November 4, 2007 9:55 AM PST

I, robot: The man behind the Google phone

I, robot: The man behind the Google phone
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With battle lines being drawn in the smartphone market, Google is placing its bets in the hands of Andy Rubin.
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*SO* much more of a threat to MS than Apple and the iPhone
If Google executes well, the iPhone won't even rank anywhere on the list of "threats to MS's mobile dominance".
Posted by KTLA_knew (385 comments )
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WM Dominace
Windows dominates because it a business operating system. The iPhone cannot get my work email in real time, it does not sync with my calendar. Unless cooperate America changes from MS email systems WM will continue to dominate. Exchange continues do dominate and grow it's market share. iPhone and other cute phones are great for the consumer market place. If the gPhone wants to dominate, it will have to decide if it wants to be a business phone or a cute phone. Until then WM will continue to dominate.
Posted by mjeffryes (5 comments )
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GPhone > Windows Mobile
The fact Windows Mobile has any dominance in the cell phone market is a little screwy. The only benefit it has is being fairly solid. It's certainly not user friendly.

Oh, and if Verizon starts selling GPhones I want one. My new phone after 2 years deal is coming up mid next year, the supposed launch date for the GPhone, so Verizon give me real software! :)
Posted by limefan913 (129 comments )
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Wow, talk about fanboy mentality. The GPhone may well be the best mobile solution coming, but WM phones have an insane advantage, that being that MS started YEARS before Google or Apple here. That was their shoddy thinking, you can't blame MS for that. And many of us have been enjoying the well-supported WM platform for years (since the Wallaby in my case), and the essentially limitless number of apps you can install yourself. (Silly Apple, missed such a HUGE boat...)

And no matter what, it's not even VAPORWARE yet. The GPhone currently aspires to reach the status of Vaporware.

Talk about taking a position that forces even pro-GPhone folks to poo-poo your ideas.
Posted by KTLA_knew (385 comments )
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