June 6, 2007 3:39 PM PDT

Apple, AT&T stores prepare for iPhone frenzy

NEW YORK--With a little over two weeks until the iPhone hits store shelves, Apple and AT&T retail sales representatives say they are preparing for a quick sellout and huge crowds on the June 29 launch date.

As of Wednesday, clerks at Apple and AT&T stores here said they didn't know how many phones they would be getting for the big launch. Some blogs have speculated the number might be as few as 40 devices per store.

One sales representative from the AT&T store in Times Square, who wished not to be named, said that number was likely on the low side, especially for stores in big cities like New York. He said the AT&T Times Square store received 20 devices for the recent launch of Research In Motion's Blackberry Curve. The store quickly sold out of those phones and received another shipment of about 100 Blackberry Curves the following day.

Sales representatives also said they are expecting big crowds for the launch, many of whom will likely camp out overnight in front of stores to make sure they are one of the first to get the new phone.

"If I were you, I'd probably try going to some little store in New Jersey that nobody knows about," the Times Square representative said.

Even Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, suggested to technology pundit Arianna Huffington that she go to an AT&T store where lines might be shorter than at Apple's stores.

The iPhone, announced in January, will be sold only on AT&T's and Apple's Web sites and at AT&T's roughly 2,000 retail locations and in nearly 200 Apple stores around the country. And neither company is accepting pre-orders. The phones come in two versions, a 4-gigabyte model for $499 and an 8GB version for $599 with a two-year AT&T service contract.

Charles Golvin, an analyst with Forrester Research, said he agrees there will likely be an initial frenzy for the phone, especially from Apple enthusiasts.

"There's no question there will be high demand for the iPhone, at least initially," he said. "People buy new versions of the Mac operating system in droves when it comes out. You don't see that kind of demand when Microsoft launches a new version of Vista."

Indeed, Apple fans are known for lining up early. Last year, when Apple's second retail store in Manhattan opened on Fifth Avenue, people camped out overnight just to be first in line. Many of the people who braved the wind and rain to stand in line didn't even plan on buying any products once they got inside the new store. They were simply there to be a part of the event.

Rumors have been floating around recently that Apple is planning to create a temporary shortage of the iPhone to keep demand high. An Apple representative wouldn't comment on these rumors, but said the company is glad customers are getting excited about the product.

Excited might be an understatement, considering that AT&T's new CEO Randall Stephenson said in March that the company had already gotten more than 1 million inquiries on its Web site for the device. A sales representative at an AT&T store in Manhattan on Fifth Avenue said Wednesday that the store is receiving more than 100 phone calls per day, and at least another 100 inquiries from people who have walked into the store asking how they can get their hands on an iPhone.

Apple expects to sell 10 million iPhones by the end of 2008. Golvin said this is an achievable goal, especially if Apple starts offering the phone internationally. He predicts sales of the iPhone will come in waves. Early sales will likely come from hard-core Apple enthusiasts. But there will also likely be a second wave consisting of people who will wait to read product reviews or wait until their current carrier contracts expire, he said.

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Personal Body Guard required
Good luck with keeping muggers at bay. To steal a Wii one must first break into your home...to steal an iPhone...a would be mugger need only pimp slap you in opposite cheek while removing the iphone from your face with the other free hand.

It's an easy target when something that is so tiny is so valuable. You wouldn't walk down the street with a $600 wad of $20 bills would you? Well if your using an iPhone I guess that would be a yes!
Posted by deitiphobia (16 comments )
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RE: Personal Body Guard required
This has got to be one of the worst responses in here. Let me
guess, you probably drive down the freeway with a phone glued
to your ear, right? While I probably will not buy an iPhone, I can
see why many people will. It looks to be a decent product, but
only time will tell. Apple seems to have discovered that many
people don't want everything including the kitchen sink included
in a product. they just want one that is easy to use and not
bloated with features.

But then most people don't walk down dark alleys at night with a
phone stuck to their ear. Most people are smarter than that.
Posted by protagonistic (1868 comments )
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The iDon'tHaveALifePhone
Let the pathetic, needy, buffoons camp out and stand in long lines. It's no wonder that people laugh at Apple Fanboys.
Posted by john55440 (1020 comments )
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"Let the pathetic, needy, buffoons camp out and stand in long
lines. It's no wonder that people laugh at Apple Fanboys."

