June 12, 2007 10:45 PM PDT

Hated blogger leaves U.S., threatens lawsuits

A failed real estate speculator who created a popular Web site touting his exploits has begun threatening to sue his critics and claims to be in hiding in Australia.

Casey Serin, arguably the world's most-hated blogger, rocketed to Internet stardom after disclosing his pending foreclosures, marital strife and unwillingness to find a job. But the 24-year-old's online fame was hardly flattering: it arose from legions of readers who call themselves "haterz" and frequent his iamfacingforeclosure.com blog to ridicule his financial missteps and urge Serin to pay back up to $420,000 he is said to owe creditors.

The latest kerfuffle arose last week after Serin blogged about a contract with a mysterious "independent publisher" for self-help material about how to deal with foreclosure. To the so-called haterz, this represented an enticing challenge, which they met by outing the publisher as self-styled Internet marketer Marty Stewart and even unearthing a confidential business plan for iamfacingforeclosure.com and related audio files that Stewart left on a Web site that was not password-protected. The files have since been mirrored elsewhere.

"We've been letting everything go for so long, people think they can just do this without any penalties."
--Casey Serin,

Now Serin and Stewart are crying foul. We're going to "aggressively be pursuing any Web site that has our private content posted on it," Stewart said in a telephone interview with CNET News.com on Tuesday. "Obviously it's copyrighted content and it's being smeared all over."

"We've been letting everything go for so long, people think they can just do this without any penalties," Serin added.

Serin handed the haterz even more ammunition this week by disclosing that he had left his wife, Galina, behind in West Sacramento, Calif., with only about $300 in the bank and had set up operations in an undisclosed location in Australia. Because Serin has refused to get a full-time job--preferring instead to chase dreams of instant wealth through real estate deals--Galina lives with her sister and cleans houses to pay for food and rent.

This interlude highlights the difficult task that Serin has faced in trying to profit from iamfacingforeclosure.com's popularity. Some of his readers are resolute in offering advice to someone they view as a misguided but promising young entrepreneur. Others are devout Christians who urge him to follow the Bible more closely.

But the so-called haterz have become the most vocal. The HousingPanic blog calls Serin "the physical representation of fraud, greed, debt, fear, bubbles and human folly." Others, including some inside the U.S. Department of Justice, have been prodding federal and state prosecutors to indict Serin for mortgage fraud. A more recent suggestion is to take up a collection for a Galina Divorce Fund that would cover "legal fees, basic living expenses, psychological therapy."

Listen up

Serin issues threats
Blogger says he has left his wife, the U.S., and is threatening legal action.

Download mp3 (19.3MB)

Along the way, Serin's notoriety led to appearances on Suze Orman's and Robert Kiyosaki's financial-advice shows, and the creation of an entire encyclopedia, Caseypedia.com, with hundreds of entries mocking his exploits. A Casey Serin Dance Remix appeared, as have photo galleries depicting him as, alternatively, Gilligan from Gilligan's Island and McDonald's Hamburglar character. Casey's Web site has even become a case study in a presentation submitted for the Defcon hacker convention discussing click fraud, and he's been called a "national obsession."

A recent tactic of the haterz has been to repost Serin's blog entries on sites like Blogspot-hosted "exurbanation"--arguably in violation of copyright law--in hopes of depriving him of advertising page views. "It's not right for them to continue ripping my posts and putting it in their comments and encouraging people to read it there," Serin said. He has threatened to file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act complaint with Google, which owns Blogspot, to try to force the deletion of his material.

A "heartbroken" wife left behind
One wildcard in the Casey Serin saga, which has played out on the Internet since iamfacingforeclosure.com launched last September, is whether Galina will leave her husband, who ran up $2.2 million in debt and lost five houses to foreclosure.

In a conversation at her sister's townhouse in early May, where the young couple rented two rooms, Galina said that she was becoming frustrated with her husband's spending and had met with her Baptist pastor that afternoon for counseling. But according to her strict religious views, Galina said, "there are only two reasons for a divorce: adultery and physical abuse."

