May 16, 2006 6:14 AM PDT

Apple releases 13-inch MacBook

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Apple debuts 17-inch MacBook Pro

April 24, 2006
Apple Computer on Tuesday unveiled a 13-inch MacBook, the newest member of its family of Intel-based laptops.

Billed as a replacement to both the iBook and the 12-inch PowerBook, the 13-inch widescreen MacBook, which is on sale now, starts at $1,099 for a 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo processor with a 60GB hard drive. Like the former iBooks, that model--and the next model up, which packs a 2.0GHz processor, a 60GB hard drive and a $1,299 price tag--is cased in white.

The top-of-the-line 2.0GHz model, starting at $1,499, comes equipped with an 80GB hard drive and is available only in black.

The new MacBooks weigh 5.2 pounds each and measure about 1 inch thick, making them about 20 percent thinner than the iBook. According to press materials from Apple, they're also equipped with a display that is 79 percent brighter than the iBook and the 12-inch PowerBook.

Each of the new MacBooks will come with a built-in iSight video camera, which can be used for video conferencing and video podcasts.

They also include built-in 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet, built-in AirPort Extreme 802.11g Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in Bluetooth 2.0+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), two USB 2.0 ports, combination analog and optical digital audio input and output ports, and a mini DVI video output to connect up to a 23-inch Apple Cinema HD Display.

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Video: Apple's new MacBook
CNET's Michelle Tatcher takes a first look at the 13-inch Apple laptop.

Apple first announced the MacBook Pro series, which features models with 15-inch and 17-inch screens, in January. It also offered a speed bump to the 15-inch MacBook Pro, with the $1,999 model now sporting a 2GHz chip, up from 1.83GHz and the $2,499 model now running at 2.16GHz, up from 2 GHz. The 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pros can also now be outfitted with a glossy, widescreen display for no added charge via the configure-to-order option on Apple's online store.

Rumors of the latest MacBook revelations had been swirling in recent weeks, with one Mac rumor site predicting that the release would be a week earlier.

Samir Bhavnani, an analyst at Current Analysis said that the new MacBook should help Apple in the back-to-school season, which accounts for roughly one-fifth of overall U.S. retail sales of PCs and printers.

"Apple will pose a threat for the first time in years to traditional 'back to school' leaders such as HP and Toshiba," Bhavnani said.

JP Morgan analyst Bill Shope said that the fact that the notebooks are available now should help Apple with its sales to schools as well. Shope added that, with the iBook, Apple is now about 90 percent done with its Intel chip transition, needing only to update its professional desktop.

"The low-volume Power Mac is the only product that remains to be introduced and we expect this to occur late in the summer," Shope wrote in a research note.

CNET's Ina Fried contributed to this report.

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I love Macs, but&
Does Apple really think people are going to pay an extra $200
another 20GB on the hard drive and a black enclosure? C|Net
mentions that The top-of-the-line 2.0 GHz model, starting at
$1,499, comes equipped with a 80GB hard drive and is available
only in black, but Apples own web site will allow you to (among
other things) customize the hard drive. I can build a MacBook
thats apparently identical to the top-of-the-line model for
$150 less, if Im content with a white MacBook (which I most
certainly would be; thats the color of the iBook I have now!).

Its great to see that Apple has finally finished their Intel-based
laptop lineup, but Im wondering who the target market for that
black MacBook is& perhaps just people that want a laptop to
match their black iPod?
Posted by the Otter (247 comments )
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Forget the $200
Forget the $200 for a larger hard drive, they want $500 to install
2GB of RAM!

