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Confessions of a cell phone junkie

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Jeffrey Nelson, a spokesman for Verizon Wireless, said it's disappointing that one of Verizon's customers is unhappy with its phone selection. But he emphasized the wide selection of products Verizon offers.

"If it's an issue for one customer, it's an issue for us," he said. "But we do have the cool stuff. Just look at our lineup. We haven't had any problem selling Razrs and Chocolates."

"The networks are becoming commodities. And consumers will be looking at other factors in making their decisions."
--Linda Barrabee, Yankee Group analyst

Still, Nelson insisted Verizon Wireless's priority is the network.

"If you want the coolest phones, but don't have a great network, you might as well go to a toy store and pick up a plastic phone," he said. "Because all you're going to get is a nice-looking accessory anyway."

Analysts agree that network quality is crucial to attracting and retaining customers. But they warn that the networks are becoming indistinguishable, especially in urban areas such as New York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago and Dallas, where coverage by all four carriers is already ubiquitous and the quality is similar. As a result carriers need to think of new ways of attracting customers.

"I don't think the network is going to be what differentiates carriers in the future," Barrabee said. "The networks are becoming commodities. And consumers will be looking at other factors in making their decisions."

Consumers have already let it be known that design matters. In mid-2005, when the Razr phone from Motorola was exclusively offered by Cingular, sales of the phone skyrocketed and subscriptions to Cingular's network jumped.

"We learned some important lessons from the introduction of the Razr," said Clay Owens, a spokesman for the company. "First of all, work with enough manufacturers to get the coolest handsets available. Secondly, make sure you have an exclusive--customers know their handsets and will choose their carriers based on 'cool.'"

But sales of the phone continued to soar after it was introduced on T-Mobile's and Verizon Wireless' networks, indicating that consumers were also willing to wait for their provider to get the phone they desired.

At least one new cell phone company, a mobile virtual network operator called Helio, is betting the farm that consumers will switch service providers for cooler phones. The company, which is bankrolled by EarthLink and South Korean operator SK Telecom, markets itself as a hip mobile service for the young, tech-savvy consumer. A big part of Helio's appeal are cutting-edge phones, similar to what's offered in Asia.

The company launched its service earlier this year with two phones: the Hero, which costs $275, and the Kickflip, which sells for $250. Each device features 2.2-inch, color liquid crystal displays, removable memory and a 2-megapixel camera with digital zoom and flash for capturing pictures and video. The Hero also comes with stereo speakers. Because Helio's subscribers are likely to view their phones as accessories, they can also sync their address books over the air to another Helio phone.

"Helio members don't want see their mom or their little brother with the same handset they're using," said Helio spokesman Rick Heineman. "They want something different, something that's designed just for them."

While style, form factor and the overall coolness of a phone are becoming important, most consumers still say the phone is only one aspect that plays into their decision-making process. Papadopoulos, for example, said he'd consider getting Apple Computer's iPod phone if it finally comes out and if it's offered on Verizon Wireless, Cingular or T-Mobile's network. But he stops short of subscribing to Helio just for the phones.

"Cool phones are one thing," he said. "But you need to balance that with a good network. And I know the Helio service uses Sprint's network. And I really don't like Sprint."

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The other side
I'm on the other end, I still have my Audovox CDM8600, it has color but no pictures. What I love about it is that it was replaced 3 times on warrenty and during the time it was broken I got to go back to my old monocrome flip phone which booted up fast and had nice big buttons. I get to upgrade in a couple of weeks, I'm sure I'll pick up whatever they have free.
Posted by timcoyote (56 comments )
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Me, too.
We have two one-year-old LGs. We'd still have two-year-old Kyoceras if my two-year-old hadn't baptized one in a hotel bathroom a year ago. For me, it's still the network.

Which is ironic because we're leaving Verizon Wireless when our contract ends in 11 months because their technicians describe our new home's coverage as "weak-to-adequate" and "a known trouble spot" and "no plans in improve coverage" and my new work location as "a known trouble spot" with "no plans to improve coverage."
Posted by TV James (680 comments )
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I USED to be a junkie....
I was spending $500 on phones just to have the latest model. The problem is that IT NEVER ENDS.

There is always a latest model and it's always much better than what you have now. At some point you have to decide if you want to continue dropping a percent or two of your annual income on new cell phones.

I decided it wasn't worth it and have had the same phone for two years. It works fine, and I use the savings to refill my kegerator.
Posted by jerseyrich (25 comments )
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Not a junkie but
I used to be very feature driven. I wanted to make sure my phone had sufficient features to keep me satisfied, usually that comes with a high price tag. I'll never forget getting the $500 Samsung that Sprint had way back yonder - that was right before the invent of PCS Vision. At the time it was the best phone on the market for what it offered and the price reflected that.

Then there was Boost/Nextel and the i95cl, which was the best it had at the time, but what I really liked on that phone was being able to customize it with that program and the clear case. Again, thought it was the coolest. $400.

Then there was the NEC 515HDM. At the time, best quality screen money could buy, could upload pictures at will in total high definition. $400 (that phone was stolen from me).

