September 16, 2007 4:00 AM PDT

A window of opportunity for Macs, soon to close

A window of opportunity for Macs, soon to close
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The Mac's presence in the retail world remains limited, a shame given the rare opportunity for Apple to gain market share that opened up when Vista arrived.
The New York Times

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Apple lost the OS war over two decades ago.
Get over it dude. Even Jobs realizes that, so why beat a dead horse.
Posted by WJeansonne (480 comments )
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No, they didn't.
Apple didn't lose the "OS War."

They lost the "cheap computer" war.

Do your history.
Posted by Gromit801 (393 comments )
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Re: Apple lost the OS war..
OS war..?!?

You've been reading c|net too much..
Posted by imacpwr (456 comments )
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ROTFL! You wish, Astroturfer...
...cling a little harder to your dying paradigm. ;)

Posted by Penguinisto (5042 comments )
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Marketshare and the plan
3% of the worldwide PC marketshare is a deceptive number. Are you talking about hardware sales? If so, then, the Macintosh computers are in competition with Dell and HP. Last I checked, Apple's market cap was more than 2x the size of Dell. So what is wrong with Apple hardware sales? What is the number of OS X users vs. Windows users? That is a different market segment. So, the numbers you quoted are not necessarily reflective of the success or failures of Apple.

Steve Jobs has a master plan: <a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
Posted by Jesse Chan (47 comments )
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Sigh, here we go again
Ok, everyone, pull your panties out of your **** and get over it. Mac's are good, but they are not all that and a pound of butter. A Mac is nothing more than an overpriced pc with a very nice operating system. Now if Apple would sell just its O/S, then I think more people would be into it. However, then they would face the problem that has plagued MS for years: trying to be compatible with everything.

Vista has its issues, yes. All O/S's from MS have issues at the start. Thats why its recommended to wait 6 months to a year after its release to switch over unless your a tech savvy geek who just has to have it. However, bugs and driver issues aside, its a sleek improvement over XP. Granted the security is a bit janky, but nothing a good antivirus, firewall and spyware scanner cant fix.

Now, in the worldwide market share Mac is a mere sliver compared to PC. We all know that. Part of it has always been the higher cost of Mac's, plus software limitations. Now that you can run windows on a Mac, that might change a bit, but why would I buy a mac to run windows when I can save 2 grand and buy a faster pc?

And now that Linux is starting to emerge more on the scene, an IBMC pc can be given a very nice O/S without any virus and spyware threat. I know many people who give their parents Linux pc's instead of Macs. They are cheaper, easier to maintain (IMO that is) and can run on anything. The parents would have had to learn a new o/s either way, so why not go the cheaper route that performs just as well if not better?

Anyone... articles like this do nothing but stir up the fanboi's on both sides, then it becomes a panty stuffing contest to see who can get their panties in a bigger knot.
Posted by tanis143 (122 comments )
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I agree with to the extent that this article just riles up fanboys on both the Apple and Microsoft sides. However, I thought the article was very unclear to what marketshare meant. Is 3% a failure, is it a success? It didn't separate hardware from software or take into account the market capitalization of each company -- Apple, Microsoft, Dell, HP, etc. I think it made several points on how Apple could improve, which are decent points. You don't have to have a huge share to be a successful company. You can also have good profit margin and a decent share in multiple markets, as Apple has shown. Microsoft is the behemoth in software sales with Windows and Office, but Apple also is dominant in many areas of the market as well as having leading software and design. What was the author's article about? Who knows.
Posted by Jesse Chan (47 comments )
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Don't pretend that you're unbiased.
Expensive or overpriced? Macs often cost less than comparably equipped Dells, and that's before accounting for the cost of all the Windows problems the Dell will have.

Vista has issues, but so does XP, and XP's been out for about 6 years!! Are you ready to wait until 2013 for Vista to get where XP is now?