Do these same people laugh at the PS3 fanboys and the Wii
fanboys for lining up too, or is it just an exclusive Apple fanboy

I'm sure no one was laughing at the two or three people that
camped out to buy Vista. Oh wait, never mind. They were just
there for the midnight accessories sale.

Then there was that guy who camped out to buy a Zune, but I
think that was just an urban legend, don't you?
Posted by sbwinn (216 comments )
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Two year contract - non-replaceable battery?
What's the likelihood of the iPhone actually lasting the full term of
the required contract? I mean, if I'm required to sign a two year
contract to buy something shouldn't I be assured that the device
will remain operable for that term? And if the battery is not
replaceable, doesn't that kinda negate the ability for the seller to
reject a warranty claim on a normal wear and tear basis? So what
will happen when my battery stops holding a charge after the first
Posted by pu2006 (37 comments )
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Uh dude, all we have seen is the PROTOTYPE iPhone since Macworld in January...

WAIT UNTIL IT ARRIVES TO MARKET for sale then see if the battery IS / IS NOT replaceable like all the other smart phones.

ATT / Cingular / Apple want this to be a success, so I am speculating that the battery will be replacable just like all the other phones...

June 29 is coming very soon...patience.
Posted by Llib Setag (951 comments )
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not so true
you see, apple gives you an automatic one year warranty on any
product. the difference here is that phone companies want you
to buy their "insurance" to get a warranty on your phone, but
many people don't realize that the phone manufacturer gives
you a warranty for the actual phone, but they have made deals
with phone companies that requires you to only get it serviced
through the actual phone service provider. Here is the thing, for
the iPhone, apple will give you a warranty without having to buy
this "insurance from At&t. Knowing what Apple did with the iPod
and only charging 59 for an extra year of coverage, this will
most likely apply to the iPhone. So there, the two year limit
shouldn't discourage you from getting an iPhone...
Posted by blrhead (22 comments )
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Why would I fall in line for a product with no keyboard? A "very
intelligent and popular celebrity" said that it is useless for
businessmen like me! LOL!
Posted by benjiernmd (123 comments )
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Are we supposed to guess who the intelligent celebrity (oxymoron?)
Posted by shoffmueller (236 comments )
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Bluetooth keyboard
The keyboard will be an external Bluetooth device instead. I expect different companies to produce it so you should have some selection.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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New "Internet ad" for iPhone CNBC

<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.electronista.com/articles/07/06/06/fourth.iphone.tv.ad/" target="_newWindow">http://www.electronista.com/articles/07/06/06/fourth.iphone.tv.ad/</a>
Posted by Llib Setag (951 comments )
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Saw it, decent content.
It was a good ad. It demonstrated a lot of features and failures of the unit quite nicely. I think it was a well balanced ad.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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This thing will be a flop like the PS3
$600 bucks is just too damned expensive for a telephone. Apple and ATT are dreaming of long lines.
Posted by WJeansonne (480 comments )
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I would agree, if it were <i><font color="VIOLET">just</font></i> a phone. Fortunately, and many
of us have been waiting with great anticipation, <i><font color="BLUE">it is not just a phone</font></i>.<p>I suppose you
can say it will flop, <i>"just like an ipod"</i>.<p>Seems I've heard
that before somewhere ... hmmmmm, I can't seem to remember!
Posted by Thomas, David (1947 comments )
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Maybe so, maybe not
People also said the iPod was too expensive for what you get.
That you could get more for your money with other MP3 players.
That is even true today. But there is more to just the hardware
part of the unit. Take into account the software and integration
across the different features, and you get a very attractive unit.
Apple also hass had a lot of good press lately. Not only if you
take into account of all the iPod owners out there, who are
curious to see what an Apple phone might be like.

It might not sell like a Wii, but it wont flop like a PS3. It should
still see strong sales.
Posted by MidniteRaider (94 comments )
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Do you live under a rock?
There are TONS of phones over $600 and they all seem to sell quite
well. I guess if you're cheap, or don't know what a good product
looks like, you won't be in the market for an iPhone. I would gladly
trade my $400+ Sony Ericsson piece of crap for one like this.