Then it was the T-mobile MDA. $500. I used it for a couple of months before I realized I didn't really like it. It's quite possibly the most versatile of devices. Load anything you want via USB, any program, QWERTY, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth...but still I wasn't satisfied, mostly because I got frustrated with having to always connect to EDGE.

Now I have a BlackBerry Pearl. $450. Quite frankly I'm happy with this phone, but if that 8800 comes out....well...

All that said, one thing about me is that I refuse to purposely break contract just because another carrier has a phone that I might want. If I'm with a carrier, I'll wait until the contract is up to go with another. That part is stupid, forcing ETFs on yourself for a phone.
Posted by ReVeLaTeD (755 comments )
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"C "in Cingular stands for "Crap"
They may have the phones, but their customer service is downhill!!! I have Verizon Wireless and lovin' it!!!
Posted by tngu77 (1 comment )
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Be objective
How do you know how good or bad Cingular is? You have Verizon, who lies to consumers in their commercials by making a claim of "best network" when in fact that claim comes a biased study done by Verizon.

I'll admit, Cingular does have its misgivings, like not telling me who did the independent study that judged them best. But at least they are smart enough to be GSM and don't have dropped calls. I can attest that they don't drop a call.

And be objective.
Posted by i_am_still_wade (250 comments )
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My Cell Phone
Well, Sprint WAS our carrier. Calling them everyday and having some kid tell us that Sprint is 'the best wireless cell phone company'. And maybe they are, who's to really know.

Our problem with Sprint was they turned our services off TWICE in less than an hour, stating that we're on the internet through our phones...Internet access we didn't even have access to. They put a block on it, so that we could not get on the internet, which was great...of course, after they applied the block to the phones we were charged 451!!!! dollars for internet usage.

Text messaging-Wonderful idea that someone came up with. We called Sprint, because 'due to charges of text messaging on our phones' they tell us Don't text people, we tell them we don't text because we have FREE PCS to PCS. They said 'no problem, we'll put a block on it.' We thanked them 349 dollars later in text messages.

We paid over ONE THOUSAND dollars within one months time for them charging us for B.S problems...but NEVER once went over out minutes.

SO the moral of my story is, always carry vasoline with you when they screw you.

Yours Truly,

1600 dollar sprint bill waiting to be paid.
Posted by mommy_2_lexus (2 comments )
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That reminds me
Wow.. You remind of of this poor single mom (I know, she made sure everyone in the store knew but like that was going to get her some support from other customers)... But anyway.. she was ranting and raving about her bill. Seems her 59.99 a month family plan turned into a 400.00 case of "gotcha". Couldn't help but move in close to listen.. She was telling this poor clerk her sob story and the clerk was being nice (as far as I'm concerned) saying "but mam, you went over your minutes by hundreds of minutes, you sent 300 or so text messages and downloaded lots of ringers. She then moaned about how it was her teenage girl who ran up all those charges. Like that was going to change anything. They gave her credit for the text messages and gave her some minutes off. Still, she was in hock for about 200 bucks. Saying she didn't have 200.00 to pay, the clerk gave her 10 days to pay or her phone would be shut off and she would be hit up for 200 buck ETF. She puffed out of the store yelling at people to dump sprint. blah blah blah.. Ok, I'm sure if Sprint gave people free service.. they would still find somthing to cry about. Sounds like you are making half your crap up. I've had ATT and Sprint for years and never had a problem. Maybe you should just buy a pay as you go and deal with it.... just a suggestion.. :-)
Posted by dlikens (3 comments )
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Use as a PHONE only
I have a Cingular family plan to be used for voice only . The first thing I did was to diaable all internet and IM for the phones. You can do this at any Cingular store or over the phone with customer service. The phone buttons and menus are designed to get you on the net to generate revenue. Cut it off immediately and you will have no billing problems.
Posted by kdrobb2k (25 comments )
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I will never understand&
I'm a young guy, 25, so I should be in this age group of people
that go for the "coolest" phones and stuff. And I have to admit
some of the new phones are really cool and can do a lot of stuff,
however, I don't see a point in buying a phone with all that
"stuff" on it. I normally get the "free" phone my carrier has
whenever its time to upgrade, and its not because thats all I can
afford. I could get the "cool new smart phone" but why??? Most
people I know end up carrying laptops with them now, I know I
do. So whats the point of having all the extra stuff on your
phone to slow down performance. I simply want my phone to
make a call when I need it to, thats all.
Posted by jones_8099 (177 comments )
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Not just a Junkie but a retard
Papadopoulos is in real need of some meds. Talking smack about any company and not offering up proof to what the "problem" was just shows his credibility is ZERO. Come'on CNET.. you can do better then this. Give this guy a sucker and move on.
Posted by dlikens (3 comments )
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Hello from The Cell Phone Junkie
Mickey here from "The Cell Phone Junkie" (www.thecellphonejunkie.com). Nice to see some confessions from other junkies out there. Maggie: Kudos to you for a great story!
Posted by gt2697 (2 comments )
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Hello from The Cell Phone Junkie
Mickey here from "The Cell Phone Junkie" (www.thecellphonejunkie.com). Nice to see some confessions from other junkies out there. Maggie: Kudos to you for a great story!
Posted by gt2697 (2 comments )
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