April 12, 2007 2:53 PM PDT

Apple puts a leash on its Leopard

In the push to get the iPhone out on time, Apple has been forced to delay the release of the next version of Mac OS X until October.

The company revealed the scheduling slip in a press release after the close of the stock market Thursday. The iPhone is still on track for a June release--around the time of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference--but engineers and quality assurance staffers working on Leopard needed to switch projects to ensure the iPhone arrives as planned, Apple said.

As a result, Leopard will not be ready this spring, a time frame that Apple had reiterated several times over the past few months. A "near final" version of the operating system--Mac OS X 10.5--will be distributed to developers at WWDC for testing. The final release will be available in October.

"Life often presents tradeoffs, and in this case we're sure we've made the right ones," Apple said in its press release.

An Apple representative declined to provide more details on the delay, beyond what was included in the statement.

Wall Street reacted immediately, sending Apple's stock down a little more than 2 percent in after-hours trading. "They've shaken people's confidence in their ability to execute," said Roger Kay, an analyst with Endpoint Technologies Associates.

Apple was also forced to delay its Apple TV product in February, although it didn't specify a reason at the time. Apple TV was released in March.

For once, the rumor mill was right on this delay--though it missed on why that would be. Last month, Digitimes correctly reported that Apple was planning to delay the operating system release until October, but it said the reason was that Apple needed more time to make its Boot Camp software compatible with Windows Vista.

However, analysts downplayed that report, and Apple shortly thereafter released a version of Boot Camp that was compatible with Vista. Boot Camp, which lets users of Intel Macs boot Windows on their systems, will be integrated into Leopard when it ships.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs previewed Leopard at last year's WWDC, showing off several features such as the Time Machine backup software and Core Animation, which lets developers create new types of sophisticated applications.

The company has said all along that Leopard would be a spring 2007 product, but Apple and Apple watchers have been obsessed with the iPhone since Jobs unveiled it in January at Macworld.

Apple's statement announcing the Leopard delay led off by re-emphasizing that the iPhone is expected to ship in late June. Leopard isn't mentioned until halfway through.

"However, iPhone contains the most sophisticated software ever shipped on a mobile device, and finishing it on time has not come without a price--we had to borrow some key software engineering and (quality assurance) resources from our Mac OS X team, and as a result we will not be able to release Leopard at our Worldwide Developers Conference in early June as planned," it said.

The delay is unlikely to make a huge impact on Mac shipments, according to Kay. Apple won't see any revenue from Leopard in the third quarter, but revenue from the iPhone should offset that, he said.

But Apple will be missing the back-to-school season, which is the second-most important period of the PC buying year, said Samir Bhavnani, an analyst with Current Analysis. The company might consider offering a coupon for an upgrade to Leopard along with purchases of Macs in August and September--similar to what Windows PC companies did when confronted with Vista's delay past the 2006 holiday shopping season, he said.

It seems that Apple was forced to make a choice between shipping the iPhone on time or releasing Leopard on schedule, Bhavnani said. "The iPhone is the priority over Leopard. They still feel they'll be able to sell the PCs (between now and October), but right now Apple can't sell a phone," he said.

Any delay in the iPhone shipment date would also give competitors more time to launch their own touch-screen smart phones--some of which are already in development, like Samsung's Ultra Smart F700.

Aside from the iPhone, however, there's some evidence that Leopard might have been more buggy than Apple is letting on. AppleInsider reported Thursday that the latest version of Leopard distributed to developers for testing actually had more bugs than the previous version distributed in March. "Critical" bugs were reported with the installer, QuickTime and graphics hardware, the site said.

But the iPhone is looming over everything Apple-related at the moment. Jobs considered the iPhone such an important launch that he used the occasion to also announce that Apple was dropping the "Computer" from its official name; it's now known simply as Apple Inc.

"Apple is a consumer electronics company," Bhavnani said. This isn't necessarily a bad thing--iPods are quite profitable and the iPhone has generated almost unprecedented buzz--but it is a change in Apple's priorities, he said.

