February 3, 2008 10:20 AM PST

Google works to torpedo Microsoft bid for Yahoo

Google works to torpedo Microsoft bid for Yahoo
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Google is making an unusually aggressive effort to block Microsoft's $44.6 billion hostile bid for Yahoo.
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Is this serious? I cannot stop laughing!
What a ridiculous concept, I can't stop laughing!

Google has 65%+ market share and in many countries as high as 90% and even combined Microsoft and Yahoo! would represent only around 30%. This smacks of hypocrisy of the most galling kind, talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

I am sick of being at the mercy of Google and their arrogance and being beholden to their algorythm changes without any consultation with their users or businesses.

Microsoft and Yahoo! together are the only ones who CAN level the playing field.

Posted by reddunefilms (5 comments )
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Is this serious?
I don't use Microsoft products. I find that this causes me trouble sometimes, but I find the rewards are more than worth the trouble. Microsoft want to make the world a place where the only viable option is to purchase new computers every two to three years with Microsoft Windows preinstalled. Once Microsoft change yahoo so that it is less compatible with minority browsers, such as Firefox and Konqueror, which are incidentally nicer to use and work better than Internet Explorer, what do you think will happen?

I am happy that Google offers me software that I can choose to use, or not to use, with my linux desktop. My linux desktop works better than it did with Windows XP and Vista; however, I am now worried that the annoyances I recieve when internet sites reject me for not using the compatible 'microsoft' browser will become ever increasingly common and increasingly hinder my experience of using internet.

Microsoft should be prevented from branching out in this fashion.
Posted by Ben2talk (21 comments )
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Are you serious?
There will be no "Microsoft and Yahoo!" together, there will be
only Microsoft and Google if this comes to pass.

This is the worst possible scenario I can imagine, because with
these 2 players controlling the field, there will be NO CHANCE
WHATSOEVER of anyone, ever again, entering the field.

You're living in a fantasy land if you believe Microsoft has any
intentions at all of "partnering" with Yahoo!

This is a buyout- A takeover, not some fluffy wuffy "wet's be teh
bestest of buddy-wuddies, Yahoo!" and it will only serve to
ELIMINATE competition.
Posted by GGGlen (491 comments )
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Google working hard this week - buy GOOG now!
A few readers have noted that Disneyland opens and closes an hour early on Tuesday, Febuary 5. The change to the park schedule is as a result of a private party for the employees of search engine Google, out of Mountain View, California. According to other readers who have friends and family who work for Google, the company has reserved large blocks of rooms at the Disneyland Resort hotels for employees. In addition to the private party on Tuesday, Google employees will likely be at the resort February 4, 5 and 6.
Posted by jasonmck (10 comments )
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What will this be called then GooHoo?
Now, don't get me wrong I love Google - especially the apps - calendar, docs , chat and so on but do we really want an oligopoly (or oligoogoly - BTW thats mine I trademarked that i did)

Its funny but I bet the heads at MicroSoft are pretty vexed about this... and so the show roles on...

Posted by Steve.Nelson (3 comments )
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Poor Yahoo!
Check out what all of the "Yahoo-ligans" will be wearing when the Microsoft buyout goes through!!!

Posted by Jonny1time (1 comment )
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