October 26, 2004 12:55 PM PDT

Apple unveils color iPod, U2 edition

SAN JOSE, Calif.--Apple Computer on Tuesday unveiled a color screen version of its popular iPod music player, in addition to a special-edition version in partnership with rock band U2.

The color model can also be used to display photos, either on its own screen or on a TV set. It comes in two capacities: a 40GB model for $499 and a 60GB version for $599. The screen is capable of displaying 65,536 colors.

"Photos are a lot like music," iPod unit head Jon Rubinstein said in an interview. "Everybody loves them, and you've got a lot of your own content. It's just kind of a natural (pairing)."

The U2-themed iPod holds 20GB, is black with a red navigation dial on the face and includes a facsimile of the band members' signatures on the back. For $349, or $50 more than the cost of the regular 20GB iPod, the buyer receives a $50 coupon that can be used toward purchasing "The Complete U2" music collection, priced at $149, from Apple's iTunes store.

Apple also announced that, starting today, its iTunes Music Store will be available in more countries--namely Austria, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. Jobs also said Apple would add a Canadian store next month.

Apple said it has started shipping the iPod Photo to stores and that it is expected to be available soon, while the U2 iPod is due in mid-November.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs acknowledged that the Mac maker continues to buck conventional wisdom, not having added video capabilities along with the photo playback. In order to keep the iPod small, Apple needed to keep to a small screen size--one that doesn't work for watching a movie, Jobs and Rubinstein maintain.

"No one has any video content to put on them, and even if they did, the screens are much too small," Jobs said, adding that the iPod is the "wrong place" for video.

"Looking at photos on here is a reasonable thing to do," Rubinstein added, holding up one of the new gadgets. "Watching a video makes no sense."

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Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple, and U2 band members
On the Mac, the iPod Photo syncs with iPhoto software. For PC users, the iPod can grab photos either from the My Photos folder or from Adobe Systems' Photoshop Album or Photoshop Elements software. There are no plans for a Windows version of iPhoto, said Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing.

Matt Sargent, an analyst at market research firm Current Analysis, said the iPod Photo makes it easier for people to move their digital photos around. But, he said, "the question is, is that something Middle America wants to do?"

The iPod Photo is also pricey. Still, Sargent said, "Apple has always managed to take that concern and blow it away."

In addition to the new iPods, Apple also introduced a set of colored "socks" for carrying iPods. Apple will sell a set of six differently hued socks for $29.

Before showing off the new iPods, Jobs noted that Apple will open its London retail store on Nov. 20 and also predicted strong iMac sales this quarter.

"We think this is going to be a very good Christmas for the iMac," Jobs said.


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Microsoft Portable Media Center KILLER!!!!
Not that Microsoft's PMC was a threat to the iPod lol.

Apple will add video when it becomes practical, not before,
probably 2006.

Love the new version of iTunes (4.7) that also sync's your
photo's. Compatible with Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe
Album (I believe) on Windows. You can carry thousands of
photo's and play slideshows, on a standard or HD Television -
WITH MUSIC - with the new iPod photo - ******* excellent!

Now, what was it I want for Christmas, hmmm. Apple has raised
the bar. No looking back now.
Posted by dirk128 (31 comments )
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Yeah Right...
"Im sure it will support video when it is practical."

...Which according to Steve Jobs will be...NEVER!

BTW, the video player in the PMC works just fine, there's nothing wrong with it (yes, it supports MPEG).

IF Apple comes out with a video player, it won't be iPod, thats for sure!
Posted by mikeg4936 (31 comments )
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For Limited Use
Well hey... if all you ever do is listen to music and look at photos, then you'll probably love the new iPod. Personally, I'm still using my iPaq. Not only does it play music in nearly any format, it also stores my photos, plays videos, surfs the web, lets me make telephone calls, keeps my contacts handy, receives email....... And amazingly enough... the iPaq is cheaper than the iPod.

