December 20, 2006 4:36 PM PST

Analyst: Zune finding some willing ears

Although Apple still dominates music player sales with its iPod, the Zune is starting to make some inroads, particularly against the video iPod, according to one market research firm.

Current Analysis said that its data show Microsoft holding greater than 10 percent of the dollars spent in the retail market for digital audio players that sell for between $200 and $299. That's down from the 24 percent the Zune garnered in its initial week, but still better than the firm had expected.

"Right out of the gate it was a little bit better than I expected," said Current Analysis research director Samir Bhavnani, who noted that the Zune "got killed in the press."

The Zune has averaged about a 13 percent share of revenue for its price range over the past three weeks, while Apple's share has taken a hit, according to Current Analysis' figures.

Those numbers are not all-inclusive, however. The firm tracks sales at five major retailers--Best Buy, Circuit City, Staples, CompUSA and Radio Shack--but does not include Apple's own retail stores, as well as many other large outlets such as Walmart.

Also, while the Zune has a double-digit share among similarly priced models, it has a far smaller slice of the overall market, Bhavnani said. He noted that although the Zune is in a strong part of the market, the bulk of sales are for cheaper products such as Apple's $79 iPod Shuffle, which he said is "flying off the shelves."

Still, he said it is an impressive start for the company, which has acknowledged that trying to catch up with the iPod is likely to be an expensive, multi-year effort.

"This is a first step," Bhavnani said. "Traditionally, it takes Microsoft two or three go-arounds before they get something right."

One troubling note, Bhavnani said, is that the Zune is selling less well in college towns than it is overall. The firm's recent sales data show the Zune with a below 4 percent market share in places like Madison, Wis., and East Lansing, Mich., compared with better than 5 percent nationally.

"Some of the college towns were not adopting the Zune in larger numbers," Bhavnani said. "I think that's a key segment for Microsoft."

Not surprisingly, the Zune's presence is strongest in Microsoft's hometown of Seattle, where it commands nearly 17 percent of the market. Sales were also strong in Portland, Ore., (8 percent), and Anchorage, Alaska, and Salt Lake City (both around 7 percent).

Microsoft has said its main target is 18- to 28-year-olds, though the company knows that older tech enthusiasts were likely well-represented in those who bought the product in its first week. The company has said it hopes to sell 1 million Zunes by the end of June, when Microsoft wraps up its fiscal year. The company has said it is considering upping its advertising budget to help reach that goal.

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A lot of sales are due to Christmas
I bet a lot of Zune sales are parent's etc., that don't know a music player from a cobb salad. All they know is it's from Microsoft.

So it's likely their kids are going to open their gifts on Christmas morning, say "Thank you", and ask for the receipt so they can exchange the Zune for an iPod.
Posted by rcrusoe (1305 comments )
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Can you fool a kid?
I recently bought a not-a-Pod as a Christmas gift, a 2GB Sansa at
Office Depot. It was on sale and I had a coupon for $10 off. Here's
hoping a 9-year-old doesn't know the difference between a Sansa
an iPod nano.

Incidentally, the clerk at OD said only one Zune had sold at that
location in two weeks of availability. Part of the reason may be that
there are no Zunes displayed -- just a plastic model and empty
Posted by J.G. (837 comments )
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The Reason for Zune's failure
The reason for the low sales is simple. Look at the name of the product. Zune. Say it with me. Z-oo-n. Now look at iPod. Now say it. i-POD. The Zune's name is weak, soft, cushy, and only 1 syllable. iPod however is strong and bold while also feeling personal. Because of its name, I think the Zune's attempt to compete with the iPod will be like GameCube's attempt to compete with the Xbox. The article says Microsoft is trying to market the Zune to the 18-28 year olds. No self respecting middle aged adult is going to say "Check out my new Zune". It sounds too childish. "Look at the Zune I bought for my 5 year old son". Now that sounds more appropriate. I like the screen, I like the size, the buttons that you have to physically press are depressing (why not touch sensitive?), the brown colored model looks like a turd, and the name is too immature. Zune = Cartoon = Little Kids.
Posted by rallynochaos (34 comments )
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I disagree with you. Not a lot of ppl care about the name. They don't buy a Zune because the wireless feature is so restricted that you can't even transfer a non-DRM'd music without being DRM'd on the target (3day/3time limit). Moreover, you can't even transfer songs to your own computer. That's lame.

