December 23, 2005 7:30 AM PST

Google creators named Men of the Year

Google's founding duo on Friday earned the title "Men of the Year" from the Financial Times.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page, both 32, were picked for the distinction because of the effects their 7-year-old company has had on Internet users in the past 12 months, the global business news outlet said.

Its "soaring stock price" didn't hurt either, the newspaper noted. Google's stock market value has climbed to nearly $130 billion, positioning it close to IBM and outranked only by Intel and Microsoft among its technology industry rivals.

Brin told the Financial Times that he hoped the company's search engine could eventually be used to solve "complex problems in fields such as microbiology."

"I don't think we particularly restrict ourselves or have a 20-year vision or anything like that," he said. "I don't think we're averse to doing something new."

The pair isn't the first from the tech sector to earn end-of-year accolades for 2005. Last week, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, were named among Time magazine's annual "Persons of the Year" for their philanthropic efforts related to Africa's HIV-AIDS epidemic and poverty.


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That is what you get for giving Billions to media barrons
When will this Google Hoax end?
Google gives Billions of dollars to media Barons either in form of partnership deals, as the deal last week with Aol-Timewarner-CNN-Netscape or these media outlets have Billions of dollars in Google stock. So they keep hyping Google and Google keeps giving them Billions of dollars in one way or another, I guess this Hoax will go on and on, as long as the giant media outlets are making tons of money off Google and average person is not aware of this Hoax and thinks Google is actually delivering fair & un-biased search results (information) to them.

So is there any hope?
Will the Giant media & Google/Yahoo Axis own all the eye ball of the planet and keep making Billions of dollars as a result for each other!
Perhaps yes, but at least I see some hopeful signs, like a new search engine called AnooX.
Finally a search engine that is powered by the knowledge of the people and it is for the people rather than for the media barons.
I am sure their founders will not be named as the people of the year by FT of London :)

P.S., in case, here it is:
Posted by Cyrus_K (60 comments )
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Quit Whining
I can't speak for others, but I use Google because it provides relevant results. If it ceased doing that, I would try something else. In contrast, I went to your recommended so-called 'search engine' and searched for something, and it returned the worst dreck I have ever seen. Your 'spammy', non-relevant output is exactly the reason Google has been so successful as an engine. Thanks for illustrating that point so clearly!
Posted by stephenpace (72 comments )
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The hoax seems to be working...
If it's a hoax, then they need to run for government office, since those people need some help lying. And also, you little just return sponsored links for me. Sorry, but I like to actually see websites, not advertisements.
Posted by mschuh (3 comments )
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AnooX the Wikipedia of search engines?
It sure looks that way to me. In doing a simple search for my school district on both AnooX and Google ("Southern York County School District"), I was pleasantly greeted with more than 10 very relevant results on Google, such as school report cards from the state of Pennsylvania, to the actual school district website ( However, upon doing the EXACT same search on Anoox, the first search result was to a different local website (, then the second, third, and fourth were York County Schools from Virginia, South Carolina, and Maine. Result 5: a different school district about 20 miles from mine. Results 6-14 were either other schools from who knows where, or completely irrelevant, and 15 was another local school.

This is how I can make the arguement for AnooX being the new Wikipedia. You're relying on a system of voting, similar to how Wikipedia relies on ordinary people to write their articles. As shown by the last few weeks, some people have interests other than providing factual information, or in this case results. It just plain won't work for small searches such as my local school district. For large searches, AnooX doesn't work because it has nowhere near the number of sites indexed.

AnooX works with good marketing and thats all you're trying to do in my opinion. We just aren't going to buy it anytime soon.
Posted by dbelter (5 comments )
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Anoox not good....
Posted by nknk417 (12 comments )
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