The Apple community appeared to be disappointed with the delay, but resigned to the fact that a late Leopard is better than a problematic Leopard. "This is bad news, but I, and most developers I know, have been expecting it, based on the very buggy nature of the current 10.5 seeds," wrote John Gruber on Daring Fireball, his Apple-oriented blog. "Apple's choice was to either push back the release a few months or ship a very, very buggy 10.5.0."

David Chartier of The Unofficial Apple Weblog echoed those sentiments, writing, "I also agree that I would rather have it this way than a craptastic release in June that's full of more holes than Swiss cheese."

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hahahahahhaha. This is priceless.
Posted by suyts (824 comments )
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Could be worse....
...they could have delayed it until October 2010 and called it OS
X Vista.

Relax ... just kidding! ;-)

Seriously though, I'm bummed that it's delayed, but I appreciate
Apple was honest about the reason. Mainly I'm bummed because
I want to buy a new Mac once Apple has updated both the
hardware and the OS. That's usually the best time to buy.

I hope they update their hardware before October. If they offered
a free 10.5 upgrade along with a hardware rev, then this delay
would probably be received much better. I think it would also
help if they pre-announced all the "secret features" that are
supposed to be in 10.5
Posted by open-mind (1027 comments )
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Hardware and Software releases don't happen simultaneously
Typically, Apple does not release brand new hardware along with brand new OS. From what I remember (and this makes engineering sense), they get the hardware out with existing OS (with whatever system enablers that are needed for the new hardware) and then they release the new OS. I would say that the hardware schedule won't be too adversely affected by the software schedule.

Remember, Apple has simplified their hardware design by involving Intel more and more. On the other hand, software is all Apple.
Posted by bommai (172 comments )
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secret features..
I expect that the "secret features" will finally be revealed on June
11, 2007.
Posted by m.meister (278 comments )
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don't mind
hey, I don't mind, as long as I get my phone on time = )
Posted by blrhead (22 comments )
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Oh boy...
...screw loyal Apple computer users so you can sell your new toy! I see they've already adopted the favorite tactic of cellphone carriers: offer great features, minutes, rebates and technology to new customers. Longtime, loyal, paying customers? "Sorry, some see us when your contract's up: in 2 years." That didn't take long!
Posted by QuetzalcoatlUSA (120 comments )
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The iPhone is a computer.
In fact, it's really a very small Mac. It runs OS X, and OS X
applications. Don't think it's not a Mac just because it doesn't have
a mouse. It's probably the most important Mac yet, because it will
show tens of millions of people who wouldn't otherwise see a Mac
just what they're missing.

They're doing the right thing by making sure it's as good as it can
Posted by Macsaresafer (802 comments )
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Clueless post of the day goes to...
QuetzalcoatlUSA!!! Hooray!!!
In case the article was too difficult for you to understand- I'll type
very slowly. Do try to follow along, won't you?
MacOSX is being delayed. MacOSX is an operating system. MacOSX
is not a cell phone. MacOSX does not come with a 2 year contract.
Posted by GGGlen (491 comments )
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I am lusting for new feature.
I hope apple would well first fix my macbook UNDER WARRANTY.
And then add one new feature to the Tiger while we wait for
leopard. That is just a icing on the cake. The new google desktop
for mac is a fair one but not apple quality.
Posted by hunter_jc (109 comments )
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Disappointed, but I can wait.
Hopefully they'll introduce some new Intel Macs at WWDC so it
won't be all that bad, was hoping to get 10.5 with a new Intel Mac
but I guess I can wait. The iPhone's Apple's new baby now.

Hopefully there adding more new features to Leopard. One could
only hope.
Posted by ServedUp (413 comments )
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What's the Big Deal?
I've never figured out why 10.5 is such a big deal in the first place,
except among a few Apple aficionados. OS 10.4.9 is probably 95%
of 10.5, and at least a generation or two ahead of craptastic Vista.

