April 23, 2007 4:00 AM PDT

In presidential race, who's getting techies' money?

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Contributions listing San Francisco as address:
Clinton (D): 538
Obama (D): 416
Giuliani (R): 89
Romney (R): 99

Contributions listing New York, New York as address:
Clinton (D): 2,888
Obama (D): 1,546
Giuliani (R): 1,284
Romney (R): 453

Contributions listing Salt Lake City as address:
Clinton (D): 12
Obama (D): 21
Giuliani (R): 14
Romney (R): 532

Contributions listing Boston as address:
Clinton (D): 153
Obama (D): 95
Giuliani (R): 12
Romney (R): 282

Contributions listing Seattle as address:
Clinton (D): 48
Obama (D): 186
Giuliani (R): 9
Romney (R): 29

Contributions listing San Jose, Calif. as address:
Clinton (D): 40
Obama (D): 49
Giuliani (R): 5
Romney (R): 1

Contributions listing Berkeley, Calif. as address:
Clinton (D): 62
Obama (D): 108
Giuliani (R): 1
Romney (R): 4

Contributions listing Dallas as address:
Clinton (D): 41
Obama (D): 133
Giuliani (R): 409
Romney (R): 146

Contributions listing some form of church, such as Baptist, Mormon or Presbyterian, as an affiliation:
Clinton (D): 10
Obama (D): 20
Giuliani (R): 6
Romney (R): 8

Contributions listing occupation as "student":
Clinton (D): 136
Obama (D): 225
Giuliani (R): 55
Romney (R): 125

Contributions listing affiliation with a law school:
Clinton (D): 7
Obama (D): 37
Giuliani (R): 2
Romney (R): 0

Contributions listing affiliation with a business school:
Clinton (D): 3
Obama (D): 3
Giuliani (R): 1
Romney (R): 12

Contributions listing occupation as "retired":
Clinton (D): 1,268
Obama (D): 1,655
Giuliani (R): 874
Romney (R): 1,457

Contributions listing occupation as "homemaker":
Clinton (D): 834
Obama (D): 508
Giuliani (R): 763
Romney (R): 1,690

Contributions listing occupation as "entrepreneur":
Clinton (D): 11
Obama (D): 27
Giuliani (R): 9
Romney (R): 42

Disclaimers: We're listing each contribution, not each person. So someone who signed up to have a credit card billed every month for three months would be counted as three contributions.

Our figures may understate actual contributors if we didn't catch all the abbreviations. For instance, the same group is listed as "Motion Picture Assoc. of America," "Motion Picture Assn. of America," and "Motion Picture Association of America." Also, if someone chooses not to give an affiliation, we can't count it.

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Sold down the river
Nice to see that everyone has been bought and paid for.
Posted by DecliningUSDollar (56 comments )
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Lobbyists Are a Way of Political Life
It doesn't matter how many times someone says they won't accept lobbyist money for a campaign - the fact remains that lobbyists will always be around, directly or indirectly contributing money to a particular campaign.

Now in the interests of consumers AND businesses thriving and working well together to achieve a well-balanced technological goal, I'm all for the contributions; i.e. Open Document, etc.

When the contributors sole purpose is to appease the goals of just one side, however, that's when I start to question the lobbying effort; i.e. Microsoft.

But of course, this isn't just about standards and technology. This is about encompassing a balance between all parties involved for any stated goal brought to the front by consumers, environmentalists, business, etc. If there is no harmony in the end result, then it's safe to say there was never any harmony anywhere to begin with.
Posted by `WarpKat (275 comments )
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Interesting that MSFT supports Democrats
The last time we had a Democrat administration it threatened to break up Microsoft. Despite this it appears that some Microsoft employees still contribute to the Democratic party. Very strange.
Posted by Zaphod_Beeblebrox (12 comments )
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I built a website that is a photo and message gallery for Barack Obama supporters.

<a href="http://www.Obama4Change.com">www.Obama4Change.com</a>

Everyone upload some photos and let's see what we look like!
Posted by BrianARice (2 comments )
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Ha-ha, that's a good one
Aside from Ron Paul who seem to get the majority of his contributions from individuals. I think he broke some kind of record, or close to it, November 5 receiving a bit over 4 million dollars in one day where the average contribution was $102/person. Now that's grass root support to boot.
Posted by be_free (11 comments )
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