March 21, 2007 12:53 PM PDT

Adobe to CS2 users: Want Vista? Upgrade

Adobe Systems, poised to release Creative Suite 3 later this spring, said it will not support Windows Vista on the current version.

The company released a document (PDF) earlier this month describing its operating systems support plans.

Running Creative Suite 2.0 on Windows Vista is "not recommended" and it will not update those products for Vista, Adobe said.

"While some of its components, including Adobe InDesign CS2, Illustrator CS2 and Photoshop CS2, install and run under Windows Vista with only minor known issues, other components such as Acrobat 7.0 Professional do not support Windows Vista," according to the statement.

The company said that it is not aware of any major problems for people who want to run Creative Suite 2.3 on Vista.

Adobe is scheduled to launch Creative Suite 3 on Tuesday in New York. Company executives say it's the biggest product launch in Adobe's history.

Creative Suite 3 was designed to run on 32-bit versions of Windows Vista--Home Premium, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate. The suite will also run on Macs.

In a recent interview with CNET, Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen said Creative Suite 3 will not fully take advantage of the graphics capabilities in Vista, in part because of the uncertainty of Vista's shipping date.

"Another reason is, how many customers are really on Vista in the installed base, and is it worth the work, especially in the creative customers? And we have no desire to really showcase Microsoft's technology," Chizen said.

Adobe said that it is still testing Vista compatibility for Photoshop Lightroom, the company's photo-management application made available for pre-order in late January. There is one known problem burning CDs and DVDs. The company said it will evaluate whether to do an update for Vista.

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I love this line...
"we have no desire to really showcase Microsoft's technology"

Thats great, it really shows how much Adobe likes MS. Its not a big
deal though, there are only a handful of creatives that use MS, most
use Apple. With all of the companies I have worked for and
interviewed with I have only seen one that uses MS for their
designers computers and the only reason they did was because
they receive a grant from MS. However, the designers at that
company still request Macs every chance they get.
Posted by jones_8099 (177 comments )
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I love this line too...
"However, the designers at that company still request Macs every chance they get."

How ironic that the rest of the world requests PC's with Windows every chance they get (A.K.A. when they buy a computer), isn't it?
Posted by Fil0403 (1303 comments )
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I love this line too...
"However, the designers at that company still request Macs every chance they get."

How ironic that the rest of the world requests PC's with Windows every chance they get (A.K.A. when they buy a computer), isn't it?
Posted by Fil0403 (1303 comments )
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not as true anymore
Since XP rolled out in 2001 that is not as true as it used to be. More and more design shops are switching to Windows. There really is no advantage of using Macs in the modern era for graphic work. All the programs that used to be mac-only are now cross platform (Quark for example) and many new ones have appeared that are windows only. Plus, you get all the advantages of an open platform (can anyone say graphic card options?), lower price computing, and less network headaches for your IT people.
Posted by frankwick (413 comments )
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Who Loses?
So, when major software comapnies hate each other, who loses? You and me, that's who. Photoshop CS2 is a huge, important and expensive application. Want Vista? Want Photoshop CS to go with that? Well, gotta buy our version 3, Oh, and by the way, we don't want to show you how good Vista is so we're gonna cripple CS3. Man, we consumers just get pounded by these guys at every turn!
Posted by goldencrazy (2 comments )
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So so very tired of the upgrade wars.
I own CS2. Twas very expensive. I had to call Adobe twice to get the thing to install on my two computers. I have to keep track of ridiculously long serial numbers for all my proprietary software. Now I get to upgrade again? Not. Gonna. Do it. I'm getting off the proprietary software merry-go-round altogether. In short, I just bought a new dual-core computer and installed Ubuntu Linux, which is fantastic. The Gimp, Inkscape, fantastic. Just yesterday, I discovered a full featured InDesign/Quark replacement, the open source Scribus. Installation took all of three minutes to download and install, and the program was running. THAT is what the open source software world has evolved into. Look into it. Or not. Keep on the merry-go-round if you like that kind of hassle. For me, I have seen the emperor and he's got no clothes. Buck-duck naked.
Posted by ArtInvent (374 comments )
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For what I do, GIMP ( <a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a> ) works just fine. I suspect that for most existing PS/PS-CS users, it will work just as well.

Get a few plugins and a few more developers in on it, and GIMP has the potential to replace Photoshop entirely for upwards of 90% of the market. I figure it can replace PS in about 50% now... I bet Adobe would seriously pay attention to their customer base if 50% of 'em simply walked away, no?

