February 15, 2010 9:56 PM PST

Jobs said to assist with book on his life

Jobs said to assist with book on his life
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April 15, 2008

Sources say Apple's chief is set to collaborate on an authorized biography, to be written by Walter Isaacson, former managing editor of Time magazine.
(From The New York Times)

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I hear Ballmer is having one written too. It will join these other three books as the thinnest books ever written:
"Italian War Heroes"
"German Humor"
"English Cuisine"
Posted by The_happy_switcher (2175 comments )
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LOL. Yep, Ballmer's book will be entitled: How I became the CEO of the largest technology company and f*cked it all up.
Posted by dan90254 (134 comments )
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happy switcher, man you don't have a life do you? always first one to post

Get some help man, go out enjoy fresh air, there's much more to life than posting on cnet.
Posted by topgunb2 (394 comments )
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Actually, the thinnest book ever written is called "Happy switchers". Unfortunately, there was no content for it. Researching for content found only bitter curmudgeons who spend their unemployed days bashing everything not blessed by the Apple marketers.
Posted by n0v0cane (563 comments )
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$teve Job$ is a greedy s o b who has never made Fobes' list of top US philanthropists. Write about that, $teve. Hordes his TENS of billions and gives nothing back. (Neither has $cott McNealy, mr happy Java guy and the other Gates-basher)

You never see the guy even building a habitat for humanity house or anything except figure out how to get to Tennessee to get a liver when others can't afford to.

No help for kids who need vaccines in developing countries.

Doesn't make a computer that's affordable to the underpriviledged overseas OR in the US - just ones for rich kids.

Here's who has made the Forbes list:
Bill Gates
Michael Dell
Sergei Brin
Larry Ellison
Mike Lazaridis (RIM)
...the list goes on.
Posted by joetesta70 (412 comments )
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That's quite a list of people giving for the sake of tax write-offs.

True, I don't know what Mr. Jobs gives in financial terms to any charitable groups, but a lot of charitable groups eat up the money before it gets used for their cause. For instance, do you kmow how many millions of dollars the head of the Boy Scouts of America makes? Yikes. And that's a "non-profit"

On the other hand, Mr. Jobs got Pixar on the right track to making movies that have lifted the spirits of millions, and Apple has consistently provided a better user experience that other companies and programmers aim to emulate.

Perhaps that is a better legacy than shoveling his money off to a worthy cause to cover up the overindulgences of the past, and the ruthless destruction of competitors, as Mr. Gates is doing - if only to make him look better in the historical record.
Posted by solitare_pax (10685 comments )
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That's quite a comparison . One guy is trying to wipe out curable diseases and one guy has lifted spirits by having a hand in making a movie company. That's what Africa needs: Finding Nemo and a $2,500 computer to watch it on.
Posted by tgrenier (256 comments )
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Joe. How do you know anything about what Steve does and doesn't give to charity? Based on a for-profit magazine that publishes a list? Relax a little and enjoy that Windows machine that needs a vaccination every 3 months.
Posted by kfdodgerfan (749 comments )
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I don't think this is good, at least not for Jobs. Not to say the book won't be good or popular, but I think it says a great deal about his health. Like the article said, people have tried to do this in the past and if Jobs had wanted to do this earlier it would have happened. I think this has to do with his recent health issues and him seeing his own mortality.
Posted by Stormspace (1028 comments )
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Can't help but think this book will probably be written in word or publisher. Not saying it's better but that they are the most common products for the job. I love irony.
Posted by cloudmatt (2779 comments )
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