February 23, 2006 6:00 AM PST

Google unveils Web page creator

Google launched on Thursday a service that lets people create their own Web pages hosted by the Internet giant.

Google Page Creator, which is in beta, has sample layouts and lets people type in content, upload images and publish their pages, without knowing HTML. People can create multiple linked pages and are allowed 100MB of storage on the service.

The free service requires a Gmail account and supports either Internet Explorer 6.0 or Firefox 1.0, or higher.

With Page Creator, the company has drawn a distinction between Web sites and Web pages, saying that a page is a "single document with its own Web address," whereas a site is a "collection of pages with a common subdomain," or the "xxxxxxx.com" portion of the URL. "During this initial testing period," Google said, people can create only pages, not sites.

Google already owns Blogger, a company that enables people to create blogs. The company also recently launched a service offering hosted e-mail accounts with an individual's chosen domain, instead of Gmail.

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Posted by 207495111267145837975635436522 (58 comments )
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Please explain
How did Yahoo kill your real estate website?

"Unless Google & Yahoo exit all other businesses they are in and
promise to be in search engine business only..."

Yahoo!'s real estate section IS search engine business. It's
specialized search. Yahoo! isn't selling real estate, it's just
advertising it. As a consumer/internet user I don't want to visit
15 different sites. I want one that will deliver all the information
to me.

Businesses die off when they are no longer needed by a vast
clientel. I suggest you rethink your business strategies and
come to market with a better product instead of trying to start
boycott's for your vastly superior competitors.
Posted by djemerson (64 comments )
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Make the user happy
Google only wants users to be happy. This is an ongoing economy and the strongest will survive. They have to have a heck of a huge team of people who just think about new ideas.... anybody can do the same thing also!
Posted by jfsequeda (1 comment )
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>> will not (UNFAIRLY) compete with our
>> businesses

Could you explain how it qualifies as "unfair"?
Posted by led mike (8 comments )
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Doesn't this break a recent patent?
As reported on CNet (<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://news.cbsi.com/Company+claims+patent+win+in+online+rich+media/2100-1030_3-6042085.html" target="_newWindow">http://news.cbsi.com/Company+claims+patent+win+in+online+rich+media/2100-1030_3-6042085.html</a>)...amother company just got a patent for "The present invention relates to the method of providing users with the ability to create rich-media applications via the Internet. In a specific embodiment, users may access a host website supplying the ability to create rich-media applications, examine the available product set, and construct a rich-media application on the host website. In a specific embodiment, the host website enables the user to modify an existing rich-media application on the host website. "

Hmmmmmm......this little company may have thier first licensee.
Posted by Jim Hubbard (326 comments )
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Not really...
Unless you are going to go after (and by that I mean sue them) Google, Yahoo (Geosites), Microsoft (Office live), MySpace, and any other company that offers a server side site building tool (that list is LONG including most ISPs). Not to mention, these tools have been around since, oh let's conservatively say 1997ish... Trying to enforce a patent on technology which has similarities with other technologies, expecially against someone with DEEP pockets (unless they outright stole the patented technology) is just the expensive way to getting the patent opened up to interpretation and rendered basically useless. I'd look into it, but the quote provided sounds like a very vague description of a large number of existing technologies.
Posted by Source00 (12 comments )
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these tools aren't new
i've used tools like this in the past on CeoCities and whatnot. so what is different about their idea that makes it patentable?
Posted by Dibbs (158 comments )
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these tools aren't new
i've used tools like this in the past on GeoCities and whatnot. so what is different about their idea that makes it patentable?
Posted by Dibbs (158 comments )
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Entering/Killing businesses
I concur with previous... I'd rather search for real estate, etc from as few portals and links as possible. Progress, which appears to be inevitable, demands evolution and thus is rather destructive. If my business can outsource web page/site hosting for the fraction of the cost of internal IT, and I can be assured of the integrety, reliability, availability, and privacy of the data, then it would take about a nanosecond to make that decision. This model works great for mom and pop and joe sixpack, and even startups.... is it feasable for a fortune 500? probably not. Thanks to technology my first three jobs I had back in the 70's don't even exist as job descriptions anymore..... not to mention the companies... either embrace the evolution or be prepared to be overrun by it. Just ask the Native Americans, whose land you now sell.
Posted by densbtly (15 comments )
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Missing the point.
Other companies have had, and still use, web-based page creation. This isn't new. It is that Google's name is attached which has some folks worried. They shouldn't be.