That said, it does send a negative signal about Apple's legendary
ability to execute.
Posted by kathakalimask (20 comments )
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Please tell me how Mac OS can be...

"at least a generation or two ahead of craptastic Vista"

...when basic features like hibernate aren't even fully supported? Basic features like pre-emptive multi-tasking and protected memory have been in Windows since NT 3.0 so by that reasoning Windows is at least two generations ahead of Mac OS X! As for...

"Apple's legendary ability to execute"

...I lost faith in that one when they failed to produce a real upgrade from System 7. It wasn't until MacOS X was cut and paste together from BSD and Mach that they at last produced a substatially better version. 8 was a disapointment compared to what they promised and largly released to enable Jobs to end the clone program and 9 was like the Windows ME of the Apple world...
Posted by Siegfried Schtauffen (269 comments )
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Vive Le Revolution
Time Machine has the potential to turn into a revolutionary backup
Posted by anassassinoftime (170 comments )
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Not a big deal really...
Other than some investors not seeing black (green), this is a good thing. It allows those worried about a new mac purchase that they can get one now and not have to worry of incompatibilities with their apps and Leopard. And more time to iron out bugs and allow devs to improve issues that remain.

But it also tells me that Jobs is continually making promises he can't keep. No 3Ghz PPCs, flips to Intel, sues rumor mills, behind on iPod innovations (where are the >16GB Nanos?), flamboyant speechs ("and one more thing"), premature announcements, and only a 1-2% jump in marketshare in 12 months...

Everyone needs a mac. Not everyone should own a PC.
Posted by Below Meigh (249 comments )
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How about Vista delays?
What's the big deal, a few months late, compared to Longhorn....er Vista, a few years and then to all intents and purposes a cluncker.......!
Posted by j.e.buhler (10 comments )
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There's a difference
When Vista was delayed, it was to keep working on the product.

Apple has delayed the OSX update by simply dropping it in favor of a cell phone. A CELL PHONE.

Shows you where Apple's priorities lay- not in their OS, but in consumer electronics instead. Not a good sign at all.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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There's a difference
When Vista was delayed, it was to keep working on the product.

Apple has delayed the OSX update by simply dropping it in favor of a cell phone. A CELL PHONE.

Shows you where Apple's priorities lay- not in their OS, but in consumer electronics instead. Not a good sign at all.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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Problems with iPhone
In short, iPhone is such a mess that Apple had to pull programmers off of Mac OS X.
Posted by john55440 (1020 comments )
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Not a mess. They're allowing third party apps on it now.
By announcing early, Apple got all the competitors to point out
potential weaknesses so they could make changes prior to
launch. Stupid competition didn't know they were trying to hit a
moving target.

Apple apparently hadn't expected a lack of third party apps to
be considered a problem. Now that they know it would be,
they're adding them into the mix.

<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.macworld.co.uk/ipod-itunes/news/index.cfm?" target="_newWindow">http://www.macworld.co.uk/ipod-itunes/news/index.cfm?</a>

You can be sure that if Texas Hold'em will be available for the
iPhone, other 3rd party apps will be available too.
Posted by Macsaresafer (802 comments )
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Nah, the iPhone will be a great device....
and Apple will sell millions of them. Of course, its not guaranteed,
but by looking at what the device can do, as opposed to all the
other phones on the market (even the flash based Prada Phone,
which doesn't even come close to the iPhone's OS X capabilities) its
definitely an open market.

The iPhone has way too much to offer.

My Blackberry is definitely history once this phone comes out.
Posted by ServedUp (413 comments )
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Logical Fallacies Much?
It's informed comments like yours that make the world a happy
place. The highly anticipated, seemingly revolutionary product -
that has yet to be released - is "such a mess". Brilliant!
Posted by anassassinoftime (170 comments )
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What a bunch of crap
You need to have your head examined if you actually believe what Apple is saying.

