March 26, 2007 8:55 AM PDT

Amazon leaks details on Adobe's Creative Suite 3

A correction was made to this story. Read below for details.

Amazon Canada has accidentally revealed a number of details--from prices to release dates--for Adobe Systems' highly anticipated Creative Suite 3.

The leak, which was reported Sunday by Apple Insider, has made information about CS3 available in advance of Adobe's formal announcement on Tuesday.

Included on the Amazon pages, which are still live, are prices for the various full versions, upgrade packages, and individual software editions like Photoshop and InDesign. Prices range from 110 Canadian dollars ($95) for an upgrade version of Web authoring tool Contribute--which became Adobe property when the company acquired rival Macromedia in 2005--to 3,440 Canadian dollars ($2,957) for the full Master Collection of all CS3 applications.

Amazon's U.S. site is also now listing the software. On the U.S. site, however, the Master Collection is listed for $2,499 with an availability of July 1.

The beta version of Photoshop CS3 was released to existing Creative Suite 2 owners in December. According to the leaked Amazon data, the final versions of CS3 products will start shipping on April 20.

AppleInsider also reported that separate editions of CS3's software will be released for Apple computers with Intel processors, which debuted early last year, and those that still run on Apple's older PowerPC chips. However, it appears that some CS3 software, like the extensive Master Collection, will not be available for PowerPC-based Macs at all.

Adobe is hoping the leak will not steal the spotlight from Tuesday's announcement.

"Web mistakes happen from time to time," spokesman Russell Brady said. "But we'd ask our customers to wait until March 27 to get full and correct information on the configurations and pricing that make up the largest release in Adobe's 25-year history."

Brady would not confirm the information on the Amazon Canada Web site.

Aside from Creative Suite 3, some of Adobe's other projects in the works include a Web-based version of Photoshop and its Web application authoring tool, Apollo.


Correction: This article incorrectly stated the product released in December to Creative Suite 2 owners. The beta of Photoshop CS3 was released.

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Looking at all these options, my head begins to hurt.

No package to replace the creative suite I have? I want Photoshop,
Indesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Acrobat Pro. Don't
need Version Tracker, Fireworks, Contribute, or lots of those other
programs that my job doesn't require.
Posted by ewelch (767 comments )
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And no more GoLive
Yes, I am one of those few people who prefer GoLive over
DreamWeaver. Hopefully Adobe combined the best of the two
Posted by Lee in San Diego (608 comments )
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Steal the spotlight?
Hardly worth worrying about the spotlight...if anything, these leaks (and the news stories that accompany them, like this one) garner MORE interest in the products. The listings on Amazon have me rather excited about the changes. A shame, however, that these updates will be expensive, and in lieu of any other updates to the current version of the software.
Posted by scapsinger (1 comment )
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$2500 for what?
I'm sorry, but I just don't see the need to spend $2500 per machine to have the latest and greatest tools and software that people end up disabling and trying to return to the functionality if previous versions.

Are they greedy? Certainly not since you can still use your existing applications, but I can see no incentive to upgrade- not at those prices.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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Before you...
Make stupid comments like the one you just made why don't you wait and see what you get for the $2500. You may get every major piece of Adobe software they have.

Posted by Heebee Jeebies (632 comments )
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Keith said:

Adobe knows one thing, the specialized markets and the use of these expensive programs are for industries involved in the day by day professional fields that have multiple users needing all these programs "but" not usuall for one individual. At least in most cases.

To-day many other individuals will purhase this package because they have the hours available. General photographers, even wedding shooters, know that most of their pictures must be one time shots as they do not have the time to play with these pictures, they learn, through lotsof practice to shoot right the first time.

Many will be able to do wonderfull things with this suite, and, after the honey-moon is over they will have needed no more ingredients, to end up with a good picture, than they would have used with Essentials.

We teach that you make the good picture not the camera, in this case the programme does not make a good picture, you do. Shoot right and you will need very little of this package.

Spend the $2500 on a better lens, or upgrade your camera.

And, "By the way", it is easy to call someone stupid, especially, I find on the web. ("High") I appretiated your views, but, I believe...

Posted by kreb (3 comments )
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