the same edition of a previously purchased Windows Vista operating system on additional computers. Customers can purchase up to five additional licenses at 10 percent off the suggested retail price.

Comments posted on White's blog show that some users still find Vista too expensive.

"I'm willing to give Vista a go. Only, however, if the family discount is extended to the U.K. in June, when the current limited-time U.S. only offer expires," one United Kingdom-based reader of White's blog said. "Otherwise, it's way too damned expensive for the three PCs I have. Ten percent per additional license is just not enough of a 'sweet deal' for me."

The family discount, which enables people purchasing Windows Vista Ultimate to buy up to two licenses of Vista Home Premium for $49.99 each, is currently unavailable in the United Kingdom.

Another blog response pointed out that many U.S. retailers already offer Vista at 10 percent below list price.

"Honestly, it leaves much to be desired--and I speak not as a Linux or Apple zealot--especially as you can easily find Vista discounted by 5 (percent) to 7 percent at or marked down by about that much at (U.S.) retail stores like Best Buy," the posting said. "Ten percent isn't worth it, unless you are completely incapable of comparison shopping--or you live 100 miles from the nearest computer store, and you're on metered dial-up."

In Europe, the Windows Vista Additional License program is currently available online only.

Tom Espiner of ZDNet UK reported from London.

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If you buy it with a dell, it comes to $50 or less. Who in their right mind would pay $200 or more. The price should be the same as the price if you baught it from dell.
Posted by gggg sssss (2285 comments )
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You think thats a bad deal....
Wait till you see how Microsft and their partner goons have devised a way to suck more money out of your pockets:
1. Make the majority of software and drivers obsolete. Now when you try to use your old printer you have to upload a new driver only to find out not all things in the new driver will work such as OCR. No problem just go to the OCR site and down load their driver for 150 dollars US. Oh by the way that OCR vender is a Microsoft Gold Partner (I wonder why) Perhaps you use virtual CD/DVD drives well the old drivers will not work and you can go to their site and pony up another 30 dollars US and fix that also. You want to run dual monitors well then get ready for a real headache I spent 300 dollars US for 250 meg card because my 128 meg card did not work. Their drivers for these cards is the biggest nightmare of all. Be ready to spend a few days trying to get that right and after doing so, it still will not work perfectly. I can go on with this but perhaps other people can chime in on this. All I can say is if it all works with XP then stay with XP. I really believe that this is a group SCAM to suck all our hard earned money right out of our pockets. I believe many of those drivers and software could have worked with Vista!!!

I had enough, please.. someone else write more.
Posted by Ted Miller (305 comments )
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Licensing for any version of Windows
This may go off topic a bit, but I was looking at what the price for an additional license was, and according to this article, it is 10 percent off a retail copy. Sounds like a rip off, considering that this is very close to another boxed retail copy of the OS.

I already know how Microsoft is when it comes to licensing another copy of any version of Windows - it would better off to buy another anyway. If they really want to make any version of Windows easy to sell, how about lightening up on the licensing policy. If I have the software with me already, shouldn't I at least get more than just a small percentage off, just for what: another license and key.

I think the following should go for any kind of licensed software: If I already have a copy of it, and want to install a licensed copy of it on another machine, shouldn't I be entitled to just the price of the license alone minus the price of the software that its binded to?
Posted by KZGY1024 (17 comments )
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