September 12, 2006 11:41 AM PDT

Apple forges path to digital living room

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Apple is also offering relatively fixed pricing, though new releases sell for more than older titles. Iger said he is perfectly comfortable with that notion and doesn't think that will prove to be an insurmountable hurdle for the rest of the industry. However, Disney is likely to team up with others. "It's nonexclusive," he said of the Apple deal. "We're platform-agnostic."

Special coverage
Showtime for Apple
At event in S.F., it's all
about iPods and movies.

Jobs said that although the movies are a U.S. feature, the company hopes to offer films internationally next year. Iger said that Disney is already in talks with Apple on overseas distribution.

Both the video iPod and iPod Nano come with a search feature that lets users find songs, artists or television shows by entering letters into a search bar rather than scrolling through the familiar menus. They will also allow users to sync their music collections on home and work PCs through the iPod, so songs added at home and synced to the iPod will transfer to a work PC when that iPod is plugged into a USB port.

Jobs called the new 1GB iPod Shuffle "the world's smallest digital music player." It's about half the size of the original iPod Shuffle, uses the same aluminum casing as the new Nanos, and has a clip built onto the back. It costs $79.

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The new iPod and the iPod Nanos are available immediately, and the iPod Shuffle will be available in October.

Version 7 of iTunes is also available for download immediately. The addition of movies to the content available for purchase was the most significant new feature, but the new version provides music videos at a higher resolution than before, now up to 640-by-480-pixel resolution. The screens on the new iPods and iPod Nanos support this resolution, which will also improve the quality of movies played on a Mac, PC or television.

The lineup of television shows available on the iTunes 7 store will also now include highlights of football games through a deal with the National Football League's NFL Network, Jobs said.

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iTV is Excellent
The Forthcoming iTV box changes everything.

Now the PC is the Server for all TV's, iPods, etc, in the home.

This is the future that analysts have predicted would be needed
to jumpstart video on demand and it is here.

Nice job Apple. How do I preorder?
Posted by dansterpower (2511 comments )
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Wake up, Apple fanboys (and get an Xbox)
Streaming video on a home network has been done for years now. Why would you want to stream from a crappy little 80GB handheld when you can stream to Xbox Media Center using all the storage your heart desires?
Posted by Anonymous Hero (47 comments )
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I bet that Apple will come come out with before January. They want to sell this for the holiday season. Take that to the bank
Posted by jasonm0817 (23 comments )
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iTV and video games
Speaking of the Xbox vs. iTV, I wonder how long it will Apple to announce you can store video games on your Mac and play them through on your television using iTV. Seems to me that it wouldn't be a stretch to turn iTV into a kind of console. Apple wouldn't have to make a huge investment to enable this and the games are already there in that they are essentially just PC games.
Posted by KehaarHraka (9 comments )
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iTV + Mini?
It appears that the iTV is designed to complement a Macintosh Mini
on top.

Apple says the iTV will be 802.11 -- but will that be "g" or "n"?
Posted by CBSTV (780 comments )
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iTV, will cost $299
Is it worth the price?
Posted by jasonm0817 (23 comments )
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I'll check it out
Still feel that they are overpricing their products
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
but it's worth taking a look.
Posted by (156 comments )
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Jobs copied it again
iTV is a copy of Dlink's DSM-320 which was released more than two years ago. Even then, it had many more features than this 'yet-to-be-released' iTV, like online compatibility with certain radios, S-Video, digital audio (optical/coaxial) and RCA out and compatibility with quite a few file formats which I doubt iTV will have.

Dlink has come out with newer models like DSM-320RD (with built in memory card reader and DVD player) and DSM-520 (with HD support and USB port to access media stored on flash drives and portable hard drives)

And most important thing: all these are cheaper than iTV. DSM-320 costs almost $150.

Looks like Apple is doing some catching up here... but it's never too late.
Posted by cary1 (924 comments )
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Not impressed
I was more looking forward for a IPOD phone!!!

All they released was
IPOD + better screen
IPOD Nano which is smaller!!! (1gb shuffle)

IPOD movies is a service and I am not interested in watching it on a small screen. ITV will take care of watching on big screen and it is not here yet.