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I'm Really surprised they would let him in.
In fact, I don't think they would - is there any hard proof?
Posted by Marcus Westrup (630 comments )
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petty criminals and Australia
Reminds me of a story of an English comedian talking about his trip to Australia. He was asked if he had a criminal record by customs when he was arriving at the airport. He said jokingly - He did not know it was still required to gain entry.

From <a class="jive-link-external" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_immigration_to_Australia" target="_newWindow">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_immigration_to_Australia</a> is
is "Thus European settlement began with a troupe of petty criminals, second-rate soldiers, and a crew of sailors."

If this was 1787 - I am sure he would fit in perfectly.
Posted by adminbert (3 comments )
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HOW did he move to Australia?
... I mean, if he is so broke, just how did he manage to afford to move to Australia and "set up operations" there?
Posted by Take the Red Pill (46 comments )
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Is it just me or this look like another lonelygirl
I don't believe this.
I haven't followed the blog, but from reading a few of the posts today it all looks fake.

I'll wait for the outing.
Posted by ahickey (177 comments )
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That's What I'm Thinking
It's a little too over-the-top to be real.
Posted by BarkerDigital (15 comments )
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I wouldn't be surprised
The funniest thing will be when all these people that fell for it get pissed off.
Posted by qwerty75 (1164 comments )
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There's always a possibility that the haterz (and journalists) have been hoaxed.

But in this case the weight of evidence suggests otherwise:

* Public records exist to support Casey's claim of multiple foreclosures.

* I and others have visited Casey's home and met with him and his wife.

* Other details of his failed business dealings have become public in a verifiable way.

I suppose it's possible that someone would commit (alleged) mortgage fraud and risk dozens of years of prison time to pull a lonelygirl stunt. It's just not the most likely explanation.
Posted by declan00 (848 comments )
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I agree
I agree - I think it's the hook and a LOT of people got caught.
Posted by gravityfactory (18 comments )
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what an idiot...
to go on Suze Orman and ask her what to do to get his life back together... then he doesn't follow any of it. Lock him in a padded room and see if he gets better.
Posted by Sunflare98 (34 comments )
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You have GOT to be kidding
"We've been letting everything go for so long, people think they can just do this without any penalties"

THIS from the guy who wilfully defrauded people out of hudreds of thousands of dollars and thinks he should be allowed to get away with it. This guy is the poster child for absolute losers.
Posted by thenet411 (415 comments )
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Australia has extradition
Why does he think he's safe there? The US Department of Justice is interested in mortgage fraud. Google "The Dorian Group" for a real eye-opener.

Has anyone even confirmed this *********'s in Australia, though? How did he get the cash for a ticket?
Posted by kim&4catz (15 comments )
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Galena should leave too
Does this country really need one more stuck up gold digger who graviates toward peacock men?
Posted by Too Old For IT (351 comments )
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I'm proud
I'm very proud, in fact, to admit that I'd never heard of that clown before. Why on earth do so many people obsess over nobodies like him and Parasite Hilton? Are their lives that bereft of meaning that all they can do is hang on every utterance by such losers? Unless that guy owes you money or you're related to his wife, who the hell cares what he says or does?
Posted by siriusproductions (54 comments )
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Too Perfect a Drama
Is it me or does any of this remind anyone of www.psychoexgirlfriend.com?

This is too perfect:
- A down and out person blogging on his strive to become instantly rich.
- A distraught wife who can't leave her husband due to religious beliefs.
- Leaked 'confidential' audio files.
- The hunt for the alleged perpetrator by angry groups and the Man.

I swear if someone makes a TV show out of this, it'll end up as popular as Becker - and hopefully shorter-lived.
Posted by `WarpKat (275 comments )
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GoDaddy is publishing Casey's book ???
I can't believe GoDaddy is publishing Casey's book.
Posted by GoosyMcGee (1 comment )
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Not GoDaddy . . .
. . . It's PageDaddy ;-)
Posted by K.P.C. (227 comments )
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What a bunch of nonsense
Geez, Paris Hilton wasn't enough? Now we have this nitwit trying to become rich and famous by being an.........idiot? Idiots are a dime a dozen. The end is surely near.......sigh.
Posted by rickhal (7 comments )
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The technology hasn't been created
that can measure how little I care.

