September 4, 2005 9:45 AM PDT

For victims, news about home can come online

As people search the Internet for information about a home feared destroyed, many are using Google Earth to scour satellite photos.
The New York Times

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For victims, news about home can come online
This guy stole this story. This was actually done by someone else. You may want to contact Google and get the story right. This guy is stealing credit for what someone else has done.
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Who stole what now? Ms. Hafner stole this story? No, she wrote it based on what she saw happening in the Google Earth forums.

Are you claiming that I'm taking credit for someone else's work? That's absurd as well. First off, nowhere does anyone claim that I was the only one doing this. In fact, the first several paragraphs of the article make it clear that MANY people had undertaken this task.

Your second post linked to a thread in which JasonBo has been posting overlays which cover specific requested addresses. What he's done has been fantastic, and he most definately could have been the one quoted in the article. As could have any of several people who have been churning out overlays since the NOAA first posted their images.

What I WILL take credit for is attempting to get a little standardization for the process. I posted the first suggestion on the Google Earth forums that all of us who were doing this attempt to do it in a similar fashion. I encouraged people to use similar naming conventions and such so that the data would be easier to find by those searching and to divy up the region so that we could get more data out there quicker, without people dupicating the same area. JasonBo and a couple of the others agreed that this seemed like a good idea, and ran with my suggestion.

Again, if you're making the suggestion that I'm taking credit for JasonBo's work, you're severly misguided. In the final tally, he's definately ended up posting more overlays than I have. He's worked hard all weekend, filling specific requests, while I was barely able to access a computer. But I will certainly not be ashamed of my efforts being mentioned, as I was definately amongst the vanguard. If you feel some need to satisfy your sense of justice, I encourage you to check the timestamp of posts over the last week at the Google Earth forums in order to get a true picture about how this unfolded.
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You may want to go here
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