Moreover, they don't have a flash version to compete with flash players from other manufacturers. So every one sees only a big fat music player. of course, it has to be big because of the screen size but then to compete better, they should've released a flash version at the same time they released Zune 30 GB.
Posted by Hardrada (359 comments )
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Gamecube analogy misfire
I think you meant to say "GameCube's attempt to compete with
the PS2". That would be a much better analogy. GC had 14% of
market share overall, Xbox (original) had 15%, and the rest was the
big gorilla on the block, Sony.

14% market share in one year would be a miracle for the Zune,
Posted by choefer12 (5 comments )
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It Rhymes With Goon!
People are dumping these trinkets in droves on Craigslist, interesting when you consider the number of people posting 'wanted' advertisements for certain specific models of iPod. Hilarious. The Zune is so pathetic that no one wants to be associated with it, the electronic version of a polyester leisure suit.

Zune will go down in history as a pariah product, proof of Microsoft's incompetence and its introduction a watershed moment when the world realized the company was helpless outside of a monopoly scenario causing massive investor defection.
Posted by Sumatra-Bosch (526 comments )
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I Hate Pod-Anything
I hate pod-anything. It's such a Goofy name. I especially hate the term "podcast". Goofy. With a capital G. :-)

My 16-year old son wanted and I got him for Christmas a Zune. We both knew that it's a "work in progress". But, I agree with other posters who comment that there will be software updates that will truly allow the Zune to shine.

And I disagree with the c/Net reviewers who excoriate Zune for having a "prototype feel". I guess they don't have much real-world experience with prototypes. Zune has a very utilitarian feel, which is fine with me. And it doesn't feel like it's going to fall out of my hand because it's got some slimeball shape and finish. And the buttons have real, tactile feel. They work quite naturally, instead of some contrived artifact like twirling my thumb. Whoever thought that craziness up? Oh, that's right: Apple "innovation".

Different suits for different folks. Zune suits me fine.

mark d.
Posted by markdoiron (1138 comments )
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Bought & paid for...
Courtesy of Microsoft's big wallet.

17% market share in Seattle : Zune?


Big electronic stores are not even pushing them at Christmas time or sales people are not aware of "the Zune Social Distortion Bubble".

I have yet to see anyone walking around, on the bus, at Bellevue Square Mall or sowntown Seattle with a Zune.

Meanwhile, all you can see for miles are iPod & other MP3 players...

Nice try Ballmer.
Posted by Llib Setag (951 comments )
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I'm curious. Why do you have so much emotionally invested in
this? I mean, it obvious that this is something you really care
about otherwise you wou;dn't have bothered to make a post. So
why do you care what other people are buying? Why does it
make you mad that Microsoft is selling these Zunes. I'm curious
because from my perspective - its just a toy. It plays music.

Is your iPod more than just a simple music player to you? Did
you buy it as a lifestyle choice, something which you think says
something about you? Is that why you are so defensive?
Posted by rapier1 (2722 comments )
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It's true
17 ppl from seattle own Zune :)
The '%' is a typo. They included it by mistake.

Those 17 are now employed by MS.
Posted by Hardrada (359 comments )
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From Bellevue
I'm starting to see more teens buy Zunes, me and my friends included. We have gone around Belle Square with our Zunes before. You're just not looking hard enough!
Posted by cyanste (1 comment )
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Do you work for the Microsoft or the PR firm
It certainly sounds like it.

Welcome to the marketing
Posted by knobsturner (46 comments )
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"You're just not looking hard enough!"

Kinda hard to do that when one is wearing blinders. :D

Merry Christmas everyone!
Posted by Sboston (498 comments )
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Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics, and then MS Publicity
These numbers may be technically accurate, but they are
deliberately limited. One of the first things you'll notice about
the Big Box stores is that the end-caps that used to be paid for
by iPod accessory companies - not the actual iPods, but gadgets
from independent manufacturers like Belkin and Bose and JBL -
have all been taken over by MS and the Zune. Think about how
much they're paying Best Buy, Target, Circuit City, Sears, Staples,
Radio Shack, and CompUSA for that shelf space. And for how
long? Those gadget guys were steady customers for three years,
and they're probably feeling a little jilted right now. Mind

