April 10, 2007 2:06 PM PDT

Holocaust museum teams with Google on Darfur project

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has teamed up with Google Earth to create a way of visualizing and better understanding the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan. Darfur mashup

The "Crisis in Darfur" projectwas launched Tuesday at a press conference in Washington, D.C., where the Holocaust Memorial Museum is located. Interested Web users can now download the Google Earth layer, which contains interactive content assembled by the museum, including photographs, data, and eyewitness testimonies. With the Crisis in Darfur layer, users can zoom in on detailed satellite photographs of the destruction in Sudan: more than 1,600 villages that have been damaged or destroyed, and more than 100,000 structures including mosques, schools, and homes.

The information in the Crisis in Darfur layer was derived from a variety of sources, including the U.S. State Department, the United Nations, individual photographers, and the museum's own content.

This is the first installment of the Genocide Prevention Mapping Initiative, an ongoing collaboration between the Museum and Google Earth that aims to better inform the world--from citizens to governments to institutions like universities and nonprofit groups--on humanitarian crises around the world. Additionally, the museum has announced the creation of "Mapping the Holocaust," a similar map layer to visualize and chart the history of the Holocaust in Europe. That layer is also available now, but will be updated over time with expanded information.

Google Earth was launched in June 2005 and now boasts more than 200 million users worldwide. It, along with similar 3D mapping applications from competitors, has become more than just a geography tool. For example, the Environmental Protection Agency announced earlier this year that it plans to use the Google Earth to map out toxic wastelands, and layers of additional content have been contributed by such sources as the U.S. National Park Service and the Discovery Network.

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How about the real Genocide in Iraq, 1000 times worst than Darfur
If you had any doubt, or somehow you were blind, as to the fact that Google is just one more arm of the Big US media to control the mind of the people worldwide, this report that Google has teamed up with "Holocaust Museum" to document the Genocide in Darfur, should put that doubt to rest. For the killing and destruction that is being brought upon Iraqi people by US & UK forces armed with the most lethal weaponry in the world far exceeds the death and destruction being brought on people of Darfrur by a rag tag army of local tribes man. In fact the population of Iraq has been decimated to an extent which is simply beyond imagination. It is the true Genocide of our ages. But of course the Big US (Israeli controlled) media, of which Google is a main part of, who were the main instigator and backer of the war on Iraq will not be
reporting on the real Genocide in Iraq but create a fake Genocide report in Darfur to mislead the world, as always.

Wake up to the danger that the Big US media, of which Google, Yahoo, Hollywood, CNN, FOX, etc. are various parts of it pose to the safety of your country/family. For today they are slaughtering people in Iraq, tomorrow it could be your country & family. And of course at the same time they will create diversionary reports that they care about
suffering of people in some X country, ala Darfur now.

SO I urge you: whatever you do, do not use US Big media search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Contact your country leadership to provide a country based, local, search engine. Free yourself, your mind, from the clutches of Big US media.
Posted by free_people (66 comments )
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I think the person who wrote the last comment should think about what happened to the jews....ww2...the world turned its back...are we doing it again... in darfur and sudan>??
Posted by danieldanielovich (2 comments )
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I was appalled while watching a news sketch tonight about the tragedy in Dafur.!~! I use the word tragedy...as a "crutch"...tragedy should be more precise!!...Holocost...I am not Jewish..but it don t matter...other nations are commiting the same atrocitites,....frig the spelling.....Hitler got away with killing 6 million Jews.....Why is the world sitting by and allowing the same thing to continue in Sudan.??? Daphur??? and God knows..how many other countriues???...we don t need several hundred "UN"troops in a region, to keep the "peace"...we need much much more...and with "teeth"....We also need the rest of the civilized world to stand behind the "U N" and boost it s support.. If we dont ...we can count on the fact that there will be many7 more "Innocent ":people meeting the same fate as the european jewish communities, all accross europe ,during the 2nd WW...and when everyone turned their backs>>>>??!!!...History is about to repeat itself a again???
Posted by danieldanielovich (2 comments )
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