They are saying that Leopard, which was due in the "spring" so lets call that May 31, is going to slip to October because resources are being pulled to work on iPhone which is due in June?

Lets do the math. The Leopard release was 6 weeks away (May 31st). The iPhone release is 11 weeks away (June 30th). So if you add 6 weeks to June 30th, you should have a Leopard release in mid August.

Even if you are an obsessed, iPod wearing, Mac bumper sticker, Apple fanboy with an autographed picture of Steve Jobs in your back pocket, you can reason that October is two months after August.

Apple really expects us to believe that Leopard was going to ship on time but instead of finishing it, they pulled resources to work on a V1.0 iPhone?

What do they take us for?

Are their development and test teams so small that they must have the same people work on the desktop OS as the phone OS? What kind of shop are they running?

And how do you account for the two extra months to deliver Leopard? Those double booked developers and testers will need a long vaction I guess.

Give me a break. Just say that Leopard slipped and do not try to bamboozle me into thinking your new phone is more important than your existing OS.
Posted by NewsReader_ (280 comments )
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Where's your logic??
The logic in your post is astounding!! Mathematics are not
necessarily involved here (at least in the way you describe).

The iPhone has been a MAJOR undertaking that has probably
stolen some very key OS X engineers off and on for the past
6-12 months. Not weeks, months!

I, personally, am upset their priority on the iPhone is higher than
OS X, but I kind of believe they go hand-in-hand. I believe Apple
has added numerous things into OS X because of iPhone R&#38;D.
Though this has spurred innovation within Apple even further, it
has simultaneously elongated OS X development.

In the end, this will be a very wise decision on Apple's part and
we'll see the benefits of iPhone R&#38;D within OS X AND the iPod!!
Posted by ssmiroldo (53 comments )
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Bravo. Well Said.
I think the analysts (i.e. JP Morgan, Lehman Bros, G-S) most likely have figured this out as well. This is Apple's attempt to say "Please pay more attention to our upcoming cash cow than missing our deadline on our OS."

Oh, the wonderful world of marketing and spin...
Posted by Bevo4138 (20 comments )
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My, You Have Been Busy
Which Apple insider did you bribe or seduce in order to extract the
PRECISE information on PRECISELY why Leopard is being delayed? I
love when ignorant consumers think they "know" what's "really"
going on. Three cheers for intelligent thinking.
Posted by anassassinoftime (170 comments )
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Excellent comment
It took forever to find a comment that questioned the press release. Forget the math part - you're dead on. Press releases arent project status reports - they're spin for the public.
Posted by shoffmueller (236 comments )
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Poor little Apple haters
I love how the Apple haters are jumping on this one and riding
Apple into the ground for a 4 month delay in the release of 10.5.
They spew and spew about how much Apple sucks. Why? For a 4
month delay??? Are you a Microsoft user by any chance? How
long(horn) was the delay for Vista, a bad, cheap imitation of
10.1? They could delay 10.5 for 2 more years and it'll still be
ahead of Vista!

So tell me, Apple haters, why the hate? I assume you've not tried
a new Mac or OS X. Most of the haters haven't. They'd prefer to
continue to be sheep following the MS flock instead of branching
out and trying something new. Interesting statistic: Most
Windows users have never tried OS X, but most OS X users have
experience on Windows. Shouldn't that tell you something? Yep!
Those that have tried both will make a choice and choose the
better option; those that have never tried an alternative will
continue to follow like the sheep they are.
Posted by i,Jimbot (65 comments )
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No hate, just facts
What a surprising statistic! It might be because Windows has 90% of the market, thus around 90% of computer users use Windows. I bet there is a statistic that says that most iPod users have never tried a Zune, but most Zune users have used an iPod. But that is obvious. Does this mean that iPod users are sheep? Apple fanboys want to use the statistics both ways; Macs sell less and that proves they are better, and iPods sell more and that makes them better. It doesn't make sense. Pick an argument.