Linux is a fine OS, especially if you need a server, but nobody is seriously giving it to their computer illiterate parents. It's just not user-friendly enough.
Posted by Macaresafer (44 comments )
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Linux for grandma? Come on....
You gotta be pulling my leg here. How "many" people do you know
that gave their parents / grandparents a linux box? I don't know
ANYONE who owns a linux system, let alone technically-inept
senior citizens. As much as we love linux for its anti-commercial
ways and total customizability, its not the friendliest OS for our
elders....especially when something goes wrong or requires
Posted by alawaiblowfish (36 comments )
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RE: Linux for grandma? Come on....
"its not the friendliest OS for our elders....especially when
something goes wrong or requires modification"

Oh come off it. And just how is it any different with these same
people when they use Windows? For people in this category the
OS makes little difference. They would have to call for help with
Windows, Linux, or even OS X.

Actually, if you were providing support for this demographic
Linux or OS X would probably be a better choice than Windows
because you would be getting fewer calls. This is the group of
people who should be set up with a locked down box so they
couldn't make changes.
Posted by protagonistic (1868 comments )
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..aaannnd you're very confused.
What kind of jerk gives their elders a machine that needs anti viruses, firewalls, constant defragging, and a reinstall every other time something goes wrong?

I'm starting my grandma on Ubuntu this month. Where I live, people are switching like crazy. Progress should be hitting your area sometime within the next year or two. It's full steam here.
Posted by ethana2 (348 comments )
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As long as they have someone to install Linux, it is great for seniors. Easy to use and no worrying about spyware and viruses.
Posted by The_Decider (3097 comments )
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Once you go Mac, you'll never go back!
I switched nearly 2 years ago, bought an old G4 that my
employer was getting rid of, I thought I could experiment a bit
on it. The last 10 years had been a love/hate relationship with
Microsoft and had always been searching for something better,
usually dual-booting with some flavor of Linux. The G4 came
with OS 9 so I went right out and bought OS X, thought it would
really bog down this old machine but at least I'd get a look at
the OS in action. Was I surprised how well that old computer ran
even with the lastest OS..!! I remember old PCs of mine that
originally had Win95 on them that wouldn't even start if I tried
running XP on them but the Mac just hummed along! After a
week of playing with it I was sold and couldn't wait to get my
hands on a new iMac. Took delivery of the iMac in May of 2006
and tossed out ALL of my PCs..!!! :-)
Posted by imacpwr (456 comments )
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Here Here!
I did the same thing in 2006 and have never regretted it at all. I am running VMWare for all my PC based software with Windows XP in my iMac along with OS X and absolutely love it!

I am looking into buying a Mac Pro so I can run more virtual machines and consolidate all my servers to one machine.

To me, its all about choice. I can run any operating system or any piece of software I want on my iMac without even having to worry about compatibility issues.

If you haven't tried an Intel based Mac recently, don't knock it! It's worth every penny...
Posted by pilaa (253 comments )
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So I own two Macs. I use them every day all day at work. When I go
home I use Vista. So while maybe you are happy being a one OS
man not everyone is.
Posted by rapier1 (2722 comments )
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Perhaps more education?
By your comments, you made it clear that you had difficulty in keeping simple computers running with the older OS. It's not that terribly difficult, so I would have to believe that perhaps you needed a bit more experience or education on basic computer setup to do it properly.

If you are happy with 'playing with it' instead of doing actual work, then perhaps the Mac is indeed better suited for your needs.

Each OS has its benefits to those who need them. imacpwr needed a computer he didn't need to know anything about how to use in order to play with it. In this case, a Mac fit their needs perfectly.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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One of my last Windows PC friends about to go Mac
Most of my Windows PC friends have switched to Macs and one
of the last to still use Windows is about to boot her Dell laptop
out the Window. After her second, or is it third, reformat, in
about two years? She is sick of the spyware and all the problems
she constantly faces. It seems her antivirus software doesn't
keep up and she is tired of fighting constantly with her computer
instead of getting work done. She is getting a new MacBook
soon. None of my new Mac-using friends is the least bit
nostalgic about Windows. Frankly, the window is always open to
go to Macs, lots of users are tired of having the Windows slam
shut on their fingers.
Posted by appledogx--2008 (92 comments )
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Don't listen to analysts
Their opinions about markets are as accurate as monkeys with dartboards (or any other non-machine that can throw darts).

So sales of the Mac have increased year over year, about 33-34% for the last two quarters, but some guy, with no proof his method for measurement is valid, says that Apple's market share has declined. For that to be true, sales of non-Apple PCs must have also increased even more than 33%. Is that what HP and Dell and the other major PC manufacturers are reporting? Not likely.