MS is losing their shirt on every one of these things they sell,
and they can't keep it up. Financially or legally. The EU doesn't
play that game. At all.
Posted by qprize (237 comments )
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losing their shirt?
Microsoft has billions of dollars lying around in petty cash. I think
they can afford to pay for the shelf space for a long, long time.
Posted by steve4lee (174 comments )
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Bad Numbers
This is really simple. Look at where their numbers come from.
All places with relatively small Apple presence and a
preponderance of "Blue Shirted Orcs" who push Windows and
PCs. Their numbers don't include Apple Retail Stores (where I've
seen huge lines of people just trying to buy an iPod) and Apple's
online store, where I'm sure they're selling a gazillion.

This "ANALysis" is like trying to make Hyundai sales look good
by pointing out that Hyundai dealers are selling more Hyundais
than Toyota Camrys.

Absurd FUD.
Posted by petezimo (1 comment )
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To be fair
Not having Walmart accounted may hurt Zune more than Apple. That's a bigger sales point for Zune than it is for Apple, despite what some other folks annedoctally said on this forum.
What hurts Zune even more is not having most of the more than 300 different marchants (online and brick and mortar) that have been distributing Zune accounted for. Those are individually small but make for a very critical mass overall.
From day one Zune has been sharing space on shelves of every shop that sells XBOX 360s.

So, in the end, one missed big source here, 300 small ones there, might indicate the numbers in the story are probably closer to reality than you can withstand.
Posted by Considerate One (30 comments )
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Zune: Cherry picking it's way to, umm... mediocrity.
Gad - they shaved the sales stats down as hard as humanly (but still semi-credibly) possible statistics-wise, and [i]still[/i] it gets only 10% of that ultra-narrow demographic?


Posted by Penguinisto (5042 comments )
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If this is success, what would a failure be?
> Still, he said it is an impressive start for the
> company... the Zune "got killed in the press."

Yeah, selling any at all would be a sign of marketing muscle. But
by this report, selling any at all is barely what they did. If they're
getting 10% share in the low-volume segment of players only
thru selected retailers which MS can spiff to push the products,
their actual share probably ran closer to 1% of MP3 player sales.

Assuming no further falloff, no lower-end machine to build
volume and maybe a 3 year lifetime before users upgrade, a year
from now, you'll be lucky to find even one of your 100 MP3-
toting friends who'll have a Zune to squirt songs for you to play
3 times before they die. (Unless you live in Redmond.) I.e., the
major competitive feature is a big fat zero, and hardly the sort of
thing that represents a foundation for a multi-year building

Ditto, once users buy/rip tunes they're going to be loathe to
throw away their library by switching formats. So a low-end
machine -- priced well below $100 -- MIGHT let MS get their
foot in the door for future growth towards a critical mass and
profitability. But the squirter alone takes a lot of battery power
(besides circuitry) that'll make smaller, cheaper Zunes ... well,
even clunkier and more expensive than the almost-competitive
high-end matchup.

Given that there's no sensible strategy apparent, and the right
thing for MS to build share looks financially challenging, I'm
surprised that C|Net doesn't inquire into Bhavnani's shallow
report. This report should be titled, "Well, They Sold Some in
Posted by WaltFrench (9 comments )
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Big competitive advantage
Is not a WiFi that can "squirt" songs that people can listen only 3 times.

It's to have WiFi. Period.

3 times for a transfered song is infinitely better than no transfer option at all for other mp3 players, iPods included.
And if you look up in the reviews (the serious ones) you'll see that battery life with WiFi on is as good (or bad) as with it off, and on pair with the iPod 30G that Zune is targeting.

An even bigger competitive advantage? The plan by the Zune guys that every new feature for new generation Zunes will be available to previous devices and users, including additional WiFi-based scenarios. That's respect for your customers. (google this news up if you don't believe me)

Now, you trust that plan if you want (I'm guessing you won't), but at least this approach, even if just in words, is very different (for better) than the Apple's records regarding availability of new features for existing users. Apple's business model is to push users to pay for new devices if they want new features, even if they are not really new features, but fixes instead...