I just want my three minutes of life back, Cnet!!!
Posted by RacerX7 (24 comments )
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Hey lets make fun of me!
firs tlet me show how deep in debit I am.
then lets stick my foot in my mouth by putting files on a website not protected at all which means it is not private and any search engine could find it without any problem.

Now that I setup the bait. Lets file suit against anyone who takes the bait! Ohhh!!!! you haterz!
I gave you a reason to hate me and I don't like that! Does that mean I hate myself?

Oh I give up!
Posted by inachu (963 comments )
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All one big scheme?
Seems to me he set all this up from the get go to file the lawsuit. And I can't see any judge granting him anything since he did set himself up to be "hated." But, then again, some judge did allow the case about the woman that didn't know coffee was supposed to be hot.
Posted by Flinxi (14 comments )
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I certainly understand this just don't know what to do about it?
Who are they really trying to help? The people or themselves? I think it is mostly for the ones benefitting from it, and not for the good of the people that they are so called helping! If you are helping someone you don't do things that are more harmful then they are helpful and call them good do you? Believe it or not some people do! Those are the people that are so called helping the others, and who mostly haven't ever had any of this so called helping done to them or at least not yet. Those that are doing it seem to find it much different when it is being done to them and are generally good at manipulating and organizing other people for their benefit, even though they will say that it is the ones that they are helping that are manipulative. In most instances it seems to be like some kind of a circus game, where the ones who hold the power are the circus masters.

When is it going to stop, is my question. When are some people going to stop making a living off of shaming and blaming other people and using the suffering they are causing them against them? If it is about helping so called victims, why don't they actually give the money that is involved in it to the victims, rather then sticking it in their own pockets if there is to be money in it? The workers need this money to live on, it is called a salary to do a job or a stipend for doing a job of some sort. They call this work mental health social work and it is now supposedly based on a mental disease, which there is no actual scientifically valid and reliable proof for and those who are promoting the labels and treatments know this. They take the most egregious cases and use them as a tactic of fear mongering for purposes of profit, it is a warped economic system that many people are satisfied with in at least some ways.

Is it a mental disease or a social disease? A mental disease or brain disease would be one that one person had all in their own mind, own brain, and there would be no outside influence like a certain person or situation that the individual was particularly fond of or money that would be able to change it or influence it at any given time, unless of course it was some type of real valid and reliable medical treatment not just a change in the scenery. A social disease would be one that a society had and no one wanted to look at the real issues or do anything real about the real problems because it was just too hard, and no one really knew what to do about it, not really. If it was a social disease people would fail to see that their methods of so called stopping this disease was just making it grow more and more out of control for purposes of some sort of false control or greed and that rather then decreasing the real needs and issues causing the problems that the things they were doing were mainly increasing them every step of the way.

A society can not be blamed for individual murders, rapes, a person being tortured, a person stealing, a persons particular circumstances that cause homelessness, an individual persons cleanliness, a persons lack of transportation, an individuals personal environmental issues, a particular persons lack of actual safety or safety issues, any one persons poverty, a woman that is into prostitution, a person being a drug abuser, throw away; run away; and other unwanted individuals, a person that committs arson, an individual persons stress, certain peoples arguments and fights, poor communication and living skills in certain individuals, problems in a family or between siblings or parents, an individuals lack of paid work, work skills; or laziness, or individual perceptions of the meaning of work and the worth of work, a persons lack of appropriate child care being available due to circumstances, any individuals frustration or fear, a persons lack of being educated, and other individuals violence and discomforts in our world now can they. We mustn't admit that greed, perceptions, nationality, culture, or social class have anything to do with people being in poverty traps, jails, or getting labeled as brain diseased has anything to do with our society rather then any individual persons own free will and destiny, that would be just plain wrong now wouldn't it?