In what way are Macs better? If Windows was as bad as people like you seem to think it is then the Mac would have a greater market share. But it doesn't. I used to be a Apple fanboy but I became sick of how the buried the Apple II just to make the Mac, even though the Apple II carried the company for years.
Posted by Siegfried Schtauffen (269 comments )
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Bursting bubbles
I'm afraid to poke a pin in your bubble of MS-Hate Speech, but the facts don't lie.

Vista was delayed for design issues. Considering its current state, that probably should have been delayed further to get it more polished, but that's in the past so we have to live in reality.

Apple dropped their work on OSX to work on an unrelated CELL PHONE. They intentionally are turning their back on the existing Apple Macintosh marketplace and users to work on a CELL PHONE.

At no time did MS decide to forget about Windows or their other products to work on a Smart Phone or Pocket PC. No, they do development on all their products at once.

So, if you have a choice of either having Apple fulfill their promises of releasing the OS X update on time or forgetting their customers and working on a cell phone instead, which would you choose?

Personally, I'd rather have them honor their promises and work on their OS, not a cell phone.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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Stupid Cingular iPhone trumps OS
Just wait until those new iPhone users experience that stellar Cingular service.
Posted by Xenu7-214951314497503184010868 (153 comments )
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Cingular Service is Now Excellent
I switched back to ATT / Cingular in January and the service is
MUCH improved -- blows my Verizon away.

Posted by dansterpower (2511 comments )
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Waiting for the iPhone
No wait till Cingular tells you that Apple's precious iPhone will be
shipped to you in 3 months. It's backordered. lol
Posted by digiguy23 (73 comments )
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Not a Mac User But...
"They've shaken people's confidence in their ability to execute," said Roger Kay, an analyst with Endpoint Technologies Associates.

Isn't this statement going just a tad overboard?
Posted by J_Satch (571 comments )
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Oh CNET...
Where would we be without you, making certain that this Apple "bad news" is first and foremost on the front page of your "News" page? LOL.
Posted by OscarWeb (76 comments )
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It's news. They report the news. You best also make your complaint against CNN, NBC, The New York Times, USA Today, etc.

I don't think your point is well made.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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It's news. They report the news. You best also make your complaint against CNN, NBC, The New York Times, USA Today, etc.

I don't think your point is well made.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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No Microsoft holds that title
Don't feign some sort of bias is happening here. Cnet does this more with Microsoft than anyone. Apple's premier OS is being delayed. Expect the bad press. Same thing happened with Vista.

Macfanbois are so desparate sometimes. /roll
Posted by smilin:) (889 comments )
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No Microsoft holds that title
Don't feign some sort of bias is happening here. Cnet does this more with Microsoft than anyone. Apple's premier OS is being delayed. Expect the bad press. Same thing happened with Vista.

Macfanbois are so desparate sometimes. /roll
Posted by smilin:) (889 comments )
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It's on the headline..
The last delay done by Vista, it's also appeared on the CNET front page and even bigger with criticism video around Vista Beta 2. And if you check Google News, it's also headline in the Sci/Tech section.

There are only two reasons you are ignorant:
1. You only visit CNET (and might be Youtube and some porn sites, but not other news site).
2. You are MacFanBoy.
Posted by Gunady (191 comments )
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Forgetting Mac users in favor of iPhone New Subscribers
I'm not sure I'm too happy with Apple intentionally putting off the largest product with the biggest user base and demand to focus instead on a market that doesn't exist yet.

I would prefer that they take care of their customers, get the new OS release out on time, honor their promises, and THEN work on other projects.

Apple's actions make it look like they care more about getting new customers with the iPhone than their existing primary customer base with the Mac. They are missing the back to school crowd entirely and that's their biggest sales period.

I hope they sell a whole heck of a lot of iPhones to make up for loss of business they are committing themselves to by ignoring their existing customers. We've already seen here in this forum how people are disappointed and were hoping to buy new machines this summer but now will have to wait or may not purchase a new machine at all. Lost sales means lost business.