Examples: "new iPod video has 60% brighter screen with sharper images"! Great, because previous one sucked big time, as known in every tech forum out there.
"new iPod nano has trendy aluminum-based encasing"! Sure! After a couple of lawsuits regarding crushed and screached nanos (notoriously fragile and scratch prone) that's the minimum they could do.

What about fixing things for existing users that trusted them and bought the defective products? Nah! They should just go and buy a new one!
And when doing so, they should smile, because with white headphones on they look so cool nobody will notice they just got fooled...
Posted by Considerate One (30 comments )
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Who is "Current Analysis" and why should we care?
I mean, what are their credentials? What is their methodology?

This smells like a PR fishing expedition, and CNet's biting.
Posted by M C (598 comments )
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RE: Who is "Current Analysis" and why should we care?
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>

Posted by plyneis (1 comment )
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No Apple Store, no news
Claiming to be monitoring sells of iPods while not including data
from the Apple Store is pointless. The would-be reporters at C/
NET need to learn to distinguish reliable from unreliable sources.
One can tell from the way this 'analyst' gathered his data that he is
Posted by J.G. (837 comments )
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Exactly - Like Ignoring Black & Decker Sales at Sears
It's a howl. Completely and totally cooked sample set and assumptions.

I thought the 3Sharp study was hilarious but this episode borders on the surreal.

CNet might as well report that "an independent panel of psychics has revealed that the iPod's market share dropped to 5% after the Zune was introduced" and confirm the findings by interviewing space aliens.

Posted by Sumatra-Bosch (526 comments )
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Well, at Wal-Mart last night...
...just happened to be there poking around while my ladyfriend got some last-minute stuff (BTW: it's in Salt Lake City). I was looking for a cheap mp3 player for a nephew of mine, and took a quick tally w/ the guy behind the counter:

iPods: Nearly all sold out... shipment due today sometime, but they said the Shuffle was pretty much gone until after Christmas.

Sandisk, RCA, &#38;tc: almost all sold out - some of the more expensive models they still had a few of. I got the last of one of the low-end Sandisk models ($70.00).

Zune: had a TON of them, sitting right there in the glass-fronted locked shelf just under the display case, and tons more in the back room. The guy says that very few of them have sold.

While anecdotal, it is repeatable - just stroll down to your nearest Wal-Mart today and poke around... what I saw in the Wal-Mart closest to downtown Salt Lake City told me all that I needed to know about how miserable a failure the Zune turned out to be.
Posted by Penguinisto (5042 comments )
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What worthless stats... Why write a story?
"The Zune has averaged about a 13 percent share of revenue for
its price range over the past three weeks, while Apple's share
has taken a hit, according to Current Analysis' figures.

"Those numbers are not all-inclusive, however. The firm tracks
sales at five major retailers--Best Buy, Circuit City, Staples,
CompUSA and Radio Shack--but does not include Apple's own
retail stores, as well as many other large outlets such as

"Also, while the Zune has a double-digit share among similarly
priced models, it has a far smaller slice of the overall market,
Bhavnani said."

So the two stores that likely moved the greatest number of Zune
competitors were left out... Practically useless. All it does is
plant a double-digit number in readers' minds.
Posted by Mark Greene (163 comments )
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See some of my posts above
Ignorance seems to be a bliss to those willing to twist the numbers to their side.
Big sources got left out for both sides...
Posted by Considerate One (30 comments )
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Parents Discover Zune Preloaded With Gay Orgy Video
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>

December 22, 2006
Don't Buy Kids Zunes at WalMart!

One happy Chicago kid received a Microsoft Zune for Christmas this season. Her unhappy parents discovered that the device was preloaded with two hour's worth of five men in a gay orgy. They were not amused.

The parents picked up the digital music player at WalMart. WalMart blamed Microsoft for the incident. The parents received a full refund and a $25 WalMart gift card. It's unclear whether they will replace the Zune with an iPod or one of the Creative Labs knockoffs.

We guess it's not surprising given that the device calls transferring music "squirting", but still.
Posted by Sumatra-Bosch (526 comments )
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Correcting the story
<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
No blame on Microsoft was ever considered, since it was a unit with clear signs of tampering.
Maybe some of the guys posting here got so concerned that Zune was taking space of their "oh-so-precious" iPods on the market that they decided to take matters to their own hands? :)
Posted by Considerate One (30 comments )
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Target is pushing the Zune hard.
Every Target store I've been in has a Zune section right in front for everyone to see. You can't miss them. As soon as you get to their Electronics sections, you'll see them. The iPods, on the other hand, are basically hidden in the isle shelves.