Apple marketing must be smoking the really good stuff.
Posted by rcrusoe (1305 comments )
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Well, the chip...
There is a difference of .2 gz in the chip speeds, 1.83 vs. 2.0 or whatever, but Apple's pricing has never made sense to me, either.
Posted by solomonrex (112 comments )
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Hello! It's not just about price...
The PC market has changed (driven by Apple). I know this
sounds arrogant, but it's true. Apple is delivering style (i.e. iPod)
into consumers hands. So many people "*****" about Apple
pricing, but fail realize that there are alot of people who will PAY
it to be "different" and cool. The PC market is going the way of
the auto market. Premium for style and brand (think BMW,
Mercedes, etc.)
If you are the type of consumer who buys only on price, then a
cheap plastic dull (dell) PC is for you. If want to stand out in a
crowd then the Mac is an option. And BTW, you should go out
to a PC vendors site and configure a PC with the same specs as a
mac and THEN compare the price.
And that's just the HW, the SW is where it really gets good.
Blast away!
Posted by robot999 (109 comments )
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Yes, people will choose black
I have no doubt that we will see Apple sell PLENTY of black MacBooks. This is actually some savvy market segmentation on Apple's part- many will choose to pay extra for a feature while more price-conscious consumers do not. Those who buy white can gloat over their savings, while those who choose black can revel in their conspicuous consumption.

Ever notice that some bands price black tee-shirts higher than the white? Black still usually outsells white when they do this...

Posted by gavin1e (6 comments )
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Oh believe me, the image ****** WILL buy tons of them, oh yes, they will.
Posted by lantzn (130 comments )
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Haven't seen the black one in person yet, huh?
Posted by Norseman (1319 comments )
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who knows
Somebody will buy it. You just wait and see. I personally like the
white as well, but there will be w flood of people who will want the
black one, just like with the black ipods,...

I don't understand it either,...
Posted by corelogik (680 comments )
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Of course it is personal preference, but it is NICE to have a choice
(even if it is only 2). I would have loved to seen a RED
about standing out!!
BTW, I would love the black one...think black with a bright white
Apple Logo...that's very cool.
Posted by robot999 (109 comments )
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Apple has started raising their prices. Are they absolutely insane? They're making enough money on Ipods, if they raise prices when they're already $500 too expensive, they'll lose what few customers they have. I was considering a Apple but after seeing the prices of the new ibook and imac, forget it.
Posted by solomonrex (112 comments )
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Mac laptops are cheaper than the competition
Just try to find another laptop with comparable specs for the same
price. You will be reporting back empty handed very shortly.
Posted by chabig83 (535 comments )
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SOS - Not Insane
The prices aren't "high".

#1 rule when getting a Mac computer. Let Apple load it up with
everything except memory. Do the memory yourself. This way
you typically pay half of what Apple would charge for memory.

Don't get me wrong, I love Macs. Granted, many of us blow the
difference in beer, a party, rims, or trying to keep ones girlfriend
happy. So, on a rare occasion, I will get the memory from Apple,
but most times not.

solomonrex, it may be that any decent computer may be too
expensive for you. This prices are not high. You are not buying
a "Happy Meal". Since 1979, while everything else has gone up,
computers across the board have become a fraction of what they
used to cost, and back then, not even the largest main-frame
could do what most laptops can do today. The term super-
computer used to be defined as a computer that was able to run
a billion computer instructions a second.

Funny what time has done. So truly, the only insane thing here
is, your belief that they are too expensive or high.
Posted by Thomas, David (1947 comments )
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Look, it's really quite's called MARKETING! Consumers
are divided into "groups" (segments) with differing needs and
WANTS. Apple is trying to get 50% of the PC market! They are
trying to get 50% of the iPod users to by a new cool MAC! Will
these machines make these people happy? YES, no doubt. Most
of these people are NOT tech geeks, they just want something
that works, is not a major PITA (i.e. 'doze w/thousands of
viruses etc.). What they are doing is absolutely brilliant.
Q: Would you think this was INSANE if you had bought Apple
stock in 2001???
Posted by robot999 (109 comments )
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screen resolution :(
The only nit I have with Apple is the screen resolution on all their models are dissapointing. If they could offer the option of one or two steps up on all their models, I would probably seriously entertain switching from a PC.
My 15" HP laptop: 1680x1050
Apple 15" laptop: 1440x900