I haven't used the portable MediaCenter yet, but I do have a full-sized one at home. So long as it is sitting on XP, then the iPod is still a very limited product in comparison.
Posted by David Arbogast (1709 comments )
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Media Center compared to the ipod? That really shows how much you know. Not even in the same class. That's like comparing PC sales to Mac sales - not even in the same league. Based on your comments, I bet you have never even seen a Media Center PC or even looked at the Media Center site. Before you make such an uneducated public statement maybe you should get that head out of your arse and actually look at what a media center can do - for the past two years mind you. The new ipod is a great music player with add-on photo viewing ability that most other handheld devices have had for some time now. The Media Center PC is something completely different.

Heres a link: <a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/mediacenter/default.mspx" target="_newWindow">http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/mediacenter/default.mspx</a>

-These threads are becoming lame. Seems like mostly 12 year olds these days  or at least that level of intelligence.
Posted by (30 comments )
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iPod Photo: next step for microcontent publishing
<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.buzzhit.com/2004/10/apple-introduces-ipod-photo.html" target="_newWindow">http://www.buzzhit.com/2004/10/apple-introduces-ipod-photo.html</a>
Posted by (17 comments )
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Hate to sound "un-geeky" here, but why, again, does one need a portable music player to carry one's photos?
Posted by (22 comments )
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Missing the Big Picture...
The iPOD has always been a portable hard drive to transport
digital information with you or to a new destination. (i.e. digital
music/MSWord-Excel-Powerpoint-etc data files, back up files &#38;
NOW digital photos too...)

What if you wish to take numerous digital photos to gramma's
house for them to see all at once? (I.E. over the Holidays...)
NOW you can with the iPOd Photo by Auto-Sync &#38; Plug+Play via
dock into their large TV screen with music in a slideshow.
OR take your digital camera with small memory chip or take your
laptop &#38; plug into TV or share small LCD with family.

PLUS, business travelors can take photos of projects with them.
Take family albums &#38; play slideshow of family while flying
during business trip.

use iPOD Photo as an external hard drive storage during long
vacations with your digital camera &#38; card reader...

Think Different + enjoy!
-Eyes wide open in Seattle-
Posted by (71 comments )
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If you owned a mac...
If you had a mac with iPhoto..you wouldn't ask that question.
Apple has made it so easy to manage your digital photos..
people who never considered it as a hobby are joyfully filling
their computers with thousands of photos. It would be great to
show them off on my iPod...as opposed to opening my 12inch
Posted by 198775425444042216790779840523 (102 comments )
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Why do people carry photos in their wallet?!
Posted by Thomas, David (1947 comments )
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A bit late in the game I'd say! Apple once again makes a copy.
Posted by (30 comments )
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Yeah, but who's laughing?
"Apple once again makes a copy." Perhaps. But a BETTER copy.
"A bit late in the game." The iPod wasn't exactly the first MP3
player out there either. Why has it been so sucessful? Because
consumers decided it was the best MP3 player.
Posted by dejo (182 comments )
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What About Photo File Sharing???
It's an interesting idea... having the ability to look at photos on an iPod.

However, I am not sure this is something people want...

Perhaps it would be more appealing if owners could send the picture to another iPod wireless... Photo sharing.

Personally, I like the idea of video on an iPod. You could buy the music video that goes with the song and listen and watch at the same time... that could be cool...

<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://allwaysmusic.modblog.com/" target="_newWindow">http://allwaysmusic.modblog.com/</a>
Posted by (59 comments )
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PORTABLE Media Center Killer Unleashed by Apple!!!
That's how CNET would have put it if it was the other way around. hrmmfff. Too many iPod killer story.

Still, the new photo iPod's will kick a**.

Too many 12 year olds that haven't learned to read thoroughly.
Posted by dirk128 (31 comments )
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Apple 'late" to the game...?
If Apple is so late to the game, then why are so many people
attempting to imitate &#38; replicate the "next iPod Killer"?

No, Apple did not invent the MP3 player, but they did perfect it &#38;
carve out a new niche, as well as, being first to put together
huge Music Studio deals to create a LEGAL online download
store that is huge around the world... For PC/Win &#38; Mac.