The writer also states that Jobs can't be satisfied with the Mac' share of the market. My impression is that Apple's goal, for every product it sells, it not a specific market share, but to ship the best possible product, and they do achieve that goal. And while they may not have the biggest market share, they are much more profitable than all of the other PC companies, even given their mix of low price, low margin consumer electronic products like portable music players.

I recently purchased an inexpensive notebook for use as a terminal, and it unfortunately came with Vista. That is a horrible OS. I have complained about it before on this forum. It is dreadfully slow, I just want to toss the notebook almost every time I need to use it. I am glad to hear that some vendors will be offering XP systems, as I still will need windows compatibility for some applications, even though almost all of my future PCs will be either Mac or Linux (until there are just browser-based computers, which will probably run some version of linux). Vista will drive amny people to Apple. Yes, their hardware costs more than windows machines, but it is far less frustrating to use than Vista.
Posted by kgsbca (185 comments )
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Proprietary hardware hinders growth
Mac's growth is difficult to scale relative to the growth and market ownership of Windows. Microsoft was able to reach the massive market share by being able to operate on many hardware platforms, from many manufacturers. Apple wants to control the hardware and is the only company capable of selling computers with OSX, which contributes to excellent stability of the product. It's unlikely that they will reach even close to the market share of Windows because of that reason. It seems like this in OS software - you want to own the market - you deliver to the masses and stumble on quality. You want a solid product, control the hardware in exchange for substantially slower growth relative to the market leader.
Posted by azaltsman (7 comments )
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Excellent point
I think that Apple is probably right to continue on the proprietary hardware road and accept the trade off to an extent, but be more aggressive on getting more retail outlets to sell Macs. Even having Macs in all 800+ Best Buy locations would help.
Posted by trellusg (13 comments )
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Windows runs on exactly one platform: x86.
Posted by The_Decider (3097 comments )
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You CNET People just dont get it!
Apple has been about 2 things; Quality and Control. The quality aspect simply means they make products that just work and work extremely well by meeting their performance bar and not anyone else's. The control aspect means they engineer and manufacture everything themselves paying close attention to detail and delivering the best product they are capable of. This includes hardware and software in what is known as a 'vertical market".

Apple's formula for this has kept market share down as you state, however, the quality of the product along with consumer satisfaction is much higher than those of the windows camp.

Steve Jobs philosophy is not to crank out big numbers; its to crank out quality and insainly great products (as we heard in his keynote with regard to iPhone market share estimates back in January). If you will recall, he was only interested in a small (1%) of the phone market.

Its quite apparent to me that Apple is not about big market share with regard to the PC. They seem quite content to grow their Mac market slowly and are not hell bent on being a world beater like Microsoft is.
Posted by pilaa (253 comments )
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I totally agree. Imagine what it would be like for brain-dead Circuit City or CompUSA guys selling MacBook. They'd have no idea what they are selling. Serious customers would go to one of the Apple stores, anyways.
Posted by FreddieT (58 comments )
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Credit (or blame) where due
This has nothing to do with CNet. As you can see from the not-so-inconspicuous byline, this was written by Randall Stross of the New York Times.
Posted by eccesignum (37 comments )
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I haven't seen the quality.
While I hate to get involved in these Mac/PC debates I have to say that I've yet to see much quality from Apple. I'm an IT manager and last year bought 19 iMacs and 4 Macbook Pros. 15 of those iMacs stopped working within 4 weeks (mostly logic board issues) and I had to have 3 of the Macbooks replaced for various reasons. That kind of failure rate is inexcusable.
I don't disagree that Apple does some things very right, but they are not without their flaws.
Posted by dustyparrot (1 comment )
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Small numbers, Small revenue
The only reason Apple has such amazing satisfactory rates is because they make their own hardware. Windows has to adapt to a plethora of different hardware configurations. Naturally, there will be some bugs to work out. And some unfortunate hand full of people are getting caught up in the mess. What the problem is is that Microsoft is not taking this into consideration. If they did that, maybe the satisfactory rates would be better...
Posted by Zekeuyasha (37 comments )
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Lies, damned lies, and statistics
*** Please note that the numbers cited are web stats from 40k

1. Question is which 40k? Having a bunch of Microsoft, IT,
business related sites would skew that number to Windows.

2. Windows doesn't necessarily mean it's not a Mac. I know many
folks like me are running Windows as a virtual machine on my
Mac. If you visit any site from this machine, it would be recorded
as a Windows PC machine.

