July 13, 2006 1:26 PM PDT

Gamers drive blue-laser market

A correction was made to this story. Read below for details.

Gamers are not waiting to see who becomes the Betamax of the blue-laser technology standoff.

Game consoles, driven by Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3 with Blu-ray technology, are expected to make up almost half of the $2 billion in revenue predicted for the blue-laser market in 2006, according to a new report from the Santa Clara Consulting Group.

The Blu-ray and HD DVD markets are predicted to collectively surpass $28 billion in global sales by 2010, according to SCCG.

By 2010, blue-laser gaming consoles are predicted to reach $6 billion in sales and the games themselves could reach $10 billion, SCCG said.

"Currently, the market seems to be preoccupied with the format battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD technologies; what is overlooked is the fact that a market is developing and the opportunity is huge," David Bunzel, managing director of SCCG, said in a statement.

The expectations are based on estimates of growth in the related blue-laser technology markets: game consoles, disc players, movies, games, PC drives and blank media.


Correction: The article incorrectly stated the technology expected to drive revenue in the blue-laser market for 2006. It is Blu-ray technology found in game consoles.

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How in the world could 1/2 the market be made up of technology that isn't even ON THE MARKET yet!?

It's expected that the PS3 and the Xbox 360 External HD-DVD will both be released in November (As for Sony I'll believe it when I see it, since at last check (E3) the final specs hadn't been hammered out yet)
Either way I do not expect either of those systems to make 1 billion dollars in 2 months.

"By 2010, blue-laser gaming consoles are predicted to reach $6 billion in sales and the games themselves could reach $10 billion, according to SCCG.

..Perhaps, but that's only if people are willing to sell out $600 for a Blu-Ray player that also just happens to play video Games. Personally with all the bait and switch tactics, and just pure crap that Sony has been feeding the community over the past year, on top of the fact that every 3rd console released by the big names have been bombs.

On top of that, Target Stores have stopped carrying UMDs on the shelves and just about every other format that Sony has tried to push has failed.
I can't believe Blu-Ray, being MUCH more expensive to produce, is going to be the big hit this year. The only movies I've seen so far that have said 'now coming to Blu-Ray' are owned by Sony.

Personally I believe the PS3 is going to be the biggest bomb next to the Nintendo Virtual Boy.

-- The PogoWolf
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Posted by PogoWolf (13 comments )
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in 2010 the PS3 will still cost $600. Please think before you go ranting with your obvious anti-Sony bias. By 2010 there will be HDTVs in the majority of homes and the PS3 should be $300 or less. The problem with all the haters is that they don't or won't think about the future.
Posted by Hobo453567 (26 comments )
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your comment about every 3rd console bombing got me wondering, what about nintendo. the only thing that really ever bombed from them was that helmet thing that was kinda 3D with black and red lines and gave people headaches... was there 3rd console the N64? that didnt bomb did it?
Posted by iceman2929 (9 comments )
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So.. what?
2010 is still 4 years away, which is enough time for the PS3 to become the PS4 and everything stated in the orginal Artical and my 'rant' null and void.

Where as it's probable that by 2010 the Majority of homes will have HDTV, you are also only pointing out one part of the whole story.

The bottom line is; How can a company say how much money will be made with un-proven technology that isn't even in the market yet. I wasn't talking about 2010. I was talking about the end of 2006 as the orginal Artical states.

It's hard to be bias when i'm not staying anything is better. My reply states current fact and what I believe will become fact. I would be Anti-Anything if a company jacked me around like Sony has the Gaming community, and you must be living under a rock not to have read/seen any of the news that's been floating around.

Does that make me Bias? No, that makes me a free thinker that's not willing to bow down to any company just because of a name or product branding.

The ONLY thing I'm a Fan-boy of are the Games themselves. Not the hardware, for that doesn't make the game.
Posted by PogoWolf (13 comments )
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