We wouldn't want to blame all the people, just the ones that were doing it those unlike us, and even if a pretty large amount of people were doing the same things then it would have to be a personal illness rather then just a social problem right? So we couldn't possibly see that we had a problem with our systems thinking as a whole, but if we wanted to feel sorry for or give these people a break because they some how became us or our family member we might have to make it into a personal disease, because no one hates a person with a disease they hate the disease and that is all and if one is disabled in this way then they can get lots of priveleges that they could not if they were being seen in any other way. So even if making it a disease meant making it worse it might somehow make it feel better or look better, right? Still the fact remains that not all the people with this disease are said to be just the same to have the same symptoms or course in this illness, it does not all lead to the people that have it being one way or another, with this disease the persons symptoms and illness can be almost any way that they person wants it to be.

Courts have seen the number of cases involving offenders rise dramatically in recent years, they even have special courts for them now, and treatment professionals say the offenders are getting younger every day and the crimes more violent as the days go along. None of this is of course attributable to any of the so called treatment that is being given to the people that so call have these diseases. Some professionals blame the increase in the numbers on a society saturated with sex and violence and the fact that many of the accused were themselves victims of crimes. Some say there aren't more people committing crimes, simply more awareness of crimes, more and easier ways to report, and a general hysteria about crimes and criminals or abusers. So we can't have it both ways, we are either having crimes and we know what they are and who is doing them and how many of them there are per year or we don't, so which is it?

Ask yourself this, how do people even know or learn about this kind of stuff? Could it be that we are making people more aware of these crimes as a means of prevention and it is not really working the way we are going about it? Could it be that we are taking non-violent people and putting them in with actually violent criminals because we no longer have any real clear perspectives on what is meant when we say violent and crime? And if we are suppose to have a total acceptance of this so called brain disease and no one is to be seen any differently and no one is suppose to accept the stigma of this disease, then no one is suppose to be seen as a severe criminal and all are to be seen exactly the same.

So maybe it doesn't matter anymore if you are the rapist that went a little too far with some force or the rapist that beat the woman half to death and took it from her and left her for dead or the one that was raped, the burglar or the one being buglarized or a few kids that broke in a place maybe even an empty place on a dare, the one that had a family member murdered over drugs or money or the murderer, the abused that survived a severe beating or some severe and persistent abuse or the abuser that beat the kid to death, the dissident or the corrupt, the one time few bad checks casher or someone that armed robbed several banks and killed a few people at the same time, the one that stole some food or clothes from a store or the one that broke into the old couples home and took everything that they had and beat them to death at the same time, because now it is all one and the same mental illness? So people have to talk in jails and prisons and what else do they have to talk about besides what they did to get in them and those that have been caught for severe crimes more then likely have some other stories of crime to tell as well. And now that it is all one and the same it is safe to tell each other the most horrid stuff because it is not the persons fault it is the disease. So these people are telling each other about all kinds of stuff and reading about it all over the place, even the innocents who have never really done much wrong in their lives and they become fantasies in the mind and once on drugs easily acted out?

Could this all be a mere marketing ploy to sell a product namely the psychiatric psycho-social-court-system of treatment? Because once you ask for the truth and search it out and figure it out for yourself you will figure out that it is a billion dollar corporate industry. It's not free, there is nothing about it that is free, ask the people working in it if they can work for free or buy the buildings and other things that they need to do this without the funds that they get and they will tell you that they don't get enough to do it and they need more and more. So they are taking the poor working people's tax money and using it to do it to them and talkiing them into believing that it needs to be done because it is so called helping and that is a lie. It is hurting the poor more then it will ever help them and it is benefitting the wealthy or at least upper middle class that is doing it to them.