This isn't about what little companies are going to get eaten alive. To be honest, if something like this is enough to kill your business, you weren't good enough to stay in the game.

No, this is about content, finding it first, and being able to control its venue.

They'll get folks to do their blogs on Blogger, personal websites on GooglePages, mail with Gmail, etc. All of this lets them scan pages sooner than Yahoo, MSN, or the other engines, thus it is an advantage to get users to literally deliver content directly to them. Plus I would have to think it is possible for Google to block Yahoo, MSN, and others from crawling content on their own servers, but that would be evil, and this is Google after all. (minor sarcastic grin)

Adsnese and Adwords are strong programs for them, exactly because you put their code into your sites, they become aware of them quicker, and have a better idea of what is out there.

I've wondered how Google expected to stay ahead of the search game, this seems to duck-tail with everything else to answer that question. People may find Google truly has a stronger grip on the market than people generally understood.

<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.NWLB.net" target="_newWindow">http://www.NWLB.net</a>
Posted by NWLB (326 comments )
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I agree
This fits with Google's idea that the web is the computing
platform rather than the PC. If you think about it, the only
difference between what Google is doing with this, gmail,
blogger etc and Apple's .mac service is Google also has a built in
search engine, .mac does not.

That said, the public is was gives Google its "power" in the
internet market place. If it bugs you that much, use another
search engine, email service, web host, etc. For better or worse,
there will be darn few that do. Easier to go to Walmart than eight
different stores.

Posted by neocliff (22 comments )
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As someone else said, "spot on!"
You are exactly right. In some tests done by one of my clients on his website, the results from Yahoo! are actually better than Google. If Microsoft, Yahoo! and Google are all competing for the smartest minds who can right the best search algorithms, then how do you stay ahead? You control the content and prevent others from being able to spider it in the first place.

When I first read about this, I got that little "GoogleHigh" that I get when Google does something new, because it's usually novel and slightly different from the competition. (After trying to sign in and getting that "you can't get in yet" the high quickly faded and I realized that this might not be that different from GeoCities, FortuneCity, Tripod, Microsoft Office Live or any of the white label site builders offered by your local ISP. (They've got us now getting excited over something that we only know the name of.)

But Google's spreading out into so many dissimilar things that it seems like it's going to be difficult for them to really make this anything special or different. I think Yahoo! missed the boat with 360 by not making it easy to link to Blogspot, MSN Spaces, etc., etc. If they had just thrown the doors wide open and let anyone link anything really easily off that page, then no matter where you had websites or blogs or whatever, it's your 360.yahoo.com address that you'd be giving out to people.

So I really hope that Google has drawn together Google News, Google Reader, Blogger, Picasa, etc., etc., etc. and that this offering by Google is truly unique and powerful. Otherwise you'll get a bunch of people like me who create something because it's new and it's Google but then let it languish because we don't have time to maintain yet another website.
Posted by TV James (680 comments )
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Yet another unexciting addition
Whenever google sneezes, news.com jumps on the story like a new revolution has occured. This googlepages hardly differs from the blogger solution and like everything else google has been releasing lately, its primitive and dull and wouldn't even make the news if it wasn't attached to the google name.
Posted by cocobongo04 (9 comments )
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Could not agree with more.
It is absolutely true what you say, the Big media of which News.com is one element, report on anything and everything that Google does as it is anything of value or news. And rarely if ever questioning what they do as being of value, etc.

I am just waiting for news.com to report again that Google CEO, Sergei, etc. were just paid $1 in salaries! Supposedly indicating how they are "off the people" While not reporting that at the same time they had sold $500Mill in Stocks!
Posted by 207495111267145837975635436522 (58 comments )
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That is because it is news.
They jump on it because most people want to know about it. If it doesn't excite you, that isn't shocking, Google is at the point where they do good things, that fail to wow some of us as more recent additions did.

That is to be expected.

Frankly this is a bigger deal than a lot of small things they've done recently. Plus it shows the lights are still on out there.