So, it's possible that MS and Target are in some kind of marketing push. And, maybe retailers make more from the Zune, as we already know that they don't make a dime on the iPods, but instead, in the accessories.

I don't particularly care for the Zune. Nor, did I care for the iPod with video. I have two 4 generation iPods, and a PSP. I'm pleased with both.

The Zune doesn't offer anything already found in the iPod, and it costs the same. Forget the ability to share. That's a useless feature. The screen is slightly larger than the iPod 5g. But, as I already mentioned, I don't own the iPod with video. That's why I got a PSP. It has a bigger screen, and other features Zune and iPod don't offer.
Posted by Dead Soulman (245 comments )
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Like Pushing a Cow Pie Uphill . . .
. . . with your face.

Target will regret it, whatever deal they made with MS.

Posted by Sumatra-Bosch (526 comments )
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Preloaded Gay Porn Zune Report From Fox Chicago
Check it out yourself.

<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>

Posted by Sumatra-Bosch (526 comments )
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Pie in yur eye billy!
Is this the one where Mr. Bill gets a face full of whipped cream...?

Posted by Llib Setag (951 comments )
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A rushed-to-market first release. Improvements to follow...
The initial Zune has rushed-to-market written all over it; particularly on the software side.

Don't underestimate Microsoft's ability to eventually get things right.
Posted by john55440 (1020 comments )
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Oh, Is the Pre-Loaded Porn a Feature?
It got the headlines, that's for sure.

Waiting to see the pre-loaded valentines to Charles Manson.

Posted by Sumatra-Bosch (526 comments )
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Amazon : iPod HUGE sales...zune?
AP Has 'Best Ever' Sales in 2006

Tuesday December 26, 1:57 pm ET Says 2006 Holiday Shopping Season Peaks With More Than 4M Orders Placed in One Day

SEATTLE (AP) -- Inc.'s 2006 holiday season peaked with more than 4 million orders placed on Dec. 11, the Web retailer said Tuesday. That broke last year's single-day record of more than 3.6 million orders set on Dec. 12.

In its 12th holiday season, said it again had its "best ever" sales and that it shipped more than 99 percent of orders in time to meet holiday deadlines around the globe. As many as 3.4 million units went out in a single day.

Apple Computer Inc.'s iPods,
Canon Inc.'s Powershot Digital Elph cameras and Garmin Ltd.'s navigational devices using Global Positioning System technology were among the best-selling consumer electronics items. also sold the most expensive digital music player to date, for $19,999.

The company said it sold 1,000 Xbox 360 game consoles in 29 seconds as part of a promotion that slashed two-thirds off the regular retail price. Demand for the Microsoft Corp. machines was so high that's site bogged down briefly on Thanksgiving Day, generating bitter complaints from shoppers and forcing the retailer to change procedures for subsequent promotions. also said customers ordered enough orange-flavored Airborne cold-fighting supplements to supply every passenger on 192 Boeing 747 planes.

Among the top-selling DVD titles was "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," starring Johnny Depp.

Best-selling books included Barack Obama's "The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream" and "You: On a Diet" by Mehmet C. Oz and Michael F. Roizen.

Shares of dipped 56 cents to $39.68 in midday trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market.
Posted by Llib Setag (951 comments )
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Everyone Bought Their Zunes on Craigs List !
You are so negative! You are just an Apple Fanbug or something.

People were so thrilled at the Zunes that they bought at Sears (which is not surveyed) before xmas that they wanted other people to experience them, too.

So they put them all on Craigs List (which is also not surveyed) for $25 or less out of the goodness of their hearts.

