September 13, 2007 5:23 AM PDT

China accused of cyberattacks on New Zealand

The New Zealand secret service has suggested the Chinese government was behind attacks on the country's networks.

New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark yesterday assured reporters that no classified information had been compromised but confirmed that she believes that foreign-government spies were behind the cyberattack.

While Clark said officials know which government was behind the attack, she would not name the country suspected.

"We have very smart people to provide protection every time an attack is tried. Obviously, we learn from that," she told reporters.

Warren Tucker, New Zealand's Security Intelligence Service director, hinted to local newspaper The Dominion Post that the Chinese government was responsible for the attacks, referring to previous allegations about the country's spying activities by Canada's secret service.

The allegations come only a week after the Chinese foreign ministry denied that the Chinese government had endorsed attacks on the computer networks of Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom.

"Any accusation of Chinese military force attacking computer systems of foreign governments is groundless, irresponsible and out of ulterior motives," Chinese foreign-ministry representative Jiang Yu said in a recent press conference. "As far as I know, up till now, the Chinese police have not received any request for investigation assistance from the relevant countries."

Liam Tung of ZDNet Australia reported from Sydney.

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Chinese Government Officials are Liars
Don't believe a word from an "official" source. After having spent
more than two years living in China, I am convinced, now more
than ever, that corruption, deception and ineptitude are core
buildings blocks of Chinese "government." The Chinese system
fosters xenophobia to an extreme. Nothing that comes from an
official source should be believed. Until this corrupt regime and
the so-called communist party are eradicated, the Chinese
government should be considered evern more dangerous and
meddlesome than the U.S.
Posted by aaydogan (123 comments )
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How about the CIA
The CIA is the largest spy organization in the world. They have been probing countries around the world. Should it be shut down?

How Chinese government is dangerous to the world? Did China invade Iraq and kill thousands of citizens? No. You have to provide some facts. Otherwise, it's just your perception or prejudice.
Posted by bigwiki (10 comments )
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Where's there's smoke
Is one of our "Most favored trading partners" hacking western sites? I dunno.

I do know that many of our sites have been heavily probed from time to time from ip addresses in netblocks registered to the Chinese Government and/or Chinese Universities.

Maybe someone was spooking their addresses. Maybe not.
Posted by rcrusoe (1305 comments )
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Accusations are pointless
Anyone that is paying attention knows that the Chinese government has been gearing up for hacking computer systems for years now.

One scary thing is that with years and years of rampant, unchecked pirating in China they have a HUGE pool of talented hackers to recruit from- if they can lure the hackers away from their profitable illegal activities.

The question here certainly isn't "Is China hacking other government's computers?"
The question that China is posing to us is: "What are we going to do about it?"

But that pretty much sums up China's foreign policy across the board
Posted by Fireweaver (105 comments )
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Death to Spies!!!! (except our own)

Of course, cyber-espionage, web-espionage, is being played by all the major countries. That it should make news is no "man bites dog."

The "news" is that it should make the news! is a deliberately planted story, meant to communicate one thing or another to the Chinese.

BTW, do you REALLY think the leading financial powers will allow China to be the dominant world government, usurping the power of the Rockefellers and other wealthy families?

Don't bet on it. China has its own economic vulnerabilities, and these will be accessed before too long.

When China has to buy its way out of chaos and economic ruin, the Rockefeller-types will be there, sucking in the cash.
Posted by LSobo (3 comments )
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Nobody is interested in New Zealand
Why would China want to cyberattack New Zealand? What's the point? To check out how many sheep they have? I think New Zealand is making things up to get some press. My server is always probed by machines around the world. May be I should accuse someone.
Posted by bigwiki (10 comments )
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Re: Nobody is interested in New Zealand
Probably because of the US spy stations located in New Zealand. The data has to be stored before being sent back to the US, hence China's cyberattacks trying to access that data.
Posted by stevie_boy (3 comments )
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Tit for tat...
Maybe the US should have apologized for conducting
signals reconaissance in Chinese airspace which ended in
the death of a Chinese pilot.. .

Strange that no official complaint has been lodged with the
Chinese gov.

If China is hacking at least it's only hacking, not blowing
away whole nations. Generally China's neighbors seem to
have better things to say about them then Mexico, Canada
have to say about us. Or our allies. Look at Hu Jintao's
reception in Australia. And then look at Bush's reception

But then he thought he was in Austria.
Posted by naomivanderwolk (5 comments )
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chinese attack uk
I have received attacks from chinese sources two separate from beijing and a massive attack form a so called internet cafe, they got burned and haven?t been seen since.

Attacks are coming in at a rate of 250- 700 a day 06:00 - 03:00 from two sources.

IP range -
chinanet beijing
IP range -
chinanet beijing

Internet cafe (so called) -
Fenghua Xinxing Internet Bar also on chinanet

so lets get together and block all traffic from apnic routers as they don?t even respond to legitimate complaints and most of the contact details are invalid.

China you want to misbehave then prepare to get smacked really hard, so nice of you to get technology and turn it into a weapon.

<a class="jive-link-external" href="*****/" target="_newWindow">*****/</a>
Posted by exocet-silo (1 comment )
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