August 8, 2007 5:20 AM PDT

Dell expands Linux PC sales to Europe, China

Dell expands Linux PC sales to Europe, China
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PCs sold in U.K., France and Germany will come with Ubuntu, while those for China will feature Suse Linux.

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And the cost?
Although I'm happy that Dell is expanding it's support for Linux, it's only a token gesture, and seems to be designed to fail.

Look at the default configurations and prices for the Inspiron 530 N with Ubuntu, and compare it to the Inspiron 530 with Windows. The Ubuntu system is about $200 more using the default configurations on the site.

Look a little harder, and you'll see that the Ubuntu system comes with a monitor, while the Windows one does not. Take off the monitor, and add an additional 512MB of RAM (to make it the same as the Windows system), and the net result is a $20.00 savings for going with the linux option. Not much of a savings when Dell is likely charging better than 5 times that amount for the Windows licensing...

OH -- and while you are customizing the Ubuntu option, at the top of the page is the exhortation "Dell Recommends Windows Vista..."

Token? No, not even that...
Posted by blissb2599 (1 comment )
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yep no saving that is why dell was the first and now lenovo is second and more will follow.
Posted by siucdude (3 comments )
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... is the day that it really sucks to be Microsoft.

You wonder why Microsoft wants to start putting Ads into their software. STRIKE ONE!

Microsoft is considering putting their office and operating system on the web. (Web based operating system and software) STRIKE TWO!

Windows Vista STRIKE THREE

Microsoft YOU ARE OUT of touch with what people really want. I don't no why you keep your head in sand. If you are not careful, you will join the many big companies that failed to recognize what the people wanted. One very big mistake a big company makes before going down, is they start to listen to govermants and others of such, instead of the common person. Linux listens to us because it is made by people like us. PERIOD
Posted by Ted Miller (305 comments )
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