From a technical standpoint, it's good. Get the OS ready for the market. Sacrificing the most popular product you have in order to focus all your effort on a product without a proven known demand yet- that seems foolish.

I can't say it isn't common though in today's industry. Auto makers do it all the time when they quietly 'forget' about existing models and focus all their attention and resources on the new models coming out. Apple isn't alone in that regard. It's just not a trend I like to see in any company. It shows a disrespect for your existing customers and a greed for profit instead.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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Not such an extreme viewpoint
Apple isn't "forgetting" their users. There is a very high demand for the iPhone as evidenced by market surveys and customer requests.

Apple made a very public commitment to the iPhone, and while sales may slow on their computer due to the delayed upgrade, a poor release could kill the iPhone forever.

case-in-point: Sony. They didn't have the appropriate quantities on hand for their release, and the ones that were released didn't work.

So it is the right decision to let go of some of the focus so that Apple can put the level of quality into the new phone that is expected of them. Good products don't necessarily sell, but buggy ones almost never do.
Posted by bob donut (90 comments )
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Growth = delays, security holes, patches, ATTACKS!
We've seen it already, as OSX reaches closer to that 5% market share, Apple is feeling growing pains. The new release of OSX has fewer new 'real' features than any other previous version (spaces?? come on, every other OS already has virtual desktops), it is taking longer to build, people are griping more, and there have been more patches than anytime in history.

I'm not saying these are horrible things, but they are expected as an OS grows in popularity.

There is one item that can be dangerous... As the OS gains more market share (and hopefully it will), we will see more and more attacks directed at the platform. As this happens, Apple die hards will never be able to make fun of other 'insecure' systems.
Posted by frankwick (413 comments )
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What's the big deal - Apple fed the Rumor Mill 3 weeks ago
I'll stand with my post back then ....

zetta file system .....

and my link .... <a class="jive-link-external" href="http://news.cbsi.com/5208-12_3-0.html?" target="_newWindow">http://news.cbsi.com/5208-12_3-0.html?</a>

to that post
Posted by Kalama (57 comments )
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You mean the file system Sun developed?

Its a good FS and if Apple incorporates it that will be good. Not
necessarily revolutionary but good. I'm loathe to imagine how
they'll appropriate it though.

Have you read about Lustre FS? Now thats an impressive FS. One
of the people I work with is actually doing some work on it for a
HPC system were putting in. The inner cylinders of the drive will
be Lustre but we're leaving the outer cylinders as raw and using
them for high speed file caching. It turns out the that data
throughput speed delta between the inner and outer cylinders is
enough to make it more than worth doing (if you keep it as a
raw fs).
Posted by rapier1 (2722 comments )
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BS excuse from Apple
Come on! This delay was leaked/reported weeks ago. Apple is
delaying because of Vista and bootcamp. Now, Apple is blaming it
on the iPhone. I just hope they use this time wisely, like to perhaps
make Safari a wothwhile app. Computing has taken the backseat
at Apple, they'd rather get their next over-rated toy out to the
conspcuous "consumers", as opposed to delivering the next OS to
their loyalists (like me). The iPod is passé, and Apple knows this,
they need the next status personal accoutrement fad to begin.
Posted by Frankiti (16 comments )
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This shift in priorities, along with their name change from 'Apple
Computer' to 'Apple' could be interpreted as a warning sign that
Apple no longer sees it future in computers but rather in other
consumer electronic products, especially after the successes of
the IPod and ITunes. What we may be witnessing is the
beginning of the end for Macintosh and OS X as Apple realizes
that capturing a significant share of the computer market is
probably not going to happen. And without that happening,
Macintosh will never be the growth tool and revenue generator
that Apple needs it to be in order for it to remain as its flagship

