December 7, 2009 8:03 AM PST

Climate meeting opens with urgent calls

A global meeting of nearly 200 nations seeking what has so far been elusive common ground on climate change got under way Monday in Copenhagen.
(From The New York Times)

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I find it rather funny that everyone demands that some other country but theirs make the cuts... about they clean their own house first, and then make demands of others'?
Posted by Random_Walk (8429 comments )
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And that is why this global warming stuff is a bunch of bovine scatology. If this was as serious as they claim then these mandates should be enforced in EVERY nation. It's a money machine, and the carbon tax is how we will be robbed.
Posted by Da_Teej_Masta (72 comments )
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How about we realize that human's production of CO2 has little to no effect on the global temperature we'll be better off.
Posted by Michichael (723 comments )
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Here here!
Posted by hawkeyeaz1 (569 comments )
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my worry is the climategate scandal happened too late to stop the momentum of the whole dopenhagen thing. it's obviously not about real science, because any honest scientist would want to review all data to make sure it is really correct.
Posted by galadan111 (23 comments )
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I fear you may be right but I hope you're wrong.
This thing stinks from the head down.
Imagine if the converence was told that the leading scientist wrote an e-mail stately flat out that the whole thing was a hoax and that he had been lying to the world community about the whole global warming issue.
What would their reaction be? Nothing...because they have another agenda.
And that agenda is money.
Well, guess what?
That's exactly what the leading scientist at the CRU did and it was discovered in those stolen e-mails.
Our future is being hijacked people, plain and simple and it will hit us in our wallets.
I am hoping and praying that this whole thing breaks wide open and the perpetrators are tried and convicted of fraud and put in jail.
The UN, which is the most deeply flawed and fraud-ridden organization in the world, should be disbanded.
What about the $28B Oil for Food scam? Where did all that money go and why was it not fully investigated.
That fiasco pales in comparison to what the UN and its IPCC are perpetrating on the world now.
Posted by gdmaclew (158 comments )
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Hey deniers,
guess what? It doesn't matter what lies you spew, there are far too many smart people around to let our planet get ruined just to support your personal interests.

I do understand that there are many who have personal interests in ensuring oil continues to be our fuel of choice. And you all work hard at posting here and on other sites. But you have to face reality: we are going to get off that stuff (oil, coal, etc). So spending billions of dollars in this day and age on things like the tar sands in Canada is analogous to spending billions of dollars on horse carts just before the automobile was invented.
Posted by frankholdem (20 comments )
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