The mental health business is a racket to so call fix bad problems that people are having and so those calling this their job need these so called kinds of people so that they can fix their problems, only what they are doing isn't really fixing the problems as the statistics will show they are increasing them in many ways. Could the statistics be skewed or misleading for marketing purposes? Sure they could, and I believe that they are. Could the laws be being built in such a way as to include every little offense so as to increase the numbers for purposes of showing need? Sure they could, and I believe that they are. Could the propaganda be being built in such a way that more and more people are willing to look for, point out, and report so called crimes that only a few years ago would not have been considered crimes at, sure it could and I believe it is. Could all of this actually be working against us, surely and those that have been put through it on the biggest level know that it does? It is an industry that works to cause or create and build problems in our world, show the worst of these problems to the world, and promise to fix the problems, but at whose expense and do they? The people that they are doing it to others is who, those are the ones that are being messed up or disabled for life, and the answer is no it does not really help them when you look at the losses that they take as a hit overall in most instances.

The people that have been manipulated into it and become dependent on it or don't know how to get away from it are not actually being helped up and out. Those that do it will say this is due to the non-compliance on the part of the ones that they are so called helping. Those that are caught up in it know better, many of them have twisted their minds, body's, and souls to comply with these systems and still can't seem to win. Poverty programs especially are based on being in poverty, not getting out of poverty. People are not helped up, they are helped down. Once in this they are made ill so that they can stay in this, so that those that are making them ill can get paid for it, and then it is repeated over and over to them that they have awful problems that they need to dwell on and dwell on and they are never suppose to get better or have any real and lasting or permanent recovery.

They convince the ones that it is being done to or given to that they will need this treatment the rest of their lives. As soon as people start getting too much confidence, to much happiness, to much self confidence, or getting too much financial freedom and security the rugs are yanked out from underneath them. The supports that are enabling them to get up are yanked away and then they go back down and they are then called non-compliant and once again coercion and force of law are used to keep them in their places. Even if it isn't suppose to be seen in that way. Those that it is done to that don't accept it and speak against it are said to be unaware of this disease that they have, not thinking logically and with good sense.

The people that are said to be helping them see it as doing "good" to the ones that they are so called helping, and the ones trying to get out of this helping trap see it as being harmed and put back into bad situations. People in bad situation are vulnerable to making some terrible mistakes and desperation is the leading cause of crime and drug use. Yet when these people recognize that they need assistance in life and ask for it they may face losing it all or being locked up in some way. So if it can not be seen as a societal problem or a systems problem then it must be seen as a problem of someone's brain or a brain disorder to continue to see it in a nice way and so that those that are doing it can continue to feel good about themselves, and now they call it a chemical imbalance and say that the person simply knew no better, had no real understanding of what was actually happening or being done to them. The chemicals in their brains simply made them so that they could not control themselves and they should not feel so bad about it, just put some man made chemicals in there and then it will all be better, but that still doesn't solve the real issues and problems and needs.

It can't be that they were trying to find a way to get their real needs met while getting up and out of the bad places in life, it was that they were unable to think of proper ways to get their needs met. Not that the system was actually incapable of giving the people the real assistance or any free uncosting friendship and support that they were asking for to begin with to help them up and out, but that it was the persons thinking that was flawed about the system and the inadequate help the system was actually providing. It was the brain disease not the system that was the flaw you see?

So the answer to this is to drug these people so that they are unable to actually think about any of it or disagree, then to get them hooked on these so called medications, then to use their cravings for these drugs to control them. This is not made up this is simply a fact, now we have a group that is suppose to be a support to these people that is working with the drug companies, the government, and the drug abuse people in order to do all of this. They are making the courts more friendly towards this vision of the so called mentally ill as they say and they are building data bases, and using extreme examples to scare the hell out of our country and to say that if this person did this then all these persons will do this too which is simply not true. They get half of their funding from the drug companies so what do you think they are selling and promoting? More like pushing on the people of the United States, drugs and treatments enforced by court orders and these drugs are being bought and sold out on the streets. They say that they are after the Minds of America. Still it keeps the numbers and hysteria growing.