You are welcome to resume your flame wars.
Posted by immerial (13 comments )
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Who says Mac usage is this low or flat?
I'm not sure where the author of this story found those statistics claiming overall usage of Macs is slightly down since Vista's release, or even remaining relatively flat?

All I can say is, that's not what I observe at all. I live in the midwest, where Apple products have generally been shunned for decades. (Let's face it. We don't have a lot of artsy, movie-making types out here, and average salaries in the midwest aren't so great either. The "blue collar" crowd around here just wants whatever PC is cheapest on sale at Wal-Mart.) Despite all that, almost everyone I'm friends with has switched to Mac as their last new computer purchase. In many cases, it had nothing to do with me pushing or advocating a Mac at all (though I love mine). I just watched one person after another come to the same conclusions I did. The Mac is a more elegant, better constructed computer, backed with better than average support after the sale.

No, they're not going to ever match the market share for generic Windows PCs. So what? To do that, Apple would basically have to give up selling computers and just sell OS X itself for all makes and models of PC. (That's more equivalent to Microsoft's business model, if you stop to think about it.)

But the fact is, last time I took an airplane flight, I counted more Apple laptops on board than everything else combined. 5 or 6 years ago, I would have been hard-pressed to find one. There's some change in the air.
Posted by twyrick (38 comments )
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The article does
Yes, the article does, the statistics I've seen recently show an increase to around 5.5% over 4.5% a year ago. I don't know which is correct, but they generally support each other that mac holds roughly the same market share.

But why should it bother you? If you liked to drive hummers and hummer sales were only 1%, does that make any difference if you drive one? As long as you get to drive your mac, don't worry about the rest of us who don't. You made your choice, we made ours. We both are happy with our choices. Isn't that what's important?
Posted by Seaspray0 (9714 comments )
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Funny story about my uncle who bought a Mac
My uncle decided it was time to replace his Gateway with Windows 2000 (yes, it was that old). He liked the "Hi, I'm a Mac" commercials and thought his ipod was cool. He ordered a Mac online, got it delivered, setup, etc... Once he fired it up, he got a huge surprise -- it wasn't running Windows!! HA HA. Through all the commercials not once did they ever talk about the OS itself. He just assumed, like many non-technical people, that EVERYTHING is Windows.

Long story short, after several weeks of re-learning how to use an OS, he sold the machine on ebay. As he said "it was pretty, but didn't work they way I wanted."

1. Regardless of which is better, regardless of your opinion, non-technical people don't even realize there are choices in operating systems. They know Windows whether they know what they are using or not. Any other OS is foreign and strange.

2. The "I'm a Mac" commercials never really touch on specific differences between the platforms. To the non-techie, it's just computer 1 vs computer 2. The fact the Mac claims he has ilife while the PC has calculator is true, but in reality it is only a half-truth. For example, Mac never acknowledges Windows Movie Maker that has been on XP since it was shipped in 2001.
Posted by frankwick (413 comments )
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Re: Funny story..
quote: "Mac never acknowledges Windows Movie Maker that has
been on XP since it was shipped in 2001."
Sure they acknowledge it but think I'll just pass on that one..