I am not sure if todays announcement is such a great one.
Posted by Tanjore (322 comments )
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Still No Subscription Music CHOICE
I won't buy an iPod, because iTunes still doesn't offer customers the CHOICE of a subscription music service.

In contrast, Urge's web site states they they offer customers the choice of pay-per-song, or of a subscription service.

I know, AppleSheep don't want choices. They prefer having Steve Jobs dictate to them what they should, and shouldn't, want.
Posted by john55440 (1020 comments )
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Near DVD Quality, no rent option, no thanks
I assume the target market is someone bright enough to hookup iTV to a TV. This person will likely have a HDTV, so if the video is near DVD quality at 640 x 480, it will be 4x3 image not 16x9. This means that it will have bars on the left and right of the image, and look only as good as SDTV.

As is not poor enough, but then add the fact that your are "buying" the movie, not renting it. Additionally, if takes 30 minutes to download, assuming a 5 Mbps connection (which most don't have), you could go down to the video store and rent the movie.

How is this better then pay-per-view?

Bottom-line, they want a tech literate consumer to buy a lower quality version of a movie instead of DVD, for about the same cost, plus the cost of the device. Sorry Steve, you got it right with iTunes and the iPod but iTV hasn't been thought out.
Posted by jmhmaine (10 comments )
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Vista Media Center and XBOX 360 = Digital Nirvana (already achieved)
Sorry Apple too little too late

<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>

Really this is strange, Apple plays catch up and Microsoft absolutely blows them out of the water with a innovative UI design

Hey Apple where is my TV programs, isn't it called iTV? Let me know when you will be able to provide HD programming as well?
Posted by mcepat (118 comments )
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Impressed with Everything .... Except
I really expected something ground-breaking, or at least
reasonable for the movie prices. It seems the negotiations,
along that line, failed.

I don't know about everyone else, but I can find absolutely no
compelling reason to purchase movies for a small screen at that

If any of you have seen my previous posts, you know that I am a
true Apple fan. (hate that word "fan" by the way). But I see a
quick demise, and dismal sales regarding the movie section of
the store.
Posted by Thomas, David (1947 comments )
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That is the point of iTV - Apple knows that you do not want to watch movies on a small screen...
Posted by jamesm1973 (13 comments )
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hmmm...sorry i guess my post is misleading.
That i do not know. And knowing apple probably not. But you
can get them for $20 bucks.
my bad.
Posted by bbydon (12 comments )
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Lower the prices
C'mon Apple, you have products that people "want" to
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
buy but don't want to take out another mortgage to pay for it.
Posted by (156 comments )
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DRM = Death
DRM will kill/limit this product. In order to appease the MPAA, the movie download service will probably scan the room to see how many people are on the couch so your "criminal" friends can't "pirate" the movie by sitting on the couch and watching it with you.
Posted by StinkyMcButt (13 comments )
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iTV = Mac Mini / Xbox = crap
Put a Mini on that TV and you can do just about the same and
even more, its one of these "less is more" concepts from Apple
and not the "More is less" concepts from Micro****t.

The iTV is small, costs $299 (or less) and you only need any PC
or Mac with iTunes to host the content.

Xbox 360 is big, loud, costs $500 and you need an expensive
Media edition PC to host the content.
Posted by Peter Bonte (316 comments )
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Could be better!!!! Stevie Jobs please read it!!!
In the iTunes 7 still the music videos DOESN'T KEEP PLAYING in
full screm mode, you have everthing in the Library menu but a
button for music videos is missing!!!!!
If you have a few CDs in your computer "cover flow view" could
you a lot and this looks cool, but if you are like me has 1600 Full
cds, 24 live concert/music videos DVDs organized in only 14
diferent genres, forget about it!
Before install it back up your iTunes Library File and if you don't
like it still you can Back to the iTunes 6.? whiout losing your
playlists.( But still you can use the Browsing Mode in the 7.0)

iTV if this thing come in 2 pieces one for my Mac (with a TV
tuner to wach and record digital/Analogue TV and automatic but
it into your iPod)., and the other piece for my Home Theater
Room (to acess all and control the recordings abillities in my
mac and acess it too) Sure i will buy it!
About the new iPods (Nano and Suffle) only the case and battery
performance changes. (is time to put something new on the