Posted by Penguinisto (5042 comments )
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I desgin using windows
I use MS products because of the price. Apple has a good product however their price is something which i have a hard time taking. I am upset that adobe will not give CS3 all that vista can take. Which tells me a couple of things, (A) the mac lovers at adobe are scared that MS has a great product despite all the bad press. and (B) This now leaves room for a entire new graphics developer to come into the market if Adobe what to pick and choose what platform to use.
Posted by bluehairmail (4 comments )
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Flaws in that argument
I agree in many cases a Windows PC is cheaper than an
equivalent Mac.

However, this is mainly true for the entry-level systems, which
are not typically optimal for design. For high-end design work,
the argument falls away a bit:

High end quad-core Xeon-based machines are available from
both Apple (the Mac Pro) and Dell (the Dell Precision 490). The
prices are not only on a par from both companies, but often in
favor of Apple when you take a typical designer's configuration.

Add the generally better productivity that designers report when
using a Mac, plus the time (equals money) spent maintaining
and virus-scanning the Windows PC and the question is really,
just how much are you saving?
Posted by dotmike (154 comments )
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Adobe have dumped on Apple too
Perhaps what you fail to realise is that neither CS1 or CS2 has
native support for Intel Macs - they run under Rosetta emulation
mode. All designers using intel Macs have been waiting (up to a
year now) for CS3 so they can have a native product.
The effect is that CS2 runs much slower on intel Macs. For
instance, at work CS1 on intel Core Duo iMac 1.87Mhz (2GB ram)
runs slightly slower that CS2 on my powerbook G4 1.67Mhz
(1GB ram)

So just as CS3 will be required for Vista, CS3 is required for intel
Macs. The Mac users have had it much harder, at least you can
actually buy vista.
Posted by Riquez-001 (171 comments )
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All that it can take
Guess what...Adobe hasn't do this on the Mac end either &#38; hasn't
for some time. If anything the Mac's advantages have been ignored
over the years to keep the Mac &#38; Windows versions on par.
Posted by scweezil (171 comments )
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Adobe greed
Microsoft's been trying to unseat Adobe for years. This just helps them. I'll look at MS's new product harder now that Adobe won't support the number 1 shipped OS (like it or not) in the world! What a foolish business decision on Adobe's fault! I just hope that other software developers use this productively. Now that PDF is native in MS Office, I don't need Acrobat. What's next???
Posted by billandwanda (1 comment )
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The technology's good
but until a Linux version exists, I'm still using the GIMP, which is quite good, but not as good. Wake up Adobe, Linux users want your tech, a lot!
Posted by ben::zen (127 comments )
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CS3 won't support Vista video? -- Duh!!
Adobe has to make a product that's consistent across the platforms it supports so as long as it still supports older platforms like XP then it's not going to use the new bells and whistles of Vista. I find it strange that their contact didn't state that instead of the BS he did spout.

More telling is the fact they decided not to provide patches for their older products to make them work well on Vista. That's definitely a move to force upgrades because the reason the older products would have problems on Vista is they they're performing some actions that they shouldn't have been doing in the first place.
Posted by fcekuahd (244 comments )
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Only problems is... reality, these "older products" you mention work on Vista perfectly.
Posted by Fil0403 (1303 comments )
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Me to Adobe: Want me to upgrade? Tuff luck
How interesting it is that I've been using Adobe Photoshop CS2 in Vista since day 1 (that is for almost 3 months now) without any problem.
Posted by Fil0403 (1303 comments )
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Complex software
Just because the functions you use are stable on your hardware, there is no guarantee that other functions you don't use will not be stable on other hardware.

I don't understand why anyone would want to run Vista in a production environment anyway.
Posted by ralfthedog (1589 comments )
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Adobe, are they as bad and greedy as Microsoft?
Wow, I cannot believe the arrogance of the Adobe spokesman. First off I think we all spent thousandssssss of dollars with this company over the years. My production laptop went down recently so Idecided to buy a new laptop. I gave Vista a shot and I am growing to really like it. Now I am finding out that not only are they not going to release software patches for vista, they are not going to include my favorite and most used program (GoLive) into CS3 but there new product line is not going to make use of vistas environment. Do they relize that the screen resolution flickers and pauses for a second while premium downgrades itself to the basic graphic elements. that is not a vista problem that is Adobe not making there product compatible with the latest operating system available. Further more, I am not crazy about the way Windows controls things, but at least they support there products for more than 2 years (the lenght of time I have had CS2). At the end of summer when GOLIVE CS3 Is released I will buy that stand alone, because in my opinion it is an amazing product, my only regret is that Adobe purchased the company that originally launched it, it would probably be better and more compatible if a smaller company, that cared about all of there customers and values their business owned it. Since windows represent about 90% of the market place I have gotta beleive that a majority of adobes client base uses windows not mac. Not that i have anything against mac, I just do not have time to make the switch. But I will not invest my hard earned money into ADOBE.

Posted by AT Web Results (1 comment )
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