<a class="jive-link-external" href="" target="_newWindow"></a>
Posted by imacpwr (456 comments )
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They do address the movie maker. Remember the commercial
where PC and Mac compare their home-made movies. PC's "chick"
is actually a dude with a wig. Clueless.
Posted by ckurowic (447 comments )
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Actually, Windows Movie Maker in part of the OS since Windows Me!
Posted by aemarques (162 comments )
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Why compare them?
Comparing iLife with WMM is like comparing a Kia to a Rolls Royce.
Posted by The_Decider (3097 comments )
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If you get snowed by a mac os you have to be a person with not much upstairs.
Posted by xlch61 (2 comments )
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Remember the Clones
I agree with the writer's overall perspective. Apple is so obsessed with consolidating it monopolistic position with iPod/iTunes and getting into the cell phone market that they missed a critical opening. They could still get in there and move their PC market share forward, but it would take another radical step on the level of the Intel switch: partner with one or more PC makers (Acer/Gateway???) on producing clones that can run Tiger/Leopard. This would be a great "one more thing" moment for this coming January, and would give Mac-compatible hardware and OS X a far greater retail presence (Best Buy, Staples, CompUSA, etc.). If Steve wants to ramp up his market share in a hurry, embracing the clone is the way to go.
Posted by bdonohue1 (25 comments )
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Don't send in the clones
Very true. However, Steve Jobs hates clones. As far as I know that period when clone Macs were being released in the mid 90s was during the time after Jobs was fired from the company. When he came back again, the clone program was the first thing he shut down. He's about the only person at Apple who thinks clones are a bad idea...unfortunately, he's also the one in charge.
Posted by bookshire (286 comments )
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I'm curious as to what the author might say
I'm curious as to what the author might say about this: The buying pattern for new PCs or macs is a three tiered cycle of early adopters, "wait-and-see" types, and "end of OS lifers". The first are people who have to have the newest operating system on their computers. These types seem to hold onto their systems longer than others. The wait and see types hold off on buying a new computer or OS until "the bugs get worked out". The end of lifers are on the end of the spectrum, buying a new computer sometime before then new OS is released and usually wind up waiting till the end of the OS life before getting a new computer.

I'm an end of life type. I picked up a laptop with windowsME just before XP was released. ME had a lot of problems but the last builds were at least generally functional. After buying XP it was like a breath of fresh air and I intend to hold onto that till the end of Vistas cycle.

Or... Since Vista reminds ME of windowsME in that it's not living up to the hype, I might just be ready to jump to mac. In fact, I'm very likely going to go that route. What if a significant number of us "end of lifers" decided we've had enough of windows?

I think I have. Once they stop supporting XP, I'm not very likely going to go with vista. All vista did was wet my appetite for a OS that's been doing for years what vista tries to do, only better.
Posted by mattumanu (599 comments )
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I agree with curious
Unlike curious, I tend to be an fairly early adapter. My Windows XP computer, now three years old, was chosen because it provided AMD chip. However, I had to replace the hard drive in summer '06 after a fatal crash. The machine is exhibiting signs, via daily screen freezes, of an incipiant crash. So, what to do?

Go with a Windows Vista or switch to Mac? I have a "big" birthday coming up (anything you want, darlin") and it looks like Mac will be the winner--though I'm waiting for the introduction of Leopard.

My DH runs a year old 24" iMac. I put Parallels on it as soon as it was available
Posted by MMRudy (9 comments )
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I agree with curious
Unlike "curious" I tend to be a mid-life adapter. On the one hand, I waited for my 1998 Dell to die before buying new.

On the other hand, my Windows XP computer, now three years+ old, was chosen because it provided the AMD chip. (I haven't seen any functional differences between AMD and Intel.)

I had to replace the hard drive in summer '06 after a fatal crash. The computer is exhibiting signs, via daily screen freezes, of an incipient crash. So, what to do?

Go with a Windows Vista or switch to Mac? I have a "big" birthday coming up (anything you want, darlin') and it looks like a Mac Book Pro is in my future--though I'm waiting for the introduction of Leopard (early adapter there,) with a serving of Parallels on the side for my XP only programs.

I will keep the XP computer running as long as possible, but on a "do not resuscitate basis."
Posted by MMRudy (9 comments )
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Agreed/Not Agreed
I agree that MSFT is very busy with shooting their foot off, one toe at a time.

I agree that OSX could seize a shedload of market share because of that - indeed, Apple is, evne now, growing faster than kudzu on a Mississippi telephone pole.

That said, if Apple were to simply plop out boxed copies of OSX that ran on any PC, they'd likely bog down very fast.

Why? It's simple... Apple makes its money from the hardware, enough so that the OS development is very well paid for. Selling an OS by itself just don't quite pay the bills, unless you have side apps requiring that OS - both of which you you maintain a market monopoly over (see also "Office").