Posted by rhett121 (73 comments )
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The typical WJeansonne fartbomb
Will this be yet another instance of cutting a hot one and leaving
the room, never to return to respond to anyone's comments? Only
time will tell whether or not the professional Windows apologist
and Apple doubter known as WJeansonne will ever respond to a
single post.

Have a nice day!
Posted by lesfilip (496 comments )
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Prepare to Eat Crow
I have copied and iCal-ed your comments and screen name,
WJeansonne. Check back on cnet the first week of July where I will
repost your statment along with the iPhone sales results.

Oh, and, how do you like your crow?
Posted by montex66 (370 comments )
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the $2000 PS3 and the $1500 iPhone
if you remember, people did pay crazy amount of money and stayed outside Best Buy for many days and nights for a PS3. I think the same thing will happen to the iPhone. The first month will be heaven for Apple with people trying to sell there iPhone on eBay and stuff, but sooner the buzz will be over and Apples dream of taking over the cell phone market will be crushed.
Posted by ahsanfarhan22 (8 comments )
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We all saw what happened to the PS3
I'd like to be the cell phone company version of the Wii. THAT will be the unsung winner of this new round of cell phones, I think.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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Re: This thing will be a flop like the PS3
I'll agree with you. It's WAY too expensive and it's also tied to AT&#38;T.

Why would you want to purchase a ridiculously expensive phone that's going to tie you to a single carrier?

I wouldn't be shocked if the INITIAL sales were great. They'll fizzle out.

I like Apple. I think they're a great company.

Unfortunately, I think this is a bad move on thier part.

Charles R. Whealton
Charles Whealton @ pleasedontspam.com
Posted by chuck_whealton (521 comments )
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Not what the research says
The piper jaffrey research says that the device appeals to a wide
demographic from soccer moms to business (yes, business) who
will not view $499 or $599 as expensive.
Posted by dansterpower (2511 comments )
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Zomg $500-$600 for privilege of 2-year contract?
Spending that much money up front for something that can easily be lost, plus the privilege of paying even more on a monthly basis for 2 whole years? And, staying out in the cold overnight to do so? I don't think so. I'll let the Apple fanboys enjoy these privileges.
Posted by spacydog (380 comments )
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Common contract length
People have cell phone contracts. Big surprise there, buddy. How
exactly is a contract for an iPhone any different than for any other

If $499 or $599 is too much for you then don't buy one. Have a
nice day!
Posted by lesfilip (496 comments )
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RE: Zomg $500-$600 for privilege of 2-year contract?
Obviously you don't have any friends with Palm OS phones. And
Blackberry owners have paid through the nose for years (phone
service + wifi + email services = huge contract fees).

Everyone who says wow, too expensive, can get lost hasn't looked
at the phone market lately. very few people have no-cost phones
and cheap service contracts except broke middle-schoolers.
Everyone else wants expensive toys with extra service features.
Posted by grtgrfx (221 comments )
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High price = Apple profit
The difference between the iPhone and other smart phones is that with a 2-year contract, most other smart phones are discounted or you can get a rebate or something. There is no such offer for iPhones, not yet anyway.

Comparing it to a PS3 is not fair but it is too expensive for a phone. Apple obviously is not subsidizing the cost of the phone and neither is AT&#38;T. The consumer is getting pinched for the R&#38;D costs of producing it.

I have been using Windows based smart phones for awhile and while I like the look and feel of the iPhone, it does not provide the key features I need in a smart phone such as:
- sync with my companies email server
- SIM swapping; I switch phones based on usage
- replaceable battery; not everyone can afford to be offline while the battery is charging
- No 3G support; web surfing or any downloading in general will be painfully slow with EDGE.

I would imagine BlackBerry users will find similar shortcomings. This phone is not for business users.

I am actually puzzled as to what the target market is. High end iPod users will not set aside their device due to the limit storage. Most people who buy smart phones are business users. Maybe Apple is experimenting with a new type of mobile Mac in response to Microsoft's Origami.