When they open it up for broader use, I'll use it. For what, I don't know. But I'll figure that out later.
Posted by NWLB (326 comments )
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((grin)) Ok, Google does another FUD =)
Haven't people figured it out yet, Google is just playing in every possible thing it can think of, to keep it's competitors busy, worried and guessing why they do what they do and if there is a reason behind it. =)

While people are busy, then they have less time to concentrate and create a real google killer. =)

Google's just keeping folks occupied and half these things they are just throwing out there, to keep people guessing at what they are really doing. =)

It's like google is now in web pages...maybe, no they are in blogs...maybe, no they are building a worldwide wireless heavy G system...maybe, no they are in telecom and voice over ip...maybe...no they are in newspaper advertising...maybe

It's a page from Microsoft's book, as the list gets bigger, competitors can't focus. =)

Notice...they said only for web pages...not yet for web sites/domains...even their hints are aimed at muddling the competition's brain. =)

Good show Google! It's fun to watch! =)
Posted by ccatlin (8 comments )
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=) ((GRINNING)) Idiot
As if your thought process wasn't weak enough, but we also
have to endure your perpetual use of =) to indicate what? That
you're only kidding? Clearly you are not kidding, so keep the
smileys to yourself.

And no, no one else has figured it out but you. You're a genius, i
wouldn't be surprised if all of Google's competitors begin to
contact you for more of your visionary insight.

By the way, you can't <em>do</em> a FUD.



Posted by (12 comments )
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A gift for newbies?
Maybe this is good for newbies. It will allow them to get the 'feel'
of creating a Web page while wearing training wheels. But, for
most of us who have been on the Internet a long time, some
control over pages or sites we create has become a given.

Furthermore, I think many of us ONs (original Netters) have burnt
out on creating a webpage at every portal we participate in. That
went out in the Talk City and Tripod days among the people I
Posted by J.G. (837 comments )
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Google is no monopoly
In regard to our latest rebel(s) without a cause, I must say 'ain't
no way." That is, that Google has engaged in unfair competition
by using ads to fund itself. (No profits yet, remember.) S.K.
and the sock puppet make an amazing error -- conflating
advertising of a sector of business with being in that business
itself. Google is not a Realtor. It is up to actual Realtors to sell
homes. The most any ad service can do is offer the listings of
real estate to as broad an audience as it can accomplish. The
fact that Google can reach a wide audience is not inherently
anti-competitive. For that to be true, it would have to prevent
other search engines from reaching wide audiences. The fact
that other search engines also have broad audiences for their
ads proves that isn't occurring.

I believe the search engine the rebel(s) are touting will suffer
Internet anoxia. Most people using search engines just want
the quickest, most accurate search they can get. Frivolous
promises from the host will not persuade users to leave better
search engines.
Posted by J.G. (837 comments )
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I think most people....
throw the word monopoly around like they're playing the board game. Your explanation was on the dot. For example, people think that cable companies are monopolies and should be fined, when in fact, they're called natural monopolies and sanctioned by the authorities.

Thanks for clearing up monopolies for the rest
Posted by dewalt25 (57 comments )
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Oops - has just been patented!
<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&#38;Sect2=HITOFF&#38;p=1&#38;u=/netahtml/search-bool.html&#38;r=1&#38;f=G&#38;l=50&#38;co1=AND&#38;d=ptxt&#38;s1=Balthaser&#38;OS=Balthaser&#38;RS=Balthaser" target="_newWindow">http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&#38;Sect2=HITOFF&#38;p=1&#38;u=/netahtml/search-bool.html&#38;r=1&#38;f=G&#38;l=50&#38;co1=AND&#38;d=ptxt&#38;s1=Balthaser&#38;OS=Balthaser&#38;RS=Balthaser</a>
Posted by hutchike (157 comments )
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An application is not a patent
Sometimes the sheer silliness of some people on the Internet
amazes me.
Posted by J.G. (837 comments )
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This patent has been awarded
See <a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.emediawire.com/releases/2006/2/emw349397.htm" target="_newWindow">http://www.emediawire.com/releases/2006/2/emw349397.htm</a> - this patent appears to be certainly passed the application phase...I agree that it is so vague and so much similar technology already exists to make this ridiculous - but here it is...
Posted by kookaburrak (4 comments )
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Patent doubtful, Pages full
Thewebpage people keep citing is for an application, not a patent.
I did read the PRESS RELEASE from the company touting the claim.
But, getting through the first stage of the patent process does not
mean you are actually going to get a patent in the overall process.
Something this overbroad will be challenged.

As for Google Pages, it is already on hold. Google got its maximum
in a couple days. Should have said Pages was a beta.
Posted by J.G. (837 comments )
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