Even MSFT knows that selling just an OS ain't going to pay the bills, which explains why they've been so busy casting about for new markets lately ( see also Xbox, Zune ).It also explains why they're so desperate to enforce/continue their monopoly in certain other areas ( see also MS Office ).

Now Jobs [i]could[/i] bang out a bit more by partnering with the likes of Dell, or by simply partnering with other OEMs on the OS entirely. However, if he did that, then Apple's legendary reputation for quality would go straight down the toilet; something I believe they wouldn't want to see at all.

Posted by Penguinisto (5042 comments )
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"Apple is, evne now, growing faster than kudzu on a Mississippi telephone pole."

What kind of evidence is that? Where are your statistics showing that Apple is growing so fast? Do you know something that Apple doesn't? You'll have to come up with something a bit more realistic than comparing OSX to a WEED. Actually, that's not such a good thing to compare it to. Rather insulting to Mac users.

"Now Jobs [i]could[/i] bang out a bit more by partnering with the likes of Dell, or by simply partnering with other OEMs on the OS entirely. However, if he did that, then Apple's legendary reputation for quality would go straight down the toilet; something I believe they wouldn't want to see at all. /P

True enough. We all saw that Apple does not play nice with business partners. Power Computing was a good example of that. Apple is best when they can remain isolated from the rest.

If they wanted to join the rest of the business world, then they would just be one of the many other companies out there and have no indivdual appeal really and that uniqueness is their best asset.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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New IT, new generation, we use Macs
The old school of thought regarding IT is nearing its end. Younger,
more tech savvy individuals in IT like myself use nothing but Macs!
Its creative thinking, I could care less what some 40-something IT
manager has to say about Macs, honestly. Most of them are
clueless and treat IT as just another department. It is a living,
breathing, evolving industry, and MS has been
stagnant...well...forever. Get with the times, old timers.
Posted by ckurowic (447 comments )
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The real world is based on business.

Your pipe dream / pie in the sky viewpoint simply doesn't have anyplace in the business world currently. It's a nice thought, but not realistic.
Posted by Vegaman_Dan (6683 comments )
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The innocence of youth!

You sound like I did 23 years ago! I was 18 then, and in love with all the new technology of the time (Atari ST, Amiga, Macintosh, etc). And just like you, I was convinced that those solutions were far superior to the offerings of IBM, Microsoft and WordPerfect Corporation. In many ways, I was right. At one point in my career, I even had the opportunity to manage the IT for a NYC firm that was entirely Mac based. It was my first corporate IT job.

BUT... now I am one of those guys in my forties (41 to be exact) that you so easily dismiss. What I learned over my career is that being the maverick often is not the best career move. I learned that no matter how loudly you scream MACINTOSH IS BEST, instead of your recommendations being taken seriously, you will be tagged as The Mac Guy. The person who seems to only be familiar with Macintosh technology, and who easily dismisses other technology. Those folks will often have limited careers, because they cannot be trusted to give an impartial and unbiased opinion. When you fight against the opposition, you appear as if you are scared of it. Of course, this charge can be leveled at IT managers who rush to remove Macintosh computers from their corporate networks.

A good IT manager doesn't fall in love with one OS and pronounce that love to the world. a good IT manager is capable of evaluating ALL technology, realizing it's pros and cons, and implementing the best SOLUTION to the needs of the corporation. If that's a Mac, you put a Mac in there. If it's Windows, then likewise. A good IT manager understands CONCEPTS. If you know what it is you want to do, and how it's done on a computer, then figuring out the specifics on a particular OS is not very difficult.

I also managed a 300 node network where half of the users had Macs, and the remainder were a combination of Dos/Windows users. All on one network, and I supported them all. New employees had a choice of which computer would be assigned to them.

Momentum is hard to stop, as stated in the article. For you basic apps, you have solutions available on Windows as well as OSX. But when you start talking about industry specific apps... when you start talking about apps for specific departments... momentum matters. Sure, if everyone did nothing but use Word, surf the web and read e-mail, you could swap their Windows pc with a Mac and they could still work. But what about all the data out their locked up in specific apps. Do you take the accounting department's PC's away and give them Macs even though there is no Mac version of, say, Mas90 Accounting? What happens to the past 5-10 years of financials?! Do you expect them to just start over?

