March 28, 2007 10:26 AM PDT

Google and Yahoo call up more phone partners

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Google's ambitions going mobile

November 28, 2006
Google and Yahoo separately announced on Wednesday that their services will be featured on two different mobile phones.

Yahoo has partnered with Virgin Mobile USA to have Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger preloaded on several of Virgin's handsets. Yahoo Mobile Web also will be the search tool of choice for Virgin's Surf the Web service.

Beginning in April, the Yahoo mobile instant-messaging application will be included as part of Virgin's e-mail and messaging service plans. Virgin Mobile also plans to adopt Yahoo's SMS services in the coming months.

A mobile partnership Google has formed with LG Electronics encompasses more than search and messaging.

Under the deal, which is expected to eventually extend into the "digitalized home," according to a joint statement from the companies, LG handsets will be marketed as "LG-Google" phones. Select cell phones, in addition to a one-click Google search tool, will come installed with mobile versions of Google Maps, Gmail and Blogger. Blogger Mobile will include the ability to upload and download images, as well as text.

The LG-Google linkup is set to involve phones in Asia, Europe and North America. Consumers can expect to see the changes implemented on LG handsets beginning in the second quarter of 2007, the companies said, with 10 new handsets shipped by the end the year and more in the next few years.

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Google CEO, Google has bigger challenges
The Google CEO and other executives need to focus on meeting very clear laws of the land related to use of commercial videos, and not new partnerships yet. Reduction and adjustment of scope of business is what the shareholders of Google really want to create a stable company. It is inexcusable to see quotes and any time spent by a company on new stuff when they keep burning a handful of United States Government entities. Google Executives need to instead come full stop and prove to its board of directors that it is going to remove and address the widespread, chronic and gross use of essentially Pirated Movies to gain business advantages (REF: see and see now the hundreds of feature movies that remain stored on Google and YouTube servers in parts). Those videos were brought to the attentions of Google over 6 months ago by concerned business competitors who didn't see that as fair. They should make friends and build relationships with content owners and seek permission before keeping the feeds out there. Why is Eric, Larry and Sergey so lazy in that regard to normal thinking and business processes.... traditional thinking and laws and normal ways of behavior and laws......, yet messing with new business models,..... when someone should be arrested, indicted & possibility going to prison. Does the FBI warnings on those videos just a bunch of chumps only trying to scare you? If the executives like Eric or Larry are confused or concerned, maybe someone should read them.

If the world is a world is laws, then the law demands infringement and evidence of those videos as of 3/28/2007 eventually be looked into.

I think this is a problem that revolves around the illusion one can become an icon, famous or popular on the Internet with millions of fans, and just about get away with murder and stomp over laws, legal protections and principles that make the world under those principles a much safer, happier, wealthier place...... I think these business approaches Google uses are very bad influence to anyone considering copy cat approaches. Not to mention it is wrong, illegal and criminal inspiring. Young business people growing up and the citizens which use Google stuff out there will remember, will see, and will be negatively influenced. Even if no further actions are taken, the neative influence is the cancer out there. That cancer can grow or be removed based on the actions CEO's like Eric and decision makers like Larry take. I think if the Government was telling me to stop today, or change my behavior on something related to business activities I would listen instead of 'pushing back'.

Hopefully the Viacom suit will make them understand. I am sure it will not be long before someone in the government notices those videos out there and sets the example of what happens when you do that. I am sure Viacom would much rather be able to choose when, how and if they will distribute movies like those they own on stored on Google Inc. property.
Posted by trueview (29 comments )
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Blogger and Email?
That's it?!? No Google Apps??? What'sup w/ that?
Posted by jerrymerfeld (13 comments )
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