December 29, 2005 8:38 AM PST

Big ad campaign to usher in new AT&T

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AT&T is set to rock in the new year with a massive ad campaign toasting the company's postmerger rebirth.

The telecommunications giant plans to launch the first national television spot in a yearlong campaign during "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2006" and other TV specials Saturday night. Subsequent ads will be deployed across a wide variety of media, including magazines, newspapers, billboards, cable TV and online venues.

The branding campaign will center on a new tagline--"Your world. Delivered."--as well as the song "All Around the World" by British rockers Oasis. No dollar value was given for the advertising barrage.

AT&T's heritage stretches back to the 19th century and the earliest days of the telephone and the telegraph--the two T's in its name. But Ma Bell never fully recovered from its breakup into several so-called Baby Bells in the 1980s and this year was acquired by one of those regional companies, SBC Communications.

Although SBC had market momentum on its side, it recognized the nationwide and global value of the AT&T brand and adopted that as the name for the company born of the $16.9 billion merger.

The venerable brand name will be just one part of the company's overall efforts to keep pace in a frantic race for dominance among telecom and cable TV providers. A range of new technologies from Internet telephony and wireless communications to on-demand television is stirring up an unprecedented market shake-up.

"The new AT&T will lead the industry in delivering the next generation of integrated solutions that deliver on the promise of virtually anywhere, anytime connectivity," CEO Edward Whitacre Jr. said in a statement Thursday.


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AT&T is dead and buried....
WHat we have now is the equivalent of a corporate hermit crab who
has latched on to the old AT&T shell. Seems to look the same, but
there is nothing left of the reputation and corporate quality which
used to be the hallmarks of AT&T. All we have now is SBC trying to
hide behind a vanished image.

Maybe that's a clearer statement of SBC's basic principles than SBC
Posted by Earl Benser (4310 comments )
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"reputation and corporate quality"

Earl in my book since i had worked for the old AT&T internet division (out sourced), i dont see how they ever had it, plus i have seen how some customers were mislead at times almost as bad as MS support, ironicly though SBC had an account where i was working at the AT&T account also in the same building, I think personally its the branding, although you are right about the reputation AT&T had gained to the public but yet lost in my mind once you had worked for them, I really hated that account and i dont think any of the others techs liked it very much either, it had alot of irate customers and generally it was AT&T's fault for that general set of thought.

AT&T would not allow tech's to hangup on a caller that was irate and rude and would curse at you with every name in the book, SBC on the other hand did allow its tech's to give a warning then hangup on irate callers, a good couple of example's of AT&T causing customers attitudes was, Dropping dialup numbers in cities with very little to no warning to the customer or that low monthly dialup plan that had buried somewhere in the fine print that i think was after 60 days or so they had the customer call a different number for Tech support calls that they would charge them seperately for and if memory serves me right on a per minute basis. After being on an AT&T account i can see why they went under, just hope SBC can make it better for both employee's and customers. Have a Happy NewYear :)
Posted by (71 comments )
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33 Cents Per Minute, A Dollar Per Bill
My recollection of AT&T from about 5 years ago is that they were happy to charge me 33 cents per minute for a long distance domestic call. And they were happy to charge me $1 to print that my monthly bill. So I dumped them and switched to SBC for long distance at 5 cents per minute. After a year the introductory price ended and they raised my rate to 10 cents per minute. So I dumped SBC and now use Skype for 2 cents per minute.

Maybe the image of a unified AT&T will play to a certain crowd, but I think for the under 40 crowd that is computer literate people will mix and match vendors to get the best services and not just opt for a one size fits all. On the corporate side who knows. The old AT&T was pretty adept at wining and dining telco Execs at golf junkets, buying them sets of Calloway clubs in exchange for fat contracts -- maybe that will start up again.
Posted by Stating (869 comments )
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$19.95 'unlimited' to 21 countries
Well I was happy to drop SBC and get $19.95/
mo. 'unlimited' calling to 21 countries including Australia
United Kingdom
United States
Vatican City

Even better than! and now with, the
open source PBX/VoIP conduit, the old phone companies are
really showing how much of dinosaurs they are...

Posted by libertyforall1776 (650 comments )
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The real AT&T was before the break-up....
.... Once the break-up came, people lost sight of the corporate
goals the original AT&T had, and concentrated just on the bottom
line. No one accepted any responsibility for service, and idiotic
management like Qwest showed up (Just like Al Checci at NWA) -
rape pillage and burn, then get the h--- out of Dodge.

Now, there's not even a hint of the true AT&T, just abandoned
Posted by Earl Benser (4310 comments )
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Hoping AT&T Free2Go Prepaid be Revived?
I am retired and currently have the AT&T free2Go prepaid which meant I could pay just $40 a year ($10 each 90 days) for an emergency phone in my car. After purchasing 3 phones and three plans, AT&T merged with Cingular...who destroyed this great plan by increasing rates and reducing turnover time..I am hoping AT&T will continue and revive this great plan now that Cingular is out? IF not, I and thousands of others will have to find something new as the Cingular free2go is crap. Would appreciate any news about this.Thanks Deb
Posted by metamentor (2 comments )
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