I enjoy Macs. But my Windows PCs work well for me too. Use the best tool for the job. Don't get stuck on a particular OS. DO introduce new technology to your firm. That is an advantage of youth... the willingness to try new things. But those 40-somethings have the business experience to guide you. They are battle tested in areas of corporate politics, user tendancies, and Flavor Of The Week Syndrome.

Looks like you still have a few things to learn from us Old Timers. Take Care! :)
Posted by (942 comments )
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Hey there
Computers are tools, much like yourself.
Posted by rapier1 (2722 comments )
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I don't use a Mac and I'm around the age you described: tech-savvy youth. In fact, I absolutely hate Macs. Disgusted by it.
Posted by Ed-duh-win (60 comments )
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Bigger is not necessarily better
Quality not quantity.

Think of Macs like a country club: Good food, good company, and a great golf course. If everyone joined it would ruin it for the rest of us. Let the unwashed masses keep slaving away at their drab utilitarian buggy PCs. What they don't know only hurts them, and allows us to enjoy a happier and more productive computing experience.
Posted by Xenu7-214951314497503184010868 (153 comments )
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Apples cost too much
Thats always been the issue. Apple will never garner market share because their hardware comes at a premium. I guess the PC equivalent is the Sony Vaio Series....stylish yet overpriced for what you get and Sony didn't sell a lot of them.
Posted by savagesteve13 (104 comments )
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Hoe do you figure?
Compare an Apple machine to a similarly configured PC.

Don't forget to compare the software packages.

Don't forget to account for the need to run AV and AS on Windows.

A fair comparison will show that Apples are very competitively priced.

Sure compare one of the higher priced Apple boxes to a POS $500 Dell and you might think that Apples are expensive, but that Dell machine is garbage.
Posted by The_Decider (3097 comments )
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Here we go again.
"Apples cost too much," or "Macs are too expensive" is just not
true. Certainly the out of box price tag is higher than a
comparable PC, but by the time you fork over, what is it now,
$500 for Macrohard Orifice, $100 for a webcam, $30 for
shipping the thing back because the motherboard smoked*
when you fired it up, get the new one back and then spend four
hours setting the thing up and installing the software you want
and uninstalling the adware, junkware and bloatware that you
don't, and the price tag for the PC is equivalent, if not more than
getting yourself into an iMac. Heck, get yourself a Core2Duo Mac
Mini and the Mac is cheaper than the PC.

*True story. Happened to me last month.
Posted by discern (75 comments )
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Unlimited Opportunity for Macs
The key to the continued success of Apple is there ability to apply innovative design and technology to their product line. The future is bright when considering the yet untapped possibilities. For example: The new iMacs, iPhones and iPods are steps to what I envision as the iPadPro. I see a one piece 15 and 17 inch, coverless, slot loaded laptop in the future. This product as well as an iPhone with a video camera facing the user for true videophone use should not be to far away. Add medical capabilities such as the integration of diabetes blood sugar testing built into an iPhone PDA and the Apple revolution is sure to continue.
Posted by Peter Ayala (1 comment )
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OSX for PC (wishful thinking)
"You can step into the world of hurt that is Vista..." I agree with that statement. I wish that Jobs would stop lazing about and allow OS X to be installed on PCs. It's entirely possible to do, as we've seen this with PearPC. Then would could talk about how viable Apple's software is compared to Microsoft.

Another plausible alternative is if the EU does good and really clamps down on Microsoft, Nvidia, ATI, and so on, making them open up their code. I think Vista would do very well with added input from the Open Source community. I think of all the years wasted by Microsoft and company were we could've had some very good platforms to work on--all to be p**sed away by corporate greed.
Posted by midfingr (9 comments )
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Good Point
The Best Buy idea seems to be what Apple has in mind. The 2 Best
Buys in my area have both added Mac areas where they sell the
latest iMacs and MacBooks. I would only assume that Best BUy will
be doing this nationwide.
Posted by Shaun822 (227 comments )
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Article rife with factual errors and omisssions
Apple's U.S. market is up. Worldwide maybe not.
Apple tried retail before the Apple Stores (anybody remember the abuse they endured at Sears), it was detrimental to the point Apple HAD to pull out. The "sales" people weren't knowledgable, they didn't know the product, or worse, were biased biggots.