I just fail to see the attraction for the iPhone for phone, music, or smart phone functionality; besides the fact that Apple makes it.
Posted by NewsReader_ (280 comments )
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So Don't Buy One
So you fail to see the attraction for the iPhone. So what? Nobody is
out there saying YOU should buy one. Please don't - I want there to
be iPhones available for ME to buy!

Clearly, you have researched the iPhone so well that you know all
the talking points on why not to buy one. Good for you! You are a
wise and frugal consumer. Now, get out of the way so the rest of us
can get one of those a$$ kicking iPhones from Apple!
Posted by montex66 (370 comments )
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I don't know where this one originated, 'cuz from Day One - The
Keynote, Mr Jobs quite clearly details the features, points to the
device and states "SIM tray".
It's in the keynote vid online, too, so everyone that says otherwise
can now remove that bit of FUD from their attacks.
Posted by GGGlen (491 comments )
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Crazy to Buy One - I'll Buy 2 and Smash One
Yea, you'd have to be crazy to buy a phone for $600 even though it is 100 times nicer than any phone out there like that Nokia for $740, now that's priced right - yea, I'd much rather have mini chiclet keys than a state of the art touchscreen - bah, who wants new technology?! I know Verizon and Sprint didn't and if they didn't want it, they are never wrong ... and a two year contract, man, that's longer than the two year contract I have now ... or wait, is it? Yea, so don't buy one. I'm just going to stand in line because I'm there to grope kate Moss.
Posted by jbelkin (167 comments )
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Absolutely Lovely Post
I am still laughing. I needed a good gut wrencher. However, I
am curious. Not about your comment of course, but the poster
you were responding to, and others making similar
comments.<p>The iPhone is such an obvious winner, yet there
is so much <i>pure, unadulterated crap</i> being posted to try
and make it look unattractive. Even if these people work for
Nokia, etc., it would seem to me they would want something
similar, if not from Apple (due to the lock-in), but from
someone else. I have already seen a few new phones that come
close, thought not in <i>actual</i> functionality, but in
appearance, and touchscreen.<p>But then again, maybe these
are the same people who lamented the passsing of the
<i>buggy whip</i>.
Posted by Thomas, David (1947 comments )
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AT&T also declined the iPhone
When they had the opportunity to sign on with the iPhone, AT&#38;T also turned it down. It was only Cingular that agreed to it and now that AT&#38;T took over Cingular, I do wonder what the lifespan of this product will be when the sponsor AT&#38;T already turned it down earlier.

We've seen it happen before. If AT&#38;T decided they didn't want to carry it any longer, then what will you do? You have a very expensive and very nice looking... um... well, a brick with a touch screen. Okay, a low capacity music player brick with a touch screen. You won't be able to hook up with any other cell service provider.

I certainly hope they don't abandon their customers. Apple certainly can't afford to keep doing that. They already abandoned their OS customers by delaying their flagship product for this cell phone. They really need a new success and they can't ride the iPod wave for too much longer.

This could be their best chance at coming back.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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80 Gig iPhone
I'll be waiting for a couple of things. First I need my current contract to expire (which thankfully happens towards the end of this year), and for Apple to release a hard-drive based model. The iPhone is nearly perfect as far as I'm concerned, but I have no desire to downgrade my storage capacity to a nano. I don't mind if it's a little thicker - stick a hard-drive in there!
Posted by skipperpma (30 comments )
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80 Gig iPhone
You are absolutely correct. An 8-16 Gig iPhone is a temporary solution. It is for the most part useless. I own a 160 gig iPod Classic which is barely enough for 300 full resolution CD copying, about 3000 "songs". MP3 is utter useless garbage, it is unlistenable. Buy a Shure 530SE earbud, use 44.1K/16 bit lossless file downloads through iTunes, and you'll be listening to high end audio. Sonic heaven!

