June 12, 2005 9:00 PM PDT

Vonage, Cisco team up in Wi-Fi giveaway

In a bid to attract more subscribers, Net phone operator Vonage announced Monday that it's giving away Linksys Wi-Fi access points to U.S. residents who sign up for Vonage calling plans by July 23.

Purchase of the Linksys model number WRTP54G, which costs about $130, is required; then Vonage will distribute rebates to people who sign up for its phone service and trade in old wireless routers, Vonage said.

A Wi-Fi access point, which showers 300-foot-long zones with wirelessly available Internet access, isn't necessary to use VoIP; rather, any wired cable modem or digital subscriber line will do.

Still, Wi-Fi makes a VoIP service more attractive because subscribers can make calls from anywhere in a home or office, rather than being limited to just a few phones outfitted with special adapters.

With the new tactic, Vonage is going beyond the standard practice of giving away telephone adapters required to make VoIP calls using regular home phones.

"As more Americans are moving to wireless networks, they can start getting more for their communications dollar," Vonage said in a statement.


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FREE Giveaways are just another gimmick to get you on the hook!
No one ever talks about the 911 calling availability or what our former FCC chairman Michael Powel fought so many months and years for before he finally resigned without saying this is an endless battle. He also said "keep the fingers off the innovation of VoIP or you will kill the progress of technology". This was a very powerful statement and look where we are now.

When was the last time anyone spoke about 911 or to say the least when was the last time you heard of anyone trying to dismiss taxation of VoIP?

Folks, this is just the beginning, they got you and with this latest gimmick from Vonage, "save a few dollars now" and we will charge you later, what a scam and most people are buying it.
I suggest that everyone should just go on with their lives, keeping their existing telephone lines and then if they would like to save a bundle download the AdCalls Communicator which is a free PC to ANY telephone or Cell phone in the US and Canada communication device, looks very much like a cell phone but is absolutely free and YES it works on Wi-Fi and the quality is superior to most other VoIP services out there. Go to <a class="jive-link-external" href="http://www.CallOnMyDime.com" target="_newWindow">http://www.CallOnMyDime.com</a> download the virtual telephone and start dialing because with AdCalls it does not cost, it pays dialing for free.
Posted by ntrsource (43 comments )
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They'll never see those rebates!
These people will never seee the rebates because I've been waiting si motnhs for mine from Christmas '04. It's now June '05!
Posted by Warldawc (7 comments )
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4 Seperate Rebates to Get 1 Router
Why does Linksys and Vonage want you to turn in four different Rebates for one product exchange.

You should be able to take your old router to Bets Buy and exchange it for the new one, then Best Buy and Linksys can work it out.

They are counting on the fact that only 20% of people follow through with rebates.
Posted by SteveBarry687 (170 comments )
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bogus information?
I've read the press releases and I've read the stories. I think you guys are claiming Vonage is offering MORE than they are offering. This is NOT a wi-fi phone deal. All they are offering is a wi-fi router with Vonage ports.

You guys at ZDNet and CNet need to do some more correcting. You've either got the story wrong, or Vonage has issued you more information than they've given the public.

Here's the section of the story that makes no sense:

"Still, Wi-Fi makes a VoIP service more attractive because subscribers can make calls from anywhere in a home or office, rather than being limited to just a few phones outfitted with special adapters."

I have a regular Vonage (wired) router that I have running to my Linksys wi-fi. All Vonage is offering is a combo deal so people don't need two routers.

I use cordless phone I keep on a base. Most people do the same.

HOWEVER, you guys seem to be saying the phones will connect via wi-fi just because it's a combo router.

I don't see that assertion ANYWHERE in Vonage's press release. The wi-fi is for the computer. The regular Vonage port is for the phone (cordless or wired).

Now, Vonage IS working on a wi-fi phone that will work with Wi-Fi access points -- like at Starbucks, but that's another $130 and I don't think that has been officially released yet. People are NOT going to buy those for their homes. They are going to buy regular cordless phones with dual handsets -- like I use now.

So, go back and read the story again and issue some more corrections. Or if you talk about connnecting ANYWHERE with wireless access points, make sure you are talking about additional hardware that Vonage is NOT giving away and will cost a whole lot of money. OK?
Posted by ChazzMatt (169 comments )
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