August 20, 2005 11:54 AM PDT

Falling costs of big-screen TVs to keep falling

The cost of big-screen televisions, which have been dropping by about 25 percent a year, are now expected to fall even more sharply this fall.
The New York Times

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Recent surveys report that now more women than men watch Nascar.
Posted by Woodmon (29 comments )
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So Panasonics dropping prices - what about new models?
Panasonics models - esp their LCD's are getting a bit long in the tooth... with computer technology you can always find rumors and such pointing to when the next models will come out - with TV's its much harder. I figured I'd wait until new Panasonic LCD's came out, but it has been a while now!
Posted by drhamad (117 comments )
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CRT still offers better picture quality
That is a fact!
Posted by bobby_brady (765 comments )
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Sure, and cassette makes the music sweetest...
...but are you really going back to that? No, the ability to hang an enormous screen on a wall without filling up the room with stupid cabinets is a feature worth sacrificing a smidgen of color saturation for.

One of the unspoken issues that has cost the makers of the megabuck lcd/plasmas over these last 2 seasons when they should have been cashing in on the "early adopters" is that retailers are not making any effort to maximize the picture quality of their display models. I chatted with the bright lad at a Best Buy recently about why the picture was so crappy on the $3k set and so good on the $500 lcd nearby; he showed me that the store is stringing together its tv feed off old connectors and it was a matter of chance which set was plugged into the better feeds. How many sales of megabuck tv's have been aborted by that kind of shortsighted penny-pinching management? Virtually every store I go into has sets on display with sub-standard reception showing. The customers won't buy something that expensive if the proof of picture quality isn't staring them in the face...
Posted by Razzl (1318 comments )
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