February 4, 2008 11:47 AM PST

Dutch unveil robot to fill car gas tank

TankPitstop robot carefully opens car's flap, unscrews gas tank cap, picks up fuel nozzle, and directs it toward tank opening.

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A couple of notes.
What happens if your cars gas cap is on one of those plastic tethers?

What happens when it has to deal with a dirty car (or cars), and it tries to use that suction to open the flap?

What happens when the suction peice gets dirty? You'd have to get out of your car anyway.

It's a good idea, great if car manufacturers made their cars specifically for this type of refueling. Maybe they could do away with the little suction cup, and the plastic tethers.
Posted by Mergatroid Mania (8395 comments )
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Bring it on
I have Cerebral Palsy and at a petrol station am physically unable to unscrew my petrol cap when I need too. Introducing this sort of technology would help me and older people who have hand problems i.e. arthritis immensely. Bring it on !
Posted by ampm70 (1 comment )
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Disabled access
My wife is disabled too - but isn't there some grabbing deivce you could use versus this device? This reminds me of those inventions that have 50 steps to cook an egg...
Posted by Mike_in_Florida (15 comments )
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WOW - Only took 3 times s long!
WOW - I can't wait till this comes to the US so I can read "War & Peace" as I want for my tank to be filled. Are these Countries trying to invent the best way to sit on your butt and do nothing?

Bad idea. Waste of time and money. How about curing a disease?
Posted by Mike_in_Florida (15 comments )
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I'm excitedly waiting all the changes in technology and availability of vehicles in the near future!!!


Posted by carwaterguide (46 comments )
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