Zume will probably outsell do-it-yourself appendectomy kits in the final xmas sales rush numbers. You'll see and everyone will hate you for being so down on the most popular DAP in the universe.
Posted by Sumatra-Bosch (526 comments )
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Market Share and other things
It might be helpful to note that when the iPod was released its competitors were 32mb flash players,(which stores what? one album perhaps...), and the market wasnt being seriously persued by anyone. Then 2001 came with the 5GB iPod and millions of $$$ in advertising. The rest is history. Fast forward to 2006 and as of August 17 Apple is reported to have a 75.6% market share (Source: <a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>) with its closest competitor as Sandisk with 9.7%. Apple has already sold I think approxamately 75 million iPods. November rolls around and Microsoft releases its much dreaded/anticipated, depending on what your opinion, Zune. The story we're all discussing says that Microsoft holds ~10% of the $'s spent in the ~$200 market. Overall market share is probably much less. Microsoft however, is pleased with the results however small they are. Why? They just penetrated a market with a deeply entrenched competitor. I think that is really cool because while the iPod by far the dominate mp3 player on the market, Zune was able to penatrate and make itself known. That being said, I think Zune is going to give the iPod a run for its money. There have been many other mp3 players that have the hardware to challenge the iPod (the Sansa and Zen series are the best known) they haven't had the software and especially the advertising to back it up. The Zune, as I see it, is the only mp3 player with enough support from the company who makes it to become the iPod's equal.

Many have criticized the Zune's failure to surpass the iPod in such areas of design and features. As Considerate One and JuggerNaut have already discussed, the Zune enjoys some things over the iPod and the iPod has advantages over the Zune. When you break it all down, the only real differences are the screen size, the case, controls,the company who makes it, the software. I don't think that the Zune has to be the famed "iPod Killer" through having all the features under the sun, all it has to do is be easy to use, which is another thing other DAP makers have forgot about. As far as I've heard the Zune integrates with the Zune software very well and is easy to use, although you can't buy movies on it like you can on iTunes. I really don't think the Zune is any better than the iPod and it still needs a bit of fine tuning. Its just really a player to get interest and a name for itself with better players forthcoming.

Another thing discussed is the fact that the Zune doesn't work with Mac/Linux. The reason this is the way it is is because the Mac cut of the PC market isn't that great, plus the Loyalty that group has to Apple would cut the number of people who would even consider the Zune very small. The number of costumers it would please compared to the time and $ put into it would never pay off. As for Linux, the share is even smaller so its not worth the Zune developers time.

In conclusion, Zune is, as of now, the only real competitor to the iPod. Microsoft is the only company able and willing to challenge the iPod. I think in 2007 Microsoft is going to release some amazing mp3 players. For those calling the Zune a failure, its too early to show that just wait a year or two and then we'll see if it is or not.
Posted by 757addict (15 comments )
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Everything in the Previous Message is MSFT Propaganda
The preceding assertions were never true and are less true now. Latest numbers - excluding Apple stores - has Zune running at less than 2% market share. All totaled, it will probably run well below 1% or as statisticians say, not even sample noise.

<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>

Zune?s sales relative to other MP3 players continue to decline, with NPD Group placing its market share at 1.9% by the second week of December 2006.
Posted by Sumatra-Bosch (526 comments )
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Reluctantly bought a Zune, than reluctantly returned it...
I bought a white Zune the other day.. although my main
computer is a Mac and my Pentium 4 PC sucks so much and is
riddled with viruses..

After getting frustrated nearly to tears trying to export my
iTunes items to my PC using a Western Digital 60 GB External
HD, which was thwarted with constant file format incosistencies
and Zune software crashes, I gave up. Another CNET commentor
advised me that the money of selling the Zune for an iPod is less
than the frustration of trying to sync, he was right.

I am still saddened to see the Zune go; I really liked its interface,
screen size, and design. For now I'm waiting til after MacWorld:
see whats coming from both sides (MAYBE ZUNE MAC
SUPPORT!!!), and choose in a little while which I want. Wish I
could afford both.

All in all the Zune hardware is pretty decent, mine mighta been
defective because the preloaded songs skipped too much for
normal (about 1 out of every 5 songs skipped at least once). But
the Zune software: A NIGHTMARE. It takes way too long to
upload to Zune, doesnt have enough options for the individual
music, runs slowly on my computer, and often crashed.
Posted by Alegoo92 (24 comments )
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HAHA hypocrite
read your own wars and tell me your not being hypocritical...

A- By yout logic: you obviously care enough about this persons
personal life to make that post to him...

B- You know nothing about this person, so dont insult him or
say that he has so much "emotionally invested" when you have
no insight into his logic
Posted by Alegoo92 (24 comments )
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