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April Fools' Day is coming--beware of your browser

On April 1, 2004, Google announced it was launching Gmail, a free e-mail service featuring an unheard-of gigabyte of free storage.

Given the timing and the fact that Yahoo Mail and Hotmail then offered less than 10MB of free space, most people laughed off the Google news as a funny April Fools' joke.

Of course, we know now that the Gmail gambit was for real. But in the Internet age, April 1 has become a day when dozens upon dozens of good-natured online hoaxes are perpetrated each year. Thus, people would be wise to smell-test just about everything that pops into their browser on and around April Fools' Day.

"For new users especially, it's hard to tell the difference between legitimate sites and the hoax copies."
--Andy Baio, blogger

"People tend to believe things that sound plausible or appear to come from a credible source," said Andy Baio, who writes the popular technology culture blog and who each year tracks the best April Fools' pranks. "For new users especially, it's hard to tell the difference between legitimate sites and the hoax copies."

Baio also coined a term for April Fools' Day, "Internet Jackass Day," which some fans of the tradition think is pretty apt.

"That's what the gang at have termed April 1," wrote Networkworld on its blog on April 2, 2004, "and we couldn't agree more. Welcome to April 2, where it's safe to turn on your monitors and believe once more--but if you're like us, your paranoia won't subside till Memorial Day."

Another compendium of Internet April Fools' jokes comes from the site On the site, its author, Jason Pearsall, lists the best of 2005 and 2004, as well as a more complete list. The site will be updated April 1 to include the best of 2006.

"It's something anyone can do, and it lets people be creative," said Pearsall. April Fools' Day "is something people get drilled into them starting when they're young, and it's a real creative way that anyone can do something on the Internet."

Smell-tests aside, there are always those people who fall for April Fools' Internet pranks, even those who should know better.

A case in point was 2003's iLoo from Microsoft, purportedly an Internet outhouse replete with a flat-screen plasma display, broadband access and a wireless keyboard. The software giant's MSN UK unit waited a whole month--till May 2 of that year--to set the trap.

Among those to get sucked in by the iLoo was CNET, which took company representatives at their word and ran a story on the design--and then a subsequent one acknowledging the ruse.

Some Internet observers aren't surprised people fall for the pranks. Pearsall thinks the issue might just be that people don't remember the date.

"A lot of (people) don't remember," he said, "until their first (prank). These days, you have to get to (people) really early in the morning. So the first one of the day really does fool them."

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My Favorite April Fools Joke...
Ambrosia Software developed a great new application and
released it on April 1:

"Over time, your LCD or CRT monitor will gradually fade in
brightness and contrast. This fading is inevitable, because the
backlights for LCD screens eventually fade, and the photo-
reactive substrate on CRT monitors eventually degrades.
ScreenCleaner Pro rectifies this situation by altering the gamma
of your monitor to compensate for monitor degradation, so it
will look as good as new. Don't toss out that old monitor, just
run ScreenCleaner Pro on it, and watch your old monitor gain a
new life."

What it really does is dim your brightness very slowly over a few
minutes, then changes back to what it was before...Many people
fell for it, even MACWORLD!!
Posted by Microbreak (61 comments )
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My favorite...
happened back in early 80's, back when to use a computer you had to login and logout. (some of you have systems that share a computer... back then EVERYONE shared)

I was working for the University of Michigan (Flint Campus) at the time and the Computer Center in Ann Arbor always put five or six "fillers" in the first issue of April(but they could be anywhere from a single paragraph to a full article taking half the front page with a continued on page (whatever) for the other half.(consistent with their style of publishing major articles) a middle sized "side bar" article had a build up something like this:

Due to the complaints of some new users that the login and logout procedures are sometimes confusing and mixed up, the chancellor has requested that the computer center cater to their confusion. Since the budget crunch has no money set aside for user instruction it has been decided to change the login and loguot procedures to fit these users beliefs.

Therefore starting tomorrow the logout command will log you in and the login command will log you out.

Since this is a major change for those of us who have been using MTS{stands for Michigan Terminal System) all along, the computer center has decided to phase this in in a two step process. Phase one will be implemented tomorrow and consists of changing login to logout. then, if all goes as planned, phase two will commence on April 7th, consisting of changing logout to log you in.


They had more detail making it seem plausible explaining why it is the only solution... until you remembered the shortcut...

the login and the logout commands on the MTS could be shortened to the first three letters of each which is LOG for both... the system just assumes that weather your status is in or out, you want the other when you type log.
Posted by qazwiz (208 comments )
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Dolphins Surfing the Net with Opera Mini
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
Posted by djysrv5 (11 comments )
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Windows Vista April Fools Story
Here's a good April Fool's news posting about the recent delay of
Windows Vista:

<a href="">Windows Vista Delayed
Posted by matt6331 (6 comments )
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Windows Vista Delayed Indefinitely
Here's an April Fool's news posting about the recent delay of
Windows Vista:

<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
Posted by matt6331 (6 comments )
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Posted by palcalls (1 comment )
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