Now the children are being screened, accused, blamed, shamed, labeled, and drugged or treated at younger and younger ages as a first line of defense as they call it. The number of children under 18 accused of crimes grew proportionally, while the numbers of adult crimes supposedly decreased in proportion. These kids are now being treated with psychoactive mind altering, addictive drugs, and these are brain damaging chemicals which not only damage the brain, but other body organs. More and more kids are having weekend parties on these chemicals that their parents are being convinced to give them and call medications, and it is all prescribed. They have not even studied yet how it affects reproduction and the chances for increased birth defects when they do decide to become parents. Some preliminary evidence shows that the chance for birth defects is increased. All one needs to do is look at state and federal health and crime statistics to see how this is working. No one can say that drug use is a deterrent to crime in fact the evidence that we have shows that drug abuse increases crimes, suicides, and homocides, and that is a fact, the FDA has noted it in blackbox warnings.

Some people use scare tactics to frighten others into believing that if left untreated or left alone and only given the proper assistance for real issues only and not mental health care that the so called youth offenders will become horrific adult offenders or committ terrible suicides or homocides. The truth is that this is not shown to be true and the fact is that most of the ones that have done stuff like this have been directly under these drugs and these systems care and have been being watched or wards of this system while doing these things, and that many kids that are getting treated now are only doing normal childhood experimentations or pranks which would change on their own with time and maturity if an adult were allowed to properly discipline them or at the least have a good talk with them about it.

Not allowing any of this though, serves a purpose. The rise in so called offenders has spawned hundreds of new treatment facilities and programs, but who benefits from this really? Those who make a living from it, the workers in the systems and those that have some kind of a stake in this system continuing to be in place, have so much investmented in it now that it really is unlikely to stop any time soon, and frustrating and unreal to think that one might change it.

The programs grow by leaps and bounds as the propaganda and hysteria grows, as people are taught the lies and see the numbers of people being accused of the smallest of offenses that are being made to look like horrific problems, and more and more are being termed abnormal for it. My God people think, they must be horrible monsters even if they've made the slightest of mistakes, and so if they did it to you or your loved one or you thought you seen it, then they must be punished severely right? This keeps the public temperature up, so you get more referrals from the courts for treatment. If you don't want to lock a person up, treatment is a politically safe outcome, right? I don't think so it is now seen as a permanent and fatal disease and they are taking away people's constitutional rights for it. Once you know what the systems are really doing to these people once they are in them you might change your mind. People don't understand this until it is them or their children that it is affecting. This group that is promoting the drugging though easily forgets that the parents probably made their own mistakes over time and some of them may have even been treated in the past before all of this propaganda was put into place, they encourage them in how to get their "loved ones" that are so called "mentally ill" while they are not suppose to be now that it is in the past and forgotten in old records and such treated and not call them selves "mentally ill". It's a game for the money.

Behavior that was once considered normal or simply ignored is now resulting in arrest and incarceration, or treatment and / or hospitalization on a mental ward. At this point it becomes a permanent brain disease druggable and treatable for life, and the stigma is not in the label, but in the treatment that one must continue to be a part of for the rest of their lives. There is never any getting better or stopping of the punishment which is now being called the treatment. And if we are going to call court orders for punishment treatments then why don't we just call this treatment punishment? People's rights are being taken away for the rest of their lives because of these labels, there is no other disease which people can be done this way over.

It is now somewhat of a perpetual crib to school to prison pipeline. If you manage to make it through this and not be involved in this then chances are as you become an elder you will have it to face because they are making sure that they are all off the streets now too. Our elders who were once reverred for their wisdom at some point in time will more then likely end up in some nursing home some place psychiatrically drugged because they say it works and while they lose their memories of what mattered to them before this because of these drugs they will end up being acculturated to this sort of life and possibly even making a few friends. So they are out of the way and sometimes happy, but death comes sooner to many of them because of this. Those that work doing it say that they are trying to protect and keep these people from harm? How does harming them further and causing them much more intense pain serve to protect them?

