May 22, 2008 10:27 AM PDT

A video game star and his less-than-stellar pay

A video game star and his less-than-stellar pay
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Michael Hollick's voice and gait have moved into the pop-culture firmament recently as those of Grand Theft Auto IV's central criminal.
(From The New York Times)

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Am I supposed to feel sorry for this guy? He only made $100,000 in one year for voice acting. Dear lord in heaven what is this world coming to? How dreadful that this "STAR" only get $100,000 for a meager year of work. </sarcasm>

Maybe I should give up my job and go into voice acting and let people glue ping pong balls to my body and I dance around and play act. If I got $100,000 for doing that, I'd be ecstatic.

Maybe with that $100,000, he can afford an overpriced lawyer to look over his next contact.
Posted by SeizeCTRL (1333 comments )
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I'm gonna have to agree. I work all year for 8 hours a day and don't make that much.

If he's upset, I'm happy to take over.
Posted by jrm125 (334 comments )
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I'm sure Mr. Hollick is a fine actor. But if his contract was a "work-for-hire" type of deal then he will not see another dime from GTA IV. The entertainment lawyer quoted in this article is 100% correct about the scope of royalties in this industry. Mr. Hollick should play it cool, be happy with his $100K, and hope to negotiate a better deal if Rockstar calls on him to reprise the role of Niko. Although Niko is the protagonist of GTA IV, it's the immersive world of Liberty City that made this game sell so many copies. You have thousands of hours of design and programming work to thank for that technical feat.
Posted by mimicry88 (1 comment )
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