March 26, 2004 12:19 PM PST

Apple told to halt 'world's fastest' claims for G5

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The Council of Better Business Bureaus has recommended that Apple Computer discontinue comparative performance claims regarding its Power Mac G5 desktop.

Acting on a tip from Apple rival Dell, the council's National Advertising Division (NAD) "determined that the evidence provided by Apple did not provide a reasonable basis for its broad unqualified claims that its Power Mac G5 is 'the world's fastest, most powerful personal computer' and that it 'edged out the competition on integer.'"

In a statement Thursday, NAD also said it took issue with Apple's claim regarding the computer's 64-bit processor. The "advertiser's claim, 'the world's first 64-bit processor for personal computers,' could reasonably be interpreted to apply to workstations, in the context in which it was presented." This claim was unsupported by evidence, according to NAD. The organization said that although the advertisement had run its course, it recommended that Apple "modify this claim to effectively limit it to personal computers."

According to NAD, Apple said in a statement that its ad campaign has already run its course and that it "will be mindful of NAD's views in its future advertising." The company was not immediately available for further comment on the issue.

Apple unveiled the Power Mac G5 last June.

A Dell representative said in an e-mail: We "notified NAD because we felt there were some inaccuracies in Apple's advertisement and wanted to act on behalf of consumers in the marketplace who deserve accurate information on which to base their purchase decisions...Essentially, we felt that clarity in the marketplace benefits consumers, and NAD agreed."

Apple's G5 advertising had previously been criticized. In November, British TV regulators banned an Apple ad for the machine, saying its claim to the title "world's fastest personal computer" is not fully supported.

That decision followed doubts by analysts and others about the benchmark tests Apple used to justify the claims.


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Dell should talk
Dell's super-cluster at the University of Texas didn't rank in the
top-ten world fastest (Apple placed #3), and Dell's 'solution' cost
7 times as much as the Virginia Tech G5 cluster.

And wasn't it a Dell computer that recently exploded and caught
fire (again), buring the daughter of a European diplomat.

Amazing how picky Dell can be about claims. lol
Posted by avfolk--2008 (37 comments )
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Only Fair
Even when the PowerMac G5 was first announced the claim that
is was the fastest computer was out of line.

They should have just stuck to the best computer in the world
because that's correct.
Posted by rodnarms (45 comments )
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Something actually hurt Dell?
It seems like something actually hurt Dell. Why else bother at all?
I think I am going to have a closer look at that G5 ****.
Posted by (1 comment )
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someone file a complaint against Dell for their little smear
campaign. Its not like Dell doesn't lie on their ads.
Posted by (1 comment )
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All companies do it!
Not that it is right, but Comcast and other cable companies say they are better than DirecTV/Echostar Satellite. I disagree! That is why DirecTV finally fought back with there letters from viewers ads. They did well with that. Maybe Apple should not say they are faster, but they are a better computer! Too bad they are more expensive, but that cost would be less headaches in the long run, and I would probably upgrade less!
Posted by cwxpffkd (12 comments )
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Dell ??? LOL !!!!
Imagine Apple in the eighties claiming that it has the first and best GUI based Operating System. Then, when you should expect Xerox or Amiga object, here comes Micro$oft protesting against the claim.
Oh boy, how more lame can the world get ?
Posted by (9 comments )
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Upgrade Less?
I can't understand why people complain about upgrading. There is no gun at any one's head to do it. Furthermore, advancement and improvements are made and you complain that they are made availlable to you? More to the point, apple make you fork $129 every year for small improvements and bug fixes to its os x, when most windows SP are free and add in products such as digital media edition or plus are only $20.
Posted by Pascoli (74 comments )
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Mr. Dell is a jelous SOB
i think dell is just jelous they don't carry such fine equipment. this also seems like a smear campaign and an attention grab.

i mean, while apple makes news, dell is sitting over there chugging along with their "commodities."
Posted by Dibbs (158 comments )
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Oh look
Guess the G5 wasn't so fast, otherwise they wouldn't be replacing it now with the same equipment that drives the Dell's.
Posted by sanenazok (3449 comments )
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