He states Steve Jobs "had six years" to plan for an XP replacement". Well in that time they came out with a new UNIX OS, Intel processors, and several OS upgrades! What the heck is he thinking? This is a blatant attack by a Professor(!) that needs to go back to school and learn how to research before spouting off.
Posted by technewsjunkie (1265 comments )
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Stross is a freetard. . .
so, anything 'positive' he says about Apple is going to be misleading. That is why he uses the wrong market figures and never states that Apple sells in the U.S. are around seven percent, and maybe twice that in laptops. World market figures are misleading because Apple does not seek to sell in much of the world.

As for the person still seeking OS X on inferior hardware, he needs to stop smoking crack.
Posted by J.G. (837 comments )
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Make some sense
So he is a 'freetard'?

How does that translate to him writing an article about Apple?

Last time I checked Apple wasn't much involved in free software.

Lay off the crack
Posted by The_Decider (3097 comments )
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A good indication of where Apple is moving
Can be found on college campuses.

When I started as an undergrad 99.9% of the laptops I saw in classes were Windows, with the occasional one with Linux installed.

Today I am teaching classes as a grad student and see about 50% of the laptops are macs, and at least 1 in 5 of the formerly windows laptops run linux.

Yes, that is empirical evidence, but I am sure that is the case throughout the US on campuses. So Apple has a ton of use and mindshare on the only market segment that really matters to the future of a company.
Posted by The_Decider (3097 comments )
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Upper Crust Easier to manage than every Tom, Rick & Henrietta
Apple is great for students in general. Very little penetration can happen through students. Very Little profits to be made from poor college students and kids who have to beg for money from there parents. The business world is where the biggest impacts are made. You force workers to get used to your system (Windows....) and they in turn with there own money go out and by the closest thing to there work computer. Therefore, you have a minimum of 4hrs that you have to spend in a typical job learning how to be competent with company computers and find yourself getting better everyday you use your company&#8217;s system because you have the same over very similar thing running on your own home pc. Then the headaches begin. Problems at your work PC are multiplied on your home PC due to home users having to pay for additional support. Cost goes down for the PC as more choices arrive on the market for consumers and quality declines for quick profits. People become more tolerant of Software Code errors. Hackers learn to destroy there own PCs and there neighbors then proceed to attack business for fun and profit. This cycle get worst because of the lack of credible competition. Governments cannot do enough to help competition because they are up into there nostrils deep with lengthy contracts of loyalty to one major software maker. People get use to non-improvements from there PAID software but demand excellence from FREE software. When said free software becomes too popular then they gain even more (or possibly TRUE) credibility by charging you to use there newest and most improved software. They then realize they loose huge popularity with there desktop/home users who are still paying to use software that is similar to there work software (not the software installed at most colleges and schools). So they go back to free for the Home user and unsuccessfully battle there way into the business world who have tied all of there critical systems to ONE software maker&#8217;s OS (Operating System) whose software is mainly NOT compatible with the cheaper competitors. Apple knows that it is more profitable to keep the choice of hardware and store locations down because they have not penetrated the business world (The real people who can go out and buy a decent computer). The everyday person who buys a computer does not care about which software there server at work uses (competition there is fierce...or so I am lead to believe). SO believe it or not, Apple or ANY other competitor cannot challenge a monopoly on the OS used at the Government level or Business level DESKTOP. We ALL make our ease of use choice based on what we are forced to use at work the most. IF the Desktop we all have to use is STANDARD and across the board FREE...then all of the OTHER software we would need to make the Desktop experience more enjoyable would be worth paying for. We need to have a Standard OS to have all other software run off (A foundation that is considered an industry standard). Innovation and competition would be high and we the consumers would only pay for the top 2 or 3 that work the best in our respected opinions. Disband the notion of battling for which OS on a Desktop and ONLY battle for the software that the end user can see real results. Feel free to correct my errors.

PS. The Upper crusts (in my opinion) are those that feel they have to pay more money to get better and supposedly more quality OS. Yes, all Mac users qualify. Linux is still for the most part free and can only be of mediocre quality since big business has not forced us to use it as a desktop.
Posted by sailnoff (3 comments )
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