-Eyes wide open in Seattle-
Posted by (71 comments )
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I agree, Llib
Yeah, nobody talks about the latest "Media Center PC killer".
Maybe cuz it's been out for 2 years and still isn't a threat?
Posted by dejo (182 comments )
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Ordered mine this afternoon.
I've wanted to get an iPod since iTunes was release for Windows last fall. I downloaded iTunes and it really is one of the best digital jukeboxes out there. The only problem? 40GB wasn't large enough to fit my entire LEGAL collection. So I waited and waited and waited...until today. I ordered mine around 1PM. I think Apple is somewhat jacking people with the price of the 60GB Photo iPod. $600 is a hell of a lot of cash for an iPod. Photo capabilities or no photo capabilities. I was expecting $500 for the 60GB. $600 stings however I'm not going to be purchasing another device for another 2-3 years so *shrugs* One time price of $600 isn't that bad considering I'm also looking at a iPaq 4700 that retails for $650. :-)
All in all its go what I'm looking for in a music player.
1. Solid battery life if we are to believe the 15 hour specs. (Even if its only 10 that's DAMN good.)
2. Displays cover art. (Not that big of a deal but its one of those nice touches.)
3. Space for my entire collection AND some room to grow.

The picture feature? Its nice. I will use it since I'm a shutterbug. But its simply icing on the cake at this point. The main attraction was the 60GB drive. I think Apple has a winner on its hands but it NEEDS to get a 60GB iPod down into the $500 range in the next 6 months. If that means placing it into a B&#38;W iPod so be it. But its a foregone conclusion that others will (If they haven't already.) follow with cheaper 60GB players.
All I know is the 1-2 week delivery time is going to feel like 1-2 months. :-)

PS- The only Apple product I've ever owned was/is a Newton. Still use it. So don't give me this Apple zealot crap. K?
Posted by Jonathan (832 comments )
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Hey, John D'Oh...
...if you're *still* using the Newton...you gotta be an Apple zealot &lt;wink&gt;
Posted by ArgentOwl (11 comments )
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You mean like Dell?
Why is it Dell sits back and wait for the market to mature and only THEN do they come out with X product and its called good business. (example. Dell this week has only now offered a laptop with a 17" screen.) Yet when Apple does it.... Oh never mind. I obviously don't get it. ;-)
Posted by Jonathan (832 comments )
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WinTelDell Cartel
Just look at the all of the flashing ads next to the "comments"
you are reading about APPLE products...
(Windows / Intel / Dell / WinTelDell)
Follow the money my friend &#38; you will find the
-Eyes wide open in Seattle-
Posted by (71 comments )
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Coming soon: visual elements of albums?
Now cover art and liner notes can accompany songs. This should be included at no extra cost with a download of a complete album.
Posted by ArgentOwl (11 comments )
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That and more
Well, cover art is already included in the download of even a
single track from services like the iTunes Music Store. But, I
agree, it would be nice to have liner notes as well. And I think
this being a digital (think dynamic) medium opens up a world of
opportunity, like animated album art, or links to discographies,
etc. from within the liner notes.
Posted by dejo (182 comments )
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Flawed device - no camera connection
I'd buy it if I could load pictures to it directly from my digital camera. Apple seems to have forgotten this essential feature - invaluable because memory cards in cameras fill up while on holiday and have to be emptied to some other storage device.
Posted by Zipdude (6 comments )
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People seem to miss a simple fact....
The iPod is not a capture device. Sure there are third party apps that allow this but the iPod itself is a playback system. Period.
Its the whole K.I.S.S. methodology. This is why the iPod has succeeding where others failed. Its does a very small handful of things well instead of trying to be jack of all trades. You are looking for this capability. That's great. Do you have any idea how much bulk would be added to the iPod to put a USB controller chip in it? Seriously. I would love to know. It's already at .75 of an inch. Would you prefer a solid 1" of bulk? I'm pretty sure those who want just a music player would not be happy in that regard.

Would this be a nice feature? Obviously. But not at the cost of bulking the thing up. I'm already reading plenty of complaints by Apple users who are ******** about the increase in size from the B&#38;W to the color iPod. I can't imagine what they would say if it was .85"-1" thick.
Posted by Jonathan (832 comments )
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mine plays video haha so does my iPhone wow time shift
Posted by jcohen9229 (7 comments )
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