Some even offer 1900x1200 on a 15" display.
It's nice to have the option.
Posted by aabcdefghij987654321 (1721 comments )
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Just don't do any presentations. 8-)
It's nice to have the high resolution option. But if you have it, be
sure you know how to bust it back to 1024x768, and make sure it
can deliver the lower resolution gracefully, otherwise you're in for a
world of hurt as soon as you try to connect to a projector.
Posted by RideMan (81 comments )
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This seems like a pretty good consumer notebook, and the price is good. The only reservation I have about it is that it doesn't give you the option of 1GB of memory using one stick. So if I get 1GB (2 sticks) but want to upgrade in the future, I will have to buy 2 1GB sticks and throw the 2 512MB sticks out. That's what I had to do the Gateway notebook I have now.
Posted by darrius3365 (98 comments )
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I agree with you on the ram. I usually try to get a machine with a single slot maxed from the manufacturer and then buy a less expensive option elsewhere ( max it out.
You can usually do this. Someone made a point that is may have to do with the board needing both slots filled for some technical reason. Does anyone know what they might be referring to?
Posted by lantzn (130 comments )
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more professional
In some casual offices, a white laptop is ok, but i'd prefer a black one in business meetings... it's still got plenty of style and you still get props for having a mac.
Posted by aabcdefghij987654321 (1721 comments )
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Missing the point
First of all, you can get a 1.8gz Dell for $739. No other comparison matters for marketing.

Still, I'm sure comparable specs matter to their fans, but I can't find a laptop running Mac OSX for less than $1099? Or a 'desktop' for less than $599? Who are they kidding? Home laptops are for web-surfing and email, and they priced themselves out of the casual market - WHICH IS THEIR ONLY SELLING POINT! No viruses, less malware, less spyware, less system administration from your brother-in-law (me). For serious business use, I need Windows. For casual use, Mac is good enough, but not at these prices.

If Apple ever wants to actually sell computers (rather than a lifestyle) they'll eventually need to get a clue about having an entry level machine. They have spent a lot of time and money (supposedly) to be simpler than Windows AND build on Unix, and then they price their hardware out of the reach of people who could benefit?

No one else raises prices. I'm sorry, I'm sure Apple will always be around like Porsche, but this is colossally stupid. Unix programmers can just use Linux on a Dell, and home users will laugh at the Apple premium. And eventually MS will put the Ipod out of business, because they still own the PC market and were never seriously challenged.
Posted by solomonrex (112 comments )
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Forgetting a couple of things..
What about the cost of the included iLife package? How much does that add to the cost of your Dell?
Posted by jamesm1973 (13 comments )
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Forgetting a couple of things..
What about the cost of the included iLife package? How much does that add to the cost of your Dell?
Posted by jamesm1973 (13 comments )
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Point ... What Point?
"First of all, you can get a 1.8gz Dell for $739. No other comparison matters for marketing."

No really ... who's the one that's high now? How can you say that? These aren't two identical "squares". If cost is the only thing that matters in marketing, then there would be no need for marketing. Forget about what is really in, the computer. Forget the fact that I can video conference with my friends, from anywhere, to anywhere. ... Hell, forget this. Let's have a contest. Each reader gets to post ONE thing that explains to solomonrex the differences. Just one each now.

I have dibs on the built in isight.
Posted by Thomas, David (1947 comments )
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Cheap machines . . .
"If Apple ever wants to actually sell computers (rather than a
lifestyle) they'll eventually need to get a clue about having an
entry level machine."

Apple DOES NOT want to sell to the low end consumer! If BMW
& MB came out with a $10K car they would sell a LOT of them;
they don't want to compete in that area of the market. Apple
does not want the hassle or the costs involved dealing with the
low profit margin end of the computer business. Apple does not
have a low profit margin product and I hope they never decide to
attempt to compete with the bottom end machines.
Posted by Mr. Dogers2U (65 comments )
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Read the article
That's not a 1.8GHz Pentium M or Core Solo. It's a 1.83GHz CORE
DUO. You can't find one of those in a Dell for $739. More like a
$1000, and without a lot of the Mac perks (built in iSight, iLife, etc).
Posted by No_Man (77 comments )
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Look that processor comparison again..
and specs do matter... as well as the security issues you
Also.. for 599.. you can get a computer that boots the Mac OS,
runs unix apps, boots windows, and boots Linux.