After all, Apple is not in business to make Macintoshes, but to
make money - as much as it can and as fast as it can - just like
Microsoft, Intel, Dell, IBM, Oracle and most all other businesses.
Macintosh is only a product and tool to enable the goal of
maximizing profits. If Macintosh is not up to the task, then it is
only logical that Apple will seek another product that they
believe will be . That is just basic business economics and

Based on his history, I do not believe for a second that Steve
Jobs has any loyalty or nostalgia to Mac or anything else. His
history and conduct indicates that he is a hardened egocentric
businessman and pragmatist with his only loyalty being to the
bottom line. A highly successful result with Apple TV and IPhone
could be just the ticket for a Macintosh retirement party. I for
one would hate to see that happen but being a realist, it does
not take much vision to conclude that Macintosh will not live

Hopefully Macintosh won't be retired before something better
comes out with an OS that is more stable and easier to use and
maintain than Windows and will be more widely accepted than
Posted by GymW (42 comments )
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If Apple decides to forgo the computer hardware route and focus on iPods, Cell phones and the AppleTV type of consumer electronics, then perhaps they would finally unlock their OS from their platform and let others use it?

I know it won't happen. OS X has been running on PC's for years unofficially and Apple will likely never release a real version, but you can only hope.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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If Apple decides to forgo the computer hardware route and focus on iPods, Cell phones and the AppleTV type of consumer electronics, then perhaps they would finally unlock their OS from their platform and let others use it?

I know it won't happen. OS X has been running on PC's for years unofficially and Apple will likely never release a real version, but you can only hope.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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Priorities: Microsoft Abandoning Windows
There is equal proof that Microsoft is abandoning Windows in favor of consumer products like Zune and XBOX. Here it is...

Since Windows 95, each OS release has taken longer and longer to release. And the buzz surrounding each subsequent release seems to be declining too. People coundn't wait to get their hands on 95. But Vista has only been getting OK reviews, and it's mainly selling because it's bundled on new computers. Few really care. And lets talk about delays ... measured in years, not months ... delays accompanied by the yanking of features. And meanwhile, both Zune and XBox ship on time ... ahead of Vista.

If Zune and XBox take off, it could be just the ticket for a Windows retirement party. I for one will hate to see that happen, but being a realist, it doesn't take much vision to conclude that Windows can't live forever.
Posted by open-mind (1027 comments )
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"A scarecrow one day decided being a scarecrow was not sufficiently rewarding and so he was going to become a philosopher. He studied hard about life's difficult moral issues. One morning, to his chagrin, he discovered crows in his hair."
(apologies to Gibran)
Posted by cephalis (26 comments )
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Unleash the truth
Unleash the truth and it will run like a Leopard.

<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=786048453686176230&#38;q" target="_newWindow">http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=786048453686176230&#38;q</a>
Posted by Revolutn (18 comments )
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It's not even available to over half of all US cellular users, including

Oh well, I won't be buying my MacBook until October anyway..
Posted by PCCRomeo (432 comments )
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It matters?
Most people who buy a Mac end up loading Windows so they can use it anyway
Posted by law_hog (43 comments )
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Your statement is likely the most inaccurate statement ever posted to this or any other website.

After managing PCs and Macs for many years I've found that most people who buy a Mac never use any Windows programs. Virtual PC was never a big seller, and boot camp is more useful to gamers than anyone else.

We have several Macs in our company that share a single XP machine (via Remote Desktop) for the rare times when they need a Windows program, but no one has logged on in months.

But don't get me wrong, I like Microsoft Windows. If all our computers were as trouble free as our Macs most of my staff would be out of work.
Posted by rcrusoe (1305 comments )
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It matters?
Most people who buy a Mac end up loading Windows so they can use it anyway
Posted by law_hog (43 comments )
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Wow Does Anybody want to Sell PCs Anymore
First, AstlaVista and now Apple delaying their OS for a stinking phone. It might be a Linux world afterall.
Posted by Bertbaby (82 comments )
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