August 22, 2005 10:43 AM PDT

Apple offers repairs for problem iMacs

Apple Computer is offering free repairs for early iMac G5 desktops impacted by a component problem that's preventing some models from powering up or displaying images.

Under a program launched last week, the company will cover repairs for up to two years from the purchase date for iMacs that encounter a video or power problem related to the component glitch. The iMacs in question were sold from September 2004 until June 2005, so until now repairs have been covered by Apple's standard one-year warranty.

"We are initiating an iMac G5 Repair Extension Program for customers whose first-generation iMac G5 exhibit a certain video or power-related issue," Apple said in a statement. "A limited number of iMac G5 computers that were sold between approximately September 2004 and June 2005 are potentially affected."

A company representative would not identify the component in question or say more precisely how many systems may be affected. The computer maker said affected systems have serial numbers starting with numbers in one of four ranges: W8435-W8522, QP435-QP522, CK435-CK522 and YD435-YD522.

Apple has posted details of the program on its Web site.

The company has turned to repair extension programs to cover product issues in the past, notably with an iBook logic board issue that affected some models of the laptop. Another program covers 15-inch PowerBooks that display white spots on their screens.

Those whose iMacs appear to be affected by the issue are encouraged to call an Apple contact center or take their system to an Apple retail store or another Apple authorized service center.


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Spin the Apple?
The characterization of the problem being limited to "early iMacs" is a bit off the mark here. September 2004 through June 2005 covers 10 of the 12 months, to date, that the iMac G5 has been shipping.

This would be more accurately described as "most of the time that the product has been available". A couple of years from now, we might characterize the problem as affecting "early" iMacs.
Posted by ORinSF (57 comments )
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Logic Board
Sounds like Apple is addressing the issue I dealt with 2 weeks ago.
Video was freezing up; sometimes screen would gray-out with
horizontal lines. Would have to hard-reboot to get going again.
Took it in for service under warrantly and they ended up replacing
the logic board (under a new serial number). G5 has been running
smoothly since.
Posted by dyeworks (1 comment )
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Its the capacitors
I repair Apple computers and I have had to replace a couple of the logic boards. It seems that the capacitors they used expand with part of the inside coming out in some cases. So if you are having this problem, take the back off and check all the capacitors and if any of the tops of them look like they are about to pop open, that is the problem. I was wondering if they would ever have a recall for this.
Posted by (1 comment )
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Apple replacing garbage in warranty!
It's nice that Apple is replacing the garbage hardware (in warranty) that were used to create the iMac for nearly a year. I've seen the nasty affect these garbage parts can have on an iMac and it isn't pretty. It's nice that Apple *finally* acknowledged the problem...who cares if it only took Apple nearly a year to accomplish something so basic. Go Apple!
Posted by Maxwell Studly (97 comments )
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You act
as if Apple has known this is a wide-spread problem since the release of the iMac. Most of those models that have diplayed problems have only done so in recent months, and therefor Apple chose to replace what was manufactured as faulty. A recall is only initiated, in ANY company in ANY industry, only when there are so many units that are defective. When's the last time Microsoft recalled their OS for being a piece of s***? Never. Guess it shows who's taking responsibility and who is not.
Posted by (461 comments )
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suspect components
the components that cause the imac g5 video failure are 2 capacitors on the main logic board. they are located almost in the center as you look at the board. just below the cpu cover (the G5 cover).

the capacitors over heat and start to leak. its a degenerative condition. you can see a brown stain on the topof the caps.

i've had to repair 3 of 3 that i bought on dec. 29

apple has fixed all of them but i had to buy the applecare plan.

i had the third repaired before it failed (knowning the symptoms).

now that apple has conceded that there is a manufacturing defect, i'm going to try to get the applecare cost refunded. wish me luck!
Posted by Dave Stella (1 comment )
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Hope you get your hard earned money back.
You shouldn't have had to purchase an Applecare plan for Apple's mistake. Good luck and godspeed.
Posted by Maxwell Studly (97 comments )
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