In addition.. all the superior software that come with this "home
laptop" ..or the mac mini..

You can use an iBook for serious business.. I do it every day....
and guess what... I am the only one that is not a slave to our IT
Posted by Jesus#2 (127 comments )
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Solomonrex you obviously don't have a clue
You obvisouly don't have a clue about business or marketing and seem to lack a knowledge of technology. Apple doesn't need 90% of the market. if you break down sales by company not technology (windows vs os x) apple is the 4th or 5th largest computer supplier.

Second, apple sells about a million computers a quarter (that means every 4 months since you don't seem to understand business) So apple sells about 4 million computers a year (give or take a couple) I would say that is a pretty good business they have going.

I happen to work in technology and have several friends who write for tech magazines as well most who are PC users. EVERY SINGLE ONE was blown away by the macbook pro. They love being able to go between Mac OS x and windows. And with the whole virtualiztion technology taking off, pretty soon they wont have to even reboot to run windows. Will bank of america dump all their pc's tomorrow for macs....nope, don't think so, but that is not apples market. And actually, some recent studies have shown that more and more companies are looking at apple machines now that they can run both OS's.

So I would submit to you that selling 4 million computers a year is actually selling computers and not just playing games. And just think, if apple only increase their market share by a measly 4% points to 8%, wow that would only DOUBLE their revenue. Make sure you compare apples to apples :-)

Many people here are incapable of leaving SRC (self referencing criteria) when they look at a problem. "I play games and macs don't have as many games, there for they suck because everyone is like me and can't play games". Actually try to truely understand the problem that is being solved and how it is being solved.

Will people buy a more expensive machine because it comes in black...You bet they will and apple will capitalize on that. Are there people that won't spend more then $400 on a computer, you bet and apple doesn't see them as their target market.

There is a concept known as customer segmentation, where you devide up your target customer base and try to sell them a product they are interested in and will enable your company to make money. This really is marketing, business and economics 101.
Posted by grossph (172 comments )
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One Thing Not Mentioned...
$1200 for integrated graphics.

These are overpriced. I'll stick with my iBook for and iMac for
Posted by djemerson (64 comments )
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I don't like integrated graphics either... but performance is much
better than the ibook with dedicated graphics... Even the intel mac
mini with integrated graphics is much faster.. so it obviously isn't
that bad when it comes to actually using it.
Posted by Jesus#2 (127 comments )
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Whoa, black?
I'm curious to know what the Apple faithful think about the new black enclosure for the MacBook. I admit that the black iPod looks pretty darn sleek (I got my dad one for Christmas and I must admit I'm envious - with heartfelt apologies to my 4G20gig), but I'm not quite sure how well the translation works over to the computer.

Maybe the pictures don't do it justice?
Posted by Christopher Hall (1205 comments )
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Black is Back...
Apple has sold millions of Black PowerBooks, so this is nothing massively new. My main concern is it looks "polished", thus will instantly show scratches fingerprints and dust. They should be in Apple Stores by Thursday, so time will tell.
Posted by OS11 (844 comments )
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Why not...
More then black and white? How about red or yellow or blue. Solid
colors, not like the old iMacs. Pearlescent colorts would be wild!
Posted by Gromit801 (393 comments )
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No mini DVI-->VGA adapter!?
($19 sold separately) and modem is also gone ($49 for the adapter. Yeah, add a camera and remove graphics card, essential accesories etc.== more profit.

Congratualtions have just lost a customer.
Posted by The_Nirvana (104 comments )
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How Outrageous!
Charging you for accessories depending on how you want to use
your machine!! Geez! A US company looking for profit!!!