So we have a society where police can arrest groups of people and put them some place for any given period of time, or schools and health systems can screen people for these so called hidden invisible diseases that people may not even know them or their children may so call have before they even show signs of it. If they don't get them this way they get them through the justice systems. Recently more than 30 young people, ages 13 to 22, were arrested while walking toward a subway station, on their way to a wake for a teenage friend who had been murdered. No evidence has been presented that the grieving young people had misbehaved. No drugs or weapons were found. But they were accused by the police of gathering unlawfully and of disorderly conduct. Police have handcuffed and arrested kids as young as four years old, recently one 7-year-old boy and took him into custody for riding a dirt bike on the sidewalk. I wonder what this does for a child's so called mental health, does it make them feel safe, and loved, and understood?

Isn't it too late after the fact for strangers to apologize for these arrests and the pain that they are causing these people, if an apology is even made at all. How many of these children and adults are being wrongfully convicted, and in unconstitutional non-trial courts where no real evidence ever even has to be presented or actually defended and it is all he said she said information or based on some theories that are later found to be false or some sort of medical mistakes that once they get the actual facts they know they made the mistakes. Many of these people are so scared already or too poor to afford a decent attorney so they just go along with whatever these systems. I wonder if that is fair and right? I wonder if that is helping us to build a better society for all of us?

People are then even later arrested for acting all of this anger and frustration out in inappropriate ways and with these kinds of records then how do they get jobs, they have to survive so what do they do to get by then? We all see it, but we fail to recognize the real causes or change what is really being done wrong, so they use it as fear tactics and proof to do even more of it with. Then they call these people emotionally disturbed or mentally ill and more and more are being arrested for acting all this out. Some are arrested merely for carrying sharp instruments that they had planned to use in art classes or had found someplace, and sometimes others do tell lies on them, and others are being arrested merely for mouthing off.

People who find themselves caught in this unnecessary tour of the criminal justice system mental health system very quickly develop malignant attitudes toward law enforcement. Many drop out - or are forced out - of schools and jobs because you can't be on a court bench and in a class or work place all at the same time. In the worst cases, the experience serves as an introductory course in behavior that is, in fact, criminal.

There is a big difference between a child or teenager who brings a gun to school expressly to shoot someone with or commits some other serious offense and someone who swears at another student or gets into a wrestling match or a fistfight in the playground. Even here we need to be careful because kids do lie sometimes all people do sometimes and perhaps if they are not being truthful the biggest of mistakes can be made between enemies, bullies. and even loved ones out of anomosity, lies can be told and reinforced on the simplest things and it is again too late later on to say that one is sorry isn't it? Increasingly, especially as zero-tolerance policies proliferate, children and adults are being treated like criminals for the most minor offenses.

There should be no obligation to call the police if a couple of kids get into a fight and teachers or other adults are able to bring it under control. But now, in many cases, youngsters caught fighting are arrested and charged with assault. Does a child that is caught throwing rocks at a soda can warrant being arrested and charged with a felony such as hurling a "deadly missile." We need to get a grip. Behavior that in the past would have resulted in a trip to the principal's office is now resulting in a trip to the police station. One 14-year-old high school freshman was arrested for shoving a hall monitor. She was convicted of "assault on a public servant" and sentenced to a
prison term of up to seven years! She was a black girl, and the same exact judge not long before this gave a white girl with a similar background, one that had arsoned her families home simple probation.

Commonly adults that fight back are being arrested, and being convicted for felony police assualt, and then placed in prison for trying to resist arrest even if they see the arrest as unwarranted and improper and that was the only real crime that they committed was to resist arrest. Police are allowed to entrap people and give them false information that leads them to believe things that are not so and then they arrest them on other charges. Judges who sentence people are the ones to determine the sentences, and indeed they may give one person with a small crime a harder penalty then they do another person with an even more serious crime. Now they reward those that are being labeled mentally ill for taking their drugs by giving them lighter penalties then they would another who is seen as basically a law abiding citizen.

This issue deserves much more attention. Sending people especially young people into the psycho-social-court systems unnecessarily is a brutal form of abuse with consequences, for the person and for our society as a whole, that the results of can last a lifetime. It can cause them to behave in ways that some will consider as signs that these people will then be labeled with post traumatic stress disorder, bi-polar, ADHD, or anti-social disorder or such labels and then they will be said to have a permanent brain disease and their rights will be taken away from them more and more over time and they will be said to be disabled. Once disabeled they get all kinds of things, and more they get shame, pain, and blame and this is not good mental health is it?

