January 9, 2008 10:31 AM PST

FTC asks if carbon-offset money is well spent

FTC asks if carbon-offset money is well spent
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Corporations and shoppers in the United States spent more than $54 million in 2007 on carbon offset credits, but where exactly is that money going?
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Carbon credits are a scam
anyone can print up a carbon credit voucher there is no regulation. You never know where the money is going. Mostly to make Al Gore, etc rich.
Posted by Andy kaufman (291 comments )
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It's Inevitable
Thsi was bound to happen, in fact, I'm surprised it took so long for the scammers to take advantage of this scam.
If this wasn't such an example of absolute "bull cookies" it would be almost as funny as owning a pet rock in the 70's.
The evidence is now in that the global temperature hasn't risen in the last 10 years.
But this has all now been politicized so I guess we'll all just have to put up with it until calmer heads prevail.
Posted by gdmaclew (158 comments )
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Damn, the scammers beat me to it.
While I don't believe in any of this clap trap about carbon credits, or even man caused global warming (It is questionable about the data gathering to prove warming at all.), I've two brothers that have land that they don't wish to sell to prospective buyers. I've convinced them to sell absolution to our "environmentally" conscience friends. They could purchase non-interference if they wish. That is to say, they would promise (in writing) and prove that the land would go back to the natural flora and fauna of the area. Pristine land. Anyone interested?
Directions to the land or pictures would be available upon request. Any profits would be put toward the purchase of land for the same purpose. Let me know. Thanks. :-)
Posted by suyts (824 comments )
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It's pretty widespread
Just yesterday I <a href="http://johnsmentaldetritus.blogspot.com/2008/01/companies-going-green.html">posted</a> a write up of how our local electrical company is using the same misguiding tactics to encourage customers to pay more without really saying what is going on. Does anyone know any more about the Green-e company or what Ameren is doing with the money? I too would like to do my part, but sending money blindly to a corporation that is only giving you marketing double speak doesn't sound like the right way to go.
Posted by trianglman (1 comment )
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