At least they give you a complete OS and don't make you choose
from 4 varieties.
Posted by ZiggyBop (26 comments )
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Essential accessories?

Congratualtions (sic) to you when you get your new Windoze laptop. I'm sure you'll buy it from a company that eschews making a profit. Oh, and it's too bad you'll have to wait until next year for Vista, the next round of innovations that MS is lifting from the Mac OS.
Posted by rocklobster2k3 (1 comment )
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That's just funny
Apple lost a customer over a $19 ($17 edu or corporate) adapter? Give me a break.

As for the modem... I don't think I've EVER used the modem in my Thinkpad, and certainly not in at least a couple years. I can understand the reasoning behind not including it.
Posted by drhamad (117 comments )
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Apple pricing is reasonable
You can take any two engineered products and compare them on specifications and price alone. That will tell you nothing about how well the units and their parts are selected, manufactured, assembled, and tested. Apple products keep working because Apple pays attention to these things. The five Macs I've owned in the past twenty years keep working. My five year old iMac boots with one button push. A three year old PC laptop I sporatically must use for work requires two to eight perfectly timed pushes on its power button to get it going. It hasn't been fixed because our IT crew considers this normal.
Posted by markmar (1 comment )
Reply Link Flag's not about...
It's not about price, because if you were to go out and purchase all the additional & 3rd party software that would make an XP PC complete, then the price is actually LESS expensive.
It's not about glossy vs. matte black. Any color that is matted and not glossy, will show less wear and tear. Maybe this is a good idea for the iPod line as well.
It's not about security. We all know that Apple is on top here.
It IS about trying to please the consumer, when they say "Where's the black one?". Apple listens to its consumer base.
It IS about trying to take market share away from M$. I can't imagine a better time to do so, when M$ keeps delaying it's Vi$ta OS, and the consumer will have to buy all sorts of new hardware (dare I say a new computer), to make it fully functional.
On top of that, to attempt to choose from either a stripped down version of Vi$ta, or the full version is just plain rediculous in my opinion.
Apple definately wins this round.
Nice lookin' MacBook, Mr. Jobs!
Posted by Jon N. (182 comments )
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No iSight, No Mac OS X, No iLife, No Front Row
Sorry but your Dell is missing what makes a Macintosh: its

Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger (includes Spotlight, Dashboard, Mail, iChat
AV, Safari, Address Book, QuickTime, iCal, DVD Player, Xcode
Developer Tools)

iLife 06 (includes iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, iWeb,
GarageBand), Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac Test Drive, iWork
(30-day trial), Big Bang Board Games, Comic Life, Omni Outliner,
and Apple Hardware Test

Front Row
Posted by info4selz (5 comments )
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It's about profitability
I bet Apple wants to be profitable and provide a return to its shareholders. They've been on a roll the last several years with delivering products with the right mix of innovation, features, packaging, coolness, and price tag to the marketplace to enable that. Putting a computer in the laps of the masses doesn't seem to be in the answers to the business model equation they're solving.
Posted by chris325 (1 comment )
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It's about profitability
>They've been on a roll the last several years with<

the iPod.

In the meantime, Apple has failed to grow the Mac's miniscule market share.
Posted by john55440 (1020 comments )
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Graphic card
I think they will lunch another version of macbook with a better graphics card. I have a hp with the same card but with 128 mb shared. I really sucks so badly
Posted by Chameleon81 (60 comments )
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I couldn't disagree more
I don't think this is a bad business move at all. Up until today, I
was going to get an iMac, but as soon as I saw this computer
being released, I jumped for joy. This is the perfect computer
for a university student; it's inexpensive, portable, has top-
quality software, and it's fast! It suits my school needs perfectly,
and I think many other people in my situation will agree.

Different computers are suited to different people. Their
MacBook Pros look really tempting, but I really can't afford it,
and I simply don't need a laptop that exotic. I've been waiting
for Apple to release a lower-end laptop with a Core Duo chip for
half a year; this is what I've been waiting for.
Posted by dudeinanigloo (12 comments )
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Unbeatable Software and Time is money!
I would buy a Mac soley for the operating system 10.4 Tiger and

Got an iPod ... Itunes is the best jukebox out there ( can you
stream music to your stereo with Airtunes, using others?)