When we get too uptight in our society something is just as wrong about that as getting too loose. When we are not careful of how we make laws and how we use them, some people use them for purposes of profit, greed, and corruption. We mostly all know right from wrong, but when the so called "help" becomes the nightmare then what? How can that bring about any positive change or lasting good?

Some people say that merely spanking causes people to have lasting problems in life, and that saying bad words to people can be just as bad, but this system calls all the people in it one name or another and spanks the hell out of them too. I don't know about all of this for sure, all I know is that I feel like it is time for things to change and the right things to happen. When we get too conservative or strict and ready to witchhunt, point our fingers, shame, and blame every person for every little thing in our society no one has any room to even move and that is when our society becomes really dangerous overall and does such stupid and heartless things. We can't be humans any longer, we become no more then robots which are not much different then what they expect us to be and that is machines!

(I had to respond when I seen the comment on the lonely girl, those of us that are willing to say the hard things do tend to get beat up and be the lonely ones in life and I am not always sure what that is? I am adding this for thoughts, thanks-the lonely girl)
Posted by mixed-feelings (18 comments )
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Mis-directed effort?
I mean this as sincerely as possible: since you have so much to say, you would better serve yourself and those you are trying to reach by writing a book or using some other focused outlet. The Talkback section of news.com is the wrong place to write an essay, in my opinion. I couldn't get through the first paragraph.
Posted by techie2479 (84 comments )
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I agree
I have read the entire posting, and I agree - totally!
Posted by Flinxi (14 comments )
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Who Has The Energy to Hate Such A Moron? Sue Sue Sue Your Boat Gently Down
Hated blogger leaves U.S., threatens lawsuits

What a load of bunk. I never knew WHO the most hater blogger was but this guy is a total joke wow. thanks CNET for keeping readers in the know.

How ANYONE can believe he is sincere for 1 second is crazy. Lazy. Crazy. Waste of air. And quoting all that religious stuff is the kicker ha ha ha. When in doubt, drag out the religion. someone mentioned KIDS in one post. people like you should be castrated.

Enjoy the nightmare that is your life. Reap what you sow. LOTS of people have bigger problems than you. Actually perhaps joining Paris in jail would straighten you out.

Too bad white collar criminals dont go there too often. Those Enron guys might teach you a thing or two (course they did get caught so maybe they need courses in REMEDIAL stealing - oh right and one died lol)
Posted by canadian_cnet_fan (6 comments )
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Galina is hot folks!
For all you single guys in the Sacramento area, this guy's wife is hot, and soon will be available.
Posted by Xenu7-214951314497503184010868 (153 comments )
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Yes, but...
... she hooked up with this loser. At best, this says that she is easily influenced and/or attracted to the superficial "qualities" of charismatic ********. All you narcissistic, successful car salesmen, here's your chance! Hey, no offense, you could make each other very happy! You would be a definite improvement over what she has now.
Posted by Breakerslion (4 comments )
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Stop it!
Why, why, WHY does the news media insist on giving hacks like this free publicity? You guys have taken the Human Interest Story way too far. Rather than give scam artists like this one a free pass to even wider notoriety, I respectfully suggest that you wait until the blogging community and the law takes its course on frauds like this one. Stick to stories on "Survivor" contestants or Paris Hilton if you're looking for fluff. Better yet, tell us who's getting rich and who's getting screwed from current events in the Middle East.
Posted by Breakerslion (4 comments )
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Stop Wasting UR time!
As it says, this is just a HUGE waste of everyones time to give attention to this person!...For all we know its all a big HOAX anyways...Designed to garner publicity...Even if it isn't, ask urself if you have something better to do than keeping an eye on this kids antics...

Maybe we could pay this much attention to the ravages in Darfur or Iraq or, somewhere/someone else that deserves more attention..
Posted by Halcyon6 (9 comments )
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Hated blogger leaves U.S., threatens lawsuits - re
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