January 9, 2006 4:00 AM PST

Apple's tune resonates at CES

Apple Computer's big trade show kicks off Tuesday in San Francisco, but signs of the Mac maker's influence were omnipresent at last week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

There were plenty of new video services to rival iTunes and new MP3 players looking to dethrone the iPod.

Photos: Apple at CES

Well-known and little-known accessory makers alike were sporting new iPod add-ons. Belkin was showing off its latest gear, while Speck Products used the trade show to display its first electric accessories, including cables, car chargers and FM transmitters. Numerous newcomers were looking to get in on the iPod act as well.

And when Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates demonstrated Windows Vista, the operating system's new Photo Gallery feature bore a great resemblance to Apple's iPhoto.

special coverage
Apple's new crop
Sink your teeth into all the news from this week's Macworld Expo.

But of course the big event in the Apple world is this week's Macworld Expo in San Francisco, and Mac fans everywhere are eagerly awaiting the product or products that CEO Steve Jobs will announce Tuesday. The most persistent speculation has centered on Intel-based Macs, while other common rumors have addressed new iPods or an expansion of the video service within iTunes.

There has been little solid evidence of new products to come, though a slip-up on Apple's Web site did strongly suggest that an update to the iLife suite of consumer software is forthcoming, as is something dubbed iWeb, which some enthusiast sites surmise could be a Web content creation program.

Apple also suggested that changes to its .Mac Internet subscription service could be coming. The hint came via a note that the service will be down during the time of Jobs' keynote.

".Mac will be undergoing scheduled maintenance from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST on 1/10/06," Apple said on the .Mac page of its Web site. "All .Mac services will be affected. We apologize for the inconvenience."

The juiciest rumor landed over the weekend on the Jason O'Grady's Powerpage. The Mac enthusiast site says Apple is poised to launch a line of high-definition plasma televisions. According to Powerpage, Apple will launch both a 42- and 50-inch display, both of which will have a built-in Mac and a 12-button remote with an LCD display.

There have also been reports that Apple's iPod Shuffle, which has been out of stock in many places, will be replaced, either with a lower capacity iPod Nano or with a smaller version of the Shuffle.

There was one bit of Apple news announced ahead of the show. Chrysler said Sunday that it will include iPod integration as an option on most of its 2006 models.

"We're thrilled that over 3 million Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge automobiles will offer great iPod connectivity in 2006," Apple Vice President Greg Joswiak said in a statement. "Over 40 percent of all cars sold in the U.S. in 2006 will offer iPod connectivity."

Chrysler's iPod kit will cost $175, the companies said, and can also work with some 2005 models.

For those keeping track, Jobs used the Macworld Expo keynote last year to introduce the first Mac Mini, the iPod shuffle and iWork, its bundle of productivity software. Some expect Apple to add a spreadsheet program to iWork that could be called Numbers, given Apple's trademark of that word.


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The Beginning
This is a day peecee weenies will remember for many years to come as the pivotal moment in IT history when they actually began to wake up and open their eyes.

2006 - The year Apple came good.

Fools I have humilated on this site many times will know and remember and hang their heads in shame. You know who you are.

Enjoy the pain weenies...
Posted by windozesux--2008 (1 comment )
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You must by Ty.
There's only one Apple fan on this site that's as belittling as you. There can't be two, it would destroy the universe.

Don't get me wrong, Apple kicks the IT industry's ass, but c'mon. There's no need for name calling. That's just being a troll. You look no better than any mac-bashing Windows apologist out there.
Posted by (461 comments )
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Onizuka is right
People might actually care what you have to say if you ever said something intelligent. I guess we can always wait for certain places to freeze over.
Posted by Charleston Charge (362 comments )
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Oh God
You are pathetic..06 Apples year? LOL I dont think so. Let me know when they have 2.5% market share. Oh yeah and decent (still non-existant) business products.
Posted by SystemsJunky (409 comments )
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wow..you must not have
much of a life..... maybe you should apply for the next season of:

Beauty and the Geek

sure **winner** here folks!

so are you really just a kid or stuck with the mentality of one???

please stop me.....loo

I can see it now... some balding dude surrounded by wires and gadgets...sucking on a Slurpee... with a couple chairs vied for by the neighborhood nerds as the worship the old guy that has all this cool stuff...you lament that your last girlfriend was told by her parents that a 30 something guy was too old to go take her to prom (not mentioning the threatened court order)... even if he did know how to tweak her 'bios' and make her heart overclock while her pulse timing was tightened up....you tell computer carl that Gandalf (as you call yourself) needs those pizza rolls... and this kid jumps up to fetch them out of the oven for you and the other kiddies, as you tell them not to worry... one day they too will have their revenge on the hot chicks and cool guys who laugh at them....just like Bill Gates does...though you immediately follow up with a barrage of anti MS slogans and Nasty comments about Bill Adolph Hitler Gates while gazing into the eyes of the Jobs framed photo you have cut out of a magazine 10 years ago thinking that he actually is looking out at you... the same thought other men have about centerfolds and porn girl pics.....

ok ok i cant go on i really need to go mail these movies back to netflix...so I GOTTA stop.

But dont worry folks.... this story will be continued by your local friendly overly geeky apple guy nearest to you...

Posted by The user with no name (259 comments )
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this was not anti mac
or against other more normal mac users.

just the flavor of his post.... sorry all you other mac people :)
Posted by The user with no name (259 comments )
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ipod manual included?
I hope Apple wakes up and provides a manual with their product. My ipod video looks nice but it sucks due to the lack of any manual. With Apple, there is no end to 'pay' for each and every step, and you do not know what you have to pay for in advance unless you go and browse those ipod guide books at Barnes and Noble. I had to spend hours to convert my existing music into MP3 format. After I downloaded itunes, the cd drive on my computer ceased to play any cd more than 2 sec a piece. Yea, I had to use Media Monkey to bring it to itunes. It sucks.

Can anyone get up and complain the king is naked!
Posted by NewsJunkie78 (2 comments )
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First time I've heard that complaint
I'll call it: the troll has no clothes.

Anyone who needs to buy a "Dummies Guide To" book for the
iPod is in serious need of having their IQ examined so they can
be led back to the jungle: 9 out of 10 orangutans know how to
use the thing!

What the hell is Media Monkey? Why the hell would iTunes only
disable your CD? Those are symptoms of the Sony rootkit, not a
media jukebox.

If you genuinely do need help, a trip to www.ilounge.com is far
cheaper than going to B&N.
Posted by dotmike (154 comments )
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