Got a Digital Camera (who hasn't) ...... iPhoto is the best
consumer photo app on the planet !! just try making a
slideshow with music integrated from iTunes in adobe album or
Photocasting or creating a DVD slide show with iDVD.

Got a Video Camera ...... welcome to iMovie, the worlds easiest
app to edit and make home movies, you can even bring in
photos from iPhoto and music from iTunes seamlessly.

Wanna make a webpage ...... use iWeb which seamlessly
integrates all the above to create rich multimedia pages.

Just try that on you $500 Dell ! (or even your $5000 Dell!)

Now about you $500 Dell, Time is money, let see

Bootup.......oops virus defs need updating [ 5 min] needs
reboot .....oops spyware needs updating [10 min] needs
reboot ..... OK .... oops windows needs security patch and
update ...... now needs reboot ...... OK finally i can use my PC
[ 15 min] ............ Oh No ..... Horrors ..... blue screen of
death .... windows won't reboot .... try this ..... try that [30min]
..... ok have to reinstall windows ......... 90 min .....OK
computer boots up fine ....... ooooooppppppss have to reinstall
the spyware antivirus firewall progs ......and have to run ALL the
updates again [2 hrs] ....... where is my printer driver .....
etc ....... and best of all i will probably end up doing this all
over again next month. I know because I have been using
windows since 3.1

So how much is you time worth to you?

I switched to Macs in 2002 and never looked back !!!!!

If peee ceee users want to flame me thats fine along as you are
knowledgeable about Apple Software.. Believe me we Mac
enthusiasts will know the difference


PM Quad, 150 Raptor, GeForce 7800, 30" Display, 10.4.6,
running Aperture
Posted by redison (19 comments )
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Not flaming...
...just issuing a reality check. I don't know anything about Macs, never owned/used one, but your whole paragraph about the pc bootup/update stuff is just lame. I'll explain.

Bootup (if not left running)

Virus def updates - about 10 to 15 seconds, no reboot (unless a program upgrade)

Spyware updates - about the same as virus def updates, again no reboot

Security patches - once a month, usually done in 1 to 3 minutes (gotta love broadband) and yes reboot typically required

BSOD - haven't seen one in years

PC ready to use all the time because it's running around the clock and all updates are scheduled during middle of the night, reboots included.

Granted, it's more BS than the Mac user is accustomed to but nowhere near the misery you portray. If you want to tout the technical merits of the Mac, do so. I'm sure there are many. But you just look like another garden variety parrot when you post silly things like this.

I too have been using Windows since 3.1 and although it still has a long way to go, it's nowhere near as painful as back in the 3.1 days. Reloading is not a monthly event, unless your an unprotected porn surfing spam responding moron. And there are more than enough of those around but their woes are their own, not Windows.

And by the way, what's this peee ceee thing you Mac guys keep talking about? Is that Mac-ese for Peeersonal Ceeeomputer?
Posted by J_Satch (571 comments )
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Your analysis of the boot-up time for PCs is off, to say the least.
Avast! Antivirus updates definitions in the background once Windows starts up, and the only thing that happens is a little notice comes up in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Spyware definitions for Windows Defender are updated automatically before you scan your computer.

If you've had to reinstall Windows every month (which I doubt), you'd have been wise to not reinstall your antivirus/antispyware programs, since they took up more time than a knowledgeable techie such as yourself would spend surfing the web responsibly ;) and much more often than not, the accessories you hook up to your PC these days are plug-and-play.

