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Apple's Intel switch: Jobs' keynote transcript

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It's Intel inside for Apple's Mac

June 6, 2005

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the giant new feature is when you go to build your app you get a little sheet that pops down, all blown up for you here. What are you going to build for? PowerPC and Intel and you check this box, OK, and you're going to build the universal binary. That's the binary that's going to contain all the bits that run both the architectures and so the loader for each one loads the right set of bits and goes. One binary works on both PowerPC and Intel architecture. So you can ship one CD that supports both processors, and again?we're going to be supporting both these processors for a long time because we've got a very large installed based on the PowerPC that you're going to want to sell your software to and there's going to be a growing installed base on Intel that you're going to want to sell your software to. So we want to support both of these processors into the future and universal binaries is the way to do it. So get on Xcode 2.1 and get your copy today. There will be a copy for everybody at the registration desk immediately following this keynote.

So let's go back?making an Intel version. Now, again, this is nothing like carbonization. This is a lot easier. And I want to focus on one app right here, a Carbon App written in Xcode. This is a developer I've known for a long time. I gave him a call Wednesday night, this last Wednesday night, and I said, "We've got something really secret we're working on in and I can't tell

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you what it is, but I want you to put all your source code on a hard disc and fly out here and let's see what we can do." And it was nip and tuck there for a few minutes, but they trusted us enough to do that, and that company was Wolfram Research and that app was not a small app. That app was Mathematica and it is my pleasure right now to introduce Theo Gray, the co-founder of Wolfram Research to tell us what happened in the last five days. Theo, welcome!

(Theo Gray's address)

(Jobs): So the key...thank you, Theo. The key message here is to get to Xcode, get to Xcode 2.1 and create a universal binary and this is what's going to let us bring all of our apps over and I think that you're going to find that the tools are really, really good to do this. I think you're going to be very pleasantly surprised. But even with all of this effort, not every application is going to be universal on day one. So what are we going to do? We've got an awesome technology called Rosetta we're going to be shipping with these new machines, and Rosetta allows us to translate PowerPC to Intel. It lets us run existing PowerPC binaries on Intel. So existing apps run. It is a dynamic binary translator. It runs existing PowerPC apps. It is transparent to users. It's nothing like Classic, where you're loading a whole operating system. This is totally transparent. You just click on a PowerPC binary it starts translating and that's it. Users don't even know. It's lightweight, no big memory footprint and it's pretty fast, so most users will not even know that they're running it, which is fantastic.

So I'd like to show this to you right now if I could. Let me just go over here and I've got some apps right here. So, I'm just going to open a Word document and this is a Word document right here and let me go up and it just thinks its running on a PowerPC, boom, boom, boom, whatever it's doing. Let me open another one here, boom, very simple. Let me open an Excel spreadsheet. Now let me open Quicken, boom, you know, let me open Photoshop. Now you'll notice when Photoshop is opening it's also loading in all the plug-ins and all the plug-ins again are all translated, so they all work fine. There is Photoshop. Let me open another photo, let's see how fast it, boom, and again you can? go through stuff and do whatever you want to do. So that is Rosetta.

These PowerPC apps just run and that's what we're going to have for our users because every app isn't going to be universal from day one. So, OS X singing on Intel processors, Xcode 2.1 to generate universal binaries, and Rosetta to run PowerPC apps before they are universal. How do you get your hands on all this stuff? We want you to have your hands on this stuff now, so you can help us finish it and so you can get started creating your universal binaries and we have created a developer transition kit for you. This developer transition kit has got a:

* 3.6GHz Pentium 4 in it, inside a Power Mac
* OS X 10.4.1, our pre-release of the Intel version
* Xcode 2.1 to generate universal binaries
* A universal binary porting guide that's quite good

It is a development platform only. This is not a product, this will never be shipped as a product, it's just for you guys to get started in development and actually you have to return them by the end of 2006 because we don't want them floating around out there. These are not products, but we're going to get them to you now. They are for Select and Premier ADC members only and we're going to price it at $999 and you can order them today. We'll be shipping them within two weeks so you don't have to carry them home and we'll get them out to you real fast. So that's the development environment and you should be able to take all this and create a universal versions of your apps.

Now, most of you are hearing about this for the first time today, unless you read the Wall Street Journal, I guess, but we have talked to a few developers this past week. You heard from Theo at Wolfram Research and I'd like to invite another one up on stage that we've briefed on this and of course that's Microsoft because Microsoft Office is very important to us all. We have a great relationship with Microsoft and I'd like to invite Roz Ho, the general manager of the Macintosh Business Unit at Microsoft, up on-stage right now. Let's give her a warm welcome!

(Roz Ho's address )

Jobs: Thanks, Roz. One of our other partners as you know is Adobe. They are close by us,

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