August 20, 2008 10:35 PM PDT

Intel moves to free gadgets of their recharging cords

Intel has made progress in a technology that could lead to the wireless recharging of gadgets and the end of the power-cord spaghetti behind electronic devices.
The New York Times

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Nice development. One thing bothers me though: losing 25 percent of the power in transmission. The technology advance is welcome but energetic inefficiency is not. And what about the increase of radiation in the workplace?
Posted by zextron (151 comments )
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Somehow, I don't think this is a good idea. With all the concerns about 24/7 lower radio waves from cellsites, wi-fi, bluetooth, etc, there may be serious safety issues with high-power wireless charging. Perhaps there should be more standardization of charging interfaces (USB charging appears promising), so it will be more convenient to charge gadgets.

50% efficiencies? and the other 50% is going where? Frying your brains?
Posted by Maccess (610 comments )
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Those would use different technologies, and would be safe for living beings and brains... ;o)
Here's an extract from an article the MIT published about it 2 years ago:
"Instead of irradiating the environment with electromagnetic waves, a power transmitter would fill the space around it with a "non-radiative" electromagnetic field."
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Posted by ContextWorld (1 comment )
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It is very disturbing to witness the continuing and even accelerating deterioration of our countries prominence in the technological arena.

Where we once were renowned for the achievement of practically all of the modern technological marvels we now take for granted, from semiconductors to the computers made of them, we now consider it "news" that one of the companies most famous for its former startling innovation, has devised a means to more INefficiently but wirelessly, POWER CELL PHONES, etc.!!??!

Really folks! Inductive coupling as a NEWS BLURB from INTEL?? This is NOTHING! It's worse than that. It's a dumb idea.

It is the kind of stuff that might have impressed some third-world country trying to make its way onto the stage of world technology, but it surely is nothing but an embarrassment for the U.S. to be so impressed by doing it.
Posted by samplesize (8 comments )
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