Personally, I find iPhoto to be a horrible program in comparison to Picasa, especially since iPhoto automatically saves edited photos over the originals, but as the saying goes, smoke 'em if you got 'em.
Posted by bourgtai (105 comments )
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Black Mac costs $200 more
People will vote with their wallets.
If people aren't willing to pay $200 more, then the price will have to change, otherwise Apple will just collect the profits.
Some may buy the black anyway since it's more stylish and is a status symbol once everyone knows you had to pay and extra $200 to get it.
Posted by chrisx1 (201 comments )
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A color is not worth $200.
The MacBook is a great computer, but $200 is an enormous
premium to pay for a color and a somewhat larger hard drive. The
differential ought to be $50 maximum. I hope that customers will
stick with the standard white model to send Apple a message about
this ridiculous pricing arrangement.
Posted by CBSTV (780 comments )
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Actually, it is $150
You get the upgraded hard drive with the black one ($50 value).

Still, I would not pay for a color. I wouldn't with a car and will not for this one. Honda used to charge $1,000 premium for black. And, they didn't give you anything more than color for that cash.

My guess on this is the the market will bear out for this model. They will sell enough to keep it around with the price differential. Maybe, the price gap will be reduced over time though.
Posted by jay.butler (101 comments )
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What's Important
It really doesn't matter whether market share is considered to be high or low for the OS X. What matter is if those that use it enjoy using it and find it fast, powerful, and efficient. I can say for myself that, without a doubt, Macs are definitely much better systems than PCs. Even the "business" class laptops that IBM and Dell sell that I use for work are constantly freezing up, needing reboots, or taking 1/2 hour to resolve new network connections when moving from one office to another. Don't even mention the constant problems with Outlook and Exchange.
PCs certainly have the mainstream and nobody in their right minds would argue otherwise. But, when I get calls from my family or friends about their PCs, it is because they are mad, frustrated, or unable to do something with them. My relatives that have Macs call me and tell me things like, "Hey, did you know that we could do this?" or how easy it is to make a video or Web page or move images around, find files, etc. The point is that most people complain about PCs. I just don't get that with Mac users. As for the "game" argument... geez, I wish PC users would get with it. Everyone knows that Macs do not have the selection of games that PCs have, that is very true. However, everyone I know uses an XBOX or PS for games... nobody wants to pay $500 to $1200 for video cards for their PCs and be stuck in a small office playing on their computers when they can spend less on a console, play on their big-screen HDTVs, and have real speaker systems to hear sound on. We're not in the '90s anymore people, even PC games don't sell in nearly the same numbers as the consoles. It is only a matter of time before that becomes its own niche market if it hasn't already become that.
Posted by Awesomebase (134 comments )
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Very True
I've got what was a top end PC a year ago at home for video
games. I only play specific games on it because they aren't out
for consoles. With the 360 now in full production, I might pick it
up and get the games that are out on it that I currently play on
the PC. The only games I think will never leave the PCs are the
RTS genre, for obvious reasons. I happen to love them, so I
think people will always have a reason to keep a decent machine

I use both Windows and OSX. I am a tech and I support both.
The Macs give me free time, the PCs give me headaches. It's not
that the Macs don't suffer issues. They do have occasional
blunders in design or production. But the OS is much more
robust and the machines are usually high end. This place still
uses Macs built in 1996, that speaks for the amount of work you
can squeeze out of them.