I say, wait until a 320 Gig iPhone arrives, and don't bother me until Apple wakes up. Until then I stay with my BlackBerry Curve, a far better and lighter phone, email, and smart device than the current iPhone, the latter a mere gadget.
Posted by agb100 (22 comments )
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Apple not taking over
Right. Apple's not trying to take over the phone market. They just want to get in. Start slowly and build up a customer following.
Like what Microsoft wants to do with Zune, right?
Posted by Fireweaver (105 comments )
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Yes, wait for the Zunephone!
It will be the reputable "iPhone-killer" at a lower price. LOL!
Posted by benjiernmd (123 comments )
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RE: Why would Apple want a replaceable battery
Like they don't have competition from battery makers now? Please.
You can buy and have a new battery installed in an iPod today for
less than Apple charges for the part. There are tons of battery
sellers, as well as services that do the replacement for you. And my
iPod's battery worked well for over three years; I only recently
replaced it to get 18-20 hours of use instead of 6-8 hours from
the original.
Posted by grtgrfx (221 comments )
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Opening the unit voids the warranty
If you open the case, you void the warranty. That alone will keep people from wanting to void the warranty on a $500-600 unit.

That does bring up an excellent point though. How long IS the warranty? If it's only 1 year, then battery replacements will be no big deal. If it's 2 years, the life of the service contract, even better.

Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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Why Apple, Why not HTC?
HTC Advantage will be out soon, boasting an 8BG Harddrive, flip out keyboard, 5" touch screen and Windows Mobile 6. OR the HTC Shift, with all that plus a 30GB Harddrive and 7" screen running VISTA! Beat that apple Freaks.
Posted by sparticusx (10 comments )
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HTC Shift is a Phone?
That HTC Shift looks kind of big. Makes Maxwell Smart's shoe
phone look elegant:

<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.brightcove.com/title.jsp?" target="_newWindow">http://www.brightcove.com/title.jsp?</a>

Are you sure that is in the same product space as cell phones?
Posted by Mystigo (183 comments )
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Reality Distortion Field
Is online and working perfectly. Everyone is foaming at the mouth for an iphone. There are phones with features like the iphone, but with the iphone, you have the "cool" factor working for you. As soon as you say, "I got an iphone" hundreds of nerds have an orgasm at your feet, following you around, asking 1000 questions about it!
Posted by thedreaming (573 comments )
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Is this true?
It is too bad Steve Jobs failed for his company, and created trust behavior related issues. Apple should dissolve its company and reduce the scope of its illegally leveraged OS platform on stolen XEROX plans. What that means is, there is not a big future for Apple. Not as big as it could have been. It's designs are late, duplicatable, and associated to illegal behavior and conduct. How do you break that? If you say it doesn't matter with a straight face, then that isn't coming from truth from the heart. Kids learn from this!
Posted by trueview (29 comments )
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No It is Not!!!
I thought i was done on this thread, as a few might wish.
<i>Me to.</i><p>I can't tell if your comment was a joke, or
you really meant it.</p><p>How did Steve Jobs fail Apple?
Since he has come back, the company has practically risen from
the grave. When they were in dire straights, I was among many
faithful who yearned for a change, who were critical of their
decisions, and unhappy with the <i>strange product line</i>
that decidedly mimicked every other PC manufacturer. That
period is now officially over, thanks to Steve Jobs.</p><p>The
trust behavious related issues you are referring to must be the
<i>backdated options</i> scandal. He had nothing to do with
this, except being the recipient of the options, <i>which he did
not exercise</i>. There were at least three levels of
investigation, one of which was by the SEC. He was cleared on
all levels. He did not request, plan, or design any of
it.</p><p>This false story of Apple stealing XEROX plans, has
always been a complete fabrication. Apple gained insight, and
even researchers from Palo Alto, which they licensed, or outright
paid for. That particular detail I would have to look up.
<i><b>Bottom line</b>, <font color="BLUE">they did not
steal XEROX plans</font>.</i></p><p>The "late" designs you
speak of are an arbitrary point. Smaller companies are always
performing R&#38;D, as well as the larger companies. If you look at
the market place, as a whole, and the significant players, their
designs are not late.</p><p><b><i>STRAIGHT
FACE</i><font color="RED">:-|</font></b>
Posted by Thomas, David (1947 comments )
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Congratulations, you are now officially a moron!
If you're going to post, at least have some semblance of clue as to what you're talking about. &lt;rolls eyes&gt;
Posted by anarchyreigns (299 comments )
Link Flag
Was this post serious?
Kids learn from this? Was that a serious comment? Hysterical. Kids
learn from the President as well but that doesn't stop him from
illegal behaviour and conduct. It's a freakin' phone, relax Francis.
p.s. thanks for the post - I needed a good laugh
Posted by nonameneeded (6 comments )
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Hasn't this already been done?
Seems like Sony already has a small computer that can do all of this, plus run the full version of Windows Vista. I think it's the VAIO UX series, and because someone will inevitably mention it, yes I do use Windows and I have a Motorola razr and they both work fine and I have no intentions of getting rid of them. Apple stuff just seems to be consistently overhyped and the Apple fans will tear anyone down who doesn't think that Apple is the best at everything. Getting back to the point, we already have touch screens, we already have full mobile operating systems, and we already have cell phones. You can't go around putting "i"'s in front of everything and calling it revolutionary. Frankly, it's insulting to those of us who have an education and are able to see past the marketing and evaluate the product for what it actually is, an expensive, nice looking phone, that lacks the revolutionary technology that the fans and marketing would lead us to think it has.
Posted by makakalo (5 comments )
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Serious question...
....when you say "we already have touch screens" do you mean touch screen using a stylus? Because the screen on the iPhone is such that you literally "touch" the with your finger so as to avoid replacing/losing your stylus all the time. This is patented technology so I was just curious if your mobile device is using that technology as well. I am seriously asking. Also, when you say "we already have touch screens, we already have full mobile OS, and we already have cell phones. You have a mobile system that has all three things rolled into one unit? Just curious. Thank you in advance for responding.
Posted by nonameneeded (6 comments )
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Warm and Fuzzy: being an Appleite!
Apple makes good stuff. You all know it. Their attention to usability is unmatched.