New iPod 5G why buy it now? In a few mouths the 6G will be in
the market (with a bigger monitor for sure)

Movies Downloads? dowload a 30min TV show and wach it in
your iPod make sence, how about a 2 hours Movie? If you own a
home theater DVDs still a better deal and in some cases

I'm a Mac user from Japan but after the "Funny Products event" i
get disapointed with Apple!

Why i can't use the iPod Hi-FI to upload songs to my iPod?
Why the Mac Mini (and all Macs) don't have a optional acessory
(from Apple) to wach and record TV ,and transfer it automatic to
your iPod? (Do you have time to wach all your favorites TV Show
at Home? / Why buy again a TV Show if already you have a cable

If Apple wants to keep the iPod/iTunes Market in the top is time

I Hope someone from Apple Directors Board read my coment
and make the changes!

English is not my first language, sorry about it!!!
Posted by Edmiya (2 comments )
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Read between the lines: games are next!
Apple introduced what? Some new iPods, some games, iTunes
7, downloadable movies and set top box to play on content on
TV. Movies transferred to your tv will be cool but what's the
next step?

Downloadable games to be played on your TV via the iTV box.
Just add a game controller that works with the iTV unit and what
have you got? An Xbox Killer!! If Apple has been working with
EA (and probably other game manufacturers), as Steve Jobs
stated in his presentation, do you think they've only been
working on a few simple games for you iPod? I don't think so.

So now you'll your music, your movies and your games on your
computer and you'll be able to wirelessly transfer that content to
your TV. Apple is looking for new markets to move into. If they
can successfully move into games it only means one thing: Adios
X-box and PS3!
Posted by hal Summers (80 comments )
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MCE has been here for years
I'm not a huge MS fan, but I love my MCE2005. It is a really cool piece of technology. It records TV, plays music, videos, DVDs, FM radio, etc... I have it onnected to my 37" LCD TV via DVI. It has 7.1 THX surround sound.

I can already stream any content wirelessly to other TVs in the house via MCE extenders. (XBOX is an extended, but I don't have one). There are several extenders available including some from Linksys.

It runs fast and reliably. I think Apple has a ways to go before they can catch up. I'm sure Vista will add some new twists to MCE, but MCE2005 is VERY mature.
Posted by frankwick (413 comments )
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Apple Q1 2007 starts in OCT 2006!
When Steve Jobs stated that the code named "iTV" will be issued in Q1 2007, THAT is the 2006 HOLIDAY SEASON, not just January 2007 / MACWORLD EXPO. Paris Expo 2006 started on the same day as this keynote in San Francisco...

Keep your mind &#38; eyes open for what exactly the "iTV" / MacTV, Mac Mini Tv, Mac XBOXTV will be &#38; when it will be for sale...
Posted by Llib Setag (951 comments )
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<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>

Posted by fakespam (239 comments )
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Where's iTV lacks HANA standard features, Apple!?
Apple seems to completely miss the boat with their new Q1
2007 $299 "iTV" product, it has NO FireWire, and IGNORES the
HANA (High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance) standard
which standardizes on FireWire to *control* all A/V devices! Who
cares about a USB port, Apple! :(
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>

FireWire is the new standard to control A/V devices, and Apple
should be LEADING this charge!
Posted by libertyforall1776 (650 comments )
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Where's iTV's HANA standard features, Apple!?
Apple seems to completely miss the boat with their new Q1
2007 $299 "iTV" product, it has NO FireWire, and IGNORES the
HANA (High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance) standard
which standardizes on FireWire to *control* all A/V devices! Who
cares about a USB port, Apple! :(
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>

FireWire is the new standard to control A/V devices, and Apple
should be LEADING this charge!
Posted by libertyforall1776 (650 comments )
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