Agreed $200 is a bit much for a 20G upgrade and a black
machine. Thing is, there are plenty of people that will buy it.
They like being "trendsetters." Black is the new black. ;)
Posted by joepeterson (2 comments )
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There are many things to be said.
First of all, people who speak about market share, you have to
compare the right things... or perhaps you do not know that
Apple is a computer company ( and a music player maker
nowadays) but is not a software company. if it was so, they
would be salling OS X for any x86 PC. Apple being number 4 or
5 is not that bad for market share.
Second, I also have my own business, and if people do not like
my prices, they are free to go somewhere else to buy cheaper...
If they don not come back, those people are not my customers
and I do not need them. I am working for profit and not charity
for god sake. other words, I agree with Apples pricing, if you can not
afford an Apple, go and buy a comodity x86, that is for you. You
can even buy acripled machine for under $500 bucks. How much
would you pay for getting in a U2 concert? would you pay the
same for watching an unknown band? Perhaps the unknow band
is better than U2, but they are not famous... yet.
Now a question, how much will it cost you a Vista compatible
machine? When I saw the requirements, it jus reminded me the
first Macintosh. Dejavu? Perhaps that is the reason MS has had
for not releasing the mounster. Perhaps there was not a cheap
solution to the needs Vista has. I think that if hardware does not
get cheaper, there will be another delay. But lets wait and see.
I can not wait!
Posted by rleon (111 comments )
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I've seen some weird comparisons made here...
First of all everyone who wants to compare prices always
chooses Dell. Yet Dell doesn't have a 13.3" widescreen
notebook. One really potentially nice 13.3" widescreen
notebook is a Sony, but that
notebook is crippled: the keyboard is 90% the size or a regular
size keyboard. The macbook keyboard is full size (indeed as it
was on the 12" ibook). Out of curiosity, I just went to Dell, and
tried to configure a 1.83Ghz Core Duo notebook with a 14.1"
widescreen (smaller is more expensive in the pc world). I found
it to be the same price once you got what you needed (virus
protection, etc.) You'd still have to buy some other stuff to
make it equivalent, but if this is all you need, then it's THE SAME
PRICE as the MacBook, only it's going to break constantly (I
know, I owned one and finally threw it in the garbage and
bought a Mac.) Anyway here are the specs and price:

Inspiron E1405 Dual Core Qty 1
Intel® Core" processor Duo T2400 (2MB Cache/1.83GHz/
667MHz FSB), Genuine Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005
Unit Price $1,404.00
Dell Home Customers: Save 22% off the Dell Inspiron
Limited Time Offer! View Details
- $308.88

Catalog Number: 29
Module Description Show Details
Inspiron E1405 Intel® Core" processor Duo T2400 (2MB Cache/
1.83GHz/667MHz FSB)
Operating System (Office software not included) Genuine
Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005
LCD Panel 14.1 inch WXGA+ UltraSharp" TFT Display with
Memory FREE! 1GB DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz, 2 Dimm
Video Card Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950
Hard Drive 60GB Hard Drive
Network Card and Modem Integrated 10/100 Network Card and
Adobe Software Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 6.0
Combo/DVD+RW Drives 24X CD Burner/DVD Combo Drive
Sound Card Integrated Audio
Wireless Networking Cards Dell Wireless 1390 Mini Card
(802.11b/g, 54Mbps)
Office Software (not included in Windows XP) No productivity
suite- Corel WordPerfect word processor only
Anti-Virus/Security Suite (Pre-installed) McAfee Security Center
with VirusScan, Firewall, Spyware Removal, 15-months
Primary Battery 53 WHr 6-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery
Limited Warranty, Services and Support 1Yr Ltd Warranty, 1Yr
Mail-In Service, and 1Yr HW Warranty Support
Dell On Call Dell On Call, 30day, Getting started Assistance,
unlimited incidents
Dial-Up Internet Access 6 Months America Online Internet
Access Included
Wireless Personal Networking Card Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth
Internal (2.0 + Enhance Data Rate)
Miscellaneous Award Winning Service, Support
Mobile Broadband No Broadband Expresscard technology is
available in the market now
Operating System Re-Installation CD Genuine Windows® XP
Media Center 2005 Edition backup CD
Media Center Enhancements Remote Control for Windows XP
Media Center Edition
Dell Digital Entertainment Premium Entertainment Pack - Total
solution with advanced photo editing

Oh, and if you get the MacBook instead you'll be able to run
Windows XP if you want. But neither of these computers is
suitable for games due to the integrated graphics, so that's
simply a non-issue for those of you who have made it an issue.
Oh, and if you plan to buy Vista if it ever comes out so you can
have some of the functionality of OSX, then neither of these
computers will do it because Vista is going to take a serious
dedicated graphics card unless you buy the one that will just be
XP service pack 3.
Posted by cnetter001 (11 comments )
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