February 6, 2006 12:08 PM PST

Linux users say OS needs touch-up with Photoshop

A correction was made to this story. Read below for details.
Adobe Systems' Photoshop has been voted the most important application to port to Linux, according to the initial results of a survey carried out by software company Novell.

The online public survey, running since mid-January, asks people which key applications they need to use in their business that are not yet available on Linux. Scott Norris, the editor of CoolSolutions, the Novell community Web site running the survey, said last week that 10,000 submissions had already been received.

So far, the most-requested applications have primarily been tools for design, Web publishing and multimedia. Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Macromedia Studio, AutoDesk's AutoCAD and Apple Computer's iTunes head the list.

Norris said these results indicate that Linux on the desktop has matured; in the past, there was primarily demand for basic applications such as word processing, e-mail clients and Web browsers.

"As people's needs in those arenas (basic applications) were filled, they wanted media players for their music," Norris said. "An interest in graphic design and manipulation became more apparent. Pretty soon, people not only considered the possibility of Linux as a multimedia platform, but, as we can see, they are now demanding it."

Though Norris said the need for a decent e-mail client on Linux has been "filled rather nicely," with applications such as Thunderbird, KMail and Evolution, a study published by the Open Source Development Labs in November last year found that the lack of a powerful e-mail application could hinder the adoption of Linux on the desktop.

Ingrid Marson of ZDNet UK reported from London.


Correction: This story incorrectly described the applications under consideration in the CoolSolutions survey. The online survey asks which key business applications are not available on Linux.

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Microsoft Windows Only???
The online public survey, running since mid-January, asks people which Microsoft Windows-only applications they want to use on Linux.

Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Macromedia Studio, AutoDesk's AutoCAD and Apple Computer's iTunes

Don't all these run on a MAC....
Weren't all these ported to Windows from MAC?
Posted by itworker--2008 (130 comments )
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Just Gimp It
This Linux and Windows user doesn't agree. Why waste time porting Photoshop when the Gimp(<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://gimp.org/" target="_newWindow">http://gimp.org/</a>) can probably do what 80% of what most people need, maybe even more. Gimp is already available for Linux, Windows, Unix and Mac OSX. It's free but I would pay for it.

AutoCAD used to be available for Macs, DEC and a few other OSs back in the early CAD days. That's a big reason it became so popular, it's files didn't require conversion from one OS to another, a huge deal back then. The Gimp is that way today.

So again, why bother porting Photoshop, Gimp is already there.
Posted by random-rambler (11 comments )
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Desktop Linux.....You gotta be kidding
Just what the world and desktop software companies
need........another OS to support, giving less time to innovate on
the platforms they should be supporting.......ie Mac and
Posted by mcthingy2 (64 comments )
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Tools !!
I have photoshop and auto CAD running just fine on my FreeBSD laptop it's called a nifty little program called WINE.
Posted by Jinxed22 (1 comment )
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Flash is not needed. In my experiences if you need Flash 8.0 its just some advertising piece of sh**. Really, who needs more of that? 7.0 will work just fine. Maybe there should have been a question on the survey about if they currently use Linux and not just at work. There is always WINE. WFL? why?
Posted by chrisfrary (115 comments )
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First...I don't use Linux. I learned on Macs in school and now use a Windows machine.

Now you know my state of mind when I say the following:

I have always perceived users of Linux to be all about open source and 'free' software...how would porting/recompiling/whatevering Photoshop to Linux make Adobe any money? Would there not be HUGE resistance in the Linux world because a: it costs alot and b: its not open source?

I just don't understand what Novell is trying to accomplish with this poll?
Posted by KsprayDad (375 comments )
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Secure windows...
I've been using Windows XP for a long time,
attempted to use linux many times, but didn't
like the interface and programs available for it.
As for security, my windows XP has no anti-virus and no anti-spyware installed, but has been running connected to the internet without any problem..
It's just a matter of configuring file permissions, firewall and registry permissions.
It's hard to do for a non-techie, but sure is easier (for me) than learning linux..
Posted by stoicnluv (22 comments )
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OMG they still speak about viruses
People, you can NOT make professionals use something else
than Photoshop if your product is NOT easy to use, commercially
supported by 1000s of plugin makers, some serious company
behind it which prevents them from getting replies like "RTFM"
when a 40 years photo professional needs support by 16 year
old Linux geeks.

So get these facts straight:

1) Virus etc are not a problem on a professionally used machine
which has gigabytes of RAM to spare and top of the line security
tools installed, professionally managed by an admin and most

2) You should support OpenStep project since it is quite similar
to OS X Cocoa which both roots to NeXT Step.

3) Don't say "virus" in every desktop usability article mentioning
windows. It makes Linux look like unprofessional to
professionals who would be interested to that platform in future.

4) Don't call professionals making $60.000/Month paying $1000
to Adobe for a professional product "Stupid".
Posted by Ilgaz (573 comments )
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Please, please, please make a Linux version of Flash and Photoshop
Illustrator would be nice, too. I use Linux desktop at home but I have to use Win for Lin to run my multimedia apps. WFL is emulating Windows 98, which is pretty old. It runs okay but there are a few glitches, such as I can't select and drag in Flash to copy an object.

As for MACs, I'm sure they're lovely, but I can't afford one.
Posted by KittyMartyr (19 comments )
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