September 24, 2007 7:01 AM PDT

Company will monitor phone calls to tailor ads

Company will monitor phone calls to tailor ads
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Pudding Media to introduce Net phone service supported by ads related to what people are talking about during their calls.
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I could swear this is already happening...
We don't answer unknown callers in our family. But I could swear that everytime we hang-up after we talk to a friend or a family member, we get a telemarketing call. It is like as if they knew we were at home and had just finished a call.
Posted by winstein (460 comments )
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Calls Are Almost Free Already
VoIP computer-to-computer calls are free already. If that isn't good enough, Skype gives you unlimited US/Candian calls for $30 a year. I don't see Pudding's offering making sense unless you make calls outside the U.S. or Canada. Also, the days of tethered headset/mic VoIP calls are gone. You can get a decent cordless VoIP phone like Linksys for $69. Will these phones won't work with Pudding? Not unless Pudding uses the SIP protocol. What about inbound calls? Does Pudding give you an inbound phone number? The other VoIP players do. Voicemail? Call forwarding? Text chat? Video conferencing? Sounds like Pudding is half-baked to me.
Posted by Stating (869 comments )
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Great... A new way for the Govt to spy...
Great... A new way for the Govt to spy on you. Will everybody that DOESN'T believe that these guys will be hit with a "National Security Letter" to forward all conversations that recognize certain words to the spooks behind the closed doors, please raise their hands?

Do these clowns REALLY believe that in return for saving a few pennies-per-minute, I would let them spy on my voice conversation and push advertising at me? (This is why I use AdBlocker NOW!)
Posted by Save_Me_from_my_Govt (180 comments )
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A few curiosities
They filter explicite words, but how about adult talk? Say, a husband and wife talking about plans for after a date?

Or, what if you call 911? Do you get ads about help or medical?

I think the idea would be better applied to search; "I was reading an article today about a man who struck it rich with a program he wrote to analyze... wait, that's it. Did you get that? Yeah, read it, it's fascinating! Listen to this line...."
Posted by hawkeyeaz1 (569 comments )
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