The real issue is the fact that owning an Apple product for some reason elevates you to some sort of a walking-god-on-earth status...in your own mind.

They're just (wonderfully designed) electronics devices, for crying out loud.

[Now, where did I park my CL600?]

Why not talk about the whole required 2-yr...so we can recover our costs...contracts that are pervasive in the US? Give me a break...
Posted by Kings X Rocks! (89 comments )
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Win a FREE iPhone
Heavy.com, an entertainment website, is having a promotion for its new users in which the website gives away a free iPhone everyday. Here is the website:

<a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.heavy.com/channel/2605" target="_newWindow">http://www.heavy.com/channel/2605</a>

Posted by yalebulldogs (1 comment )
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I Predict....
That it will sell more units that the Zune.

Yep, that's my prediction.
Posted by Seaspray0 (9714 comments )
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On iPhone Opening Day...
Hey gang, I?m excited about the release of the new
product called the ?iPhone?. I?ve read the sales pitches,
have seen the video news releases, have read more,
and have viewed more.
It still comes up kind of empty doesn?t it?

I?ve made a few stops into the local AT&#38;T Corporate stores
that will be selling/providing the product, including a visit to an Apple store.
No-one has any insight as to what to expect.
Sales people are completely in the dark.

It would only make sense? that the release of a new product,
and the people behind the new product would want it to go
off with flying colors, and with happy customers.

So, here?s a tangled question:
If I?m going to be out all night long waiting for the retail
storefront to open up at 10:00 AM for a product costing
a half-a-thousand-dollars, should I worry about how I
accommodate myself in all of the human factors involved here.
Eating, having to visit a facility, sleeping, and so on.
I mean, it?s not a war zone, but we are talking logistics here.
How is Apple going to provide an enjoyable customer
experience to those of us dedicated to their product?
Do we need to worry about ending up where Paris Hilton
is because we?re on the street after dark, or we?re labeled
as loitering?
How does all of this work?
Just curious.
Posted by D_Arsonval (2 comments )
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It's not.
"How is Apple going to provide an enjoyable customer experience to those of us dedicated to their product?"

It's not; a company that sells a locked phone with no user-replaceable battery, no business/productivity tools and no 3G support for more than $500 + high carrier costs only shows it doesn't care about customer experience, only about money.
Posted by Fil0403 (1303 comments )
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Apple, AT&T stores prepare for blind Apple fanboys
The rest of the stores will keep selling Windows Mobile 6 smartphones to people who value features and productivity over looks.